Sunday, March 02, 2008

it amazes me

just for those who haven't read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (and i know there are a few, who are actually still interested at this late date), this is a spoiler alert!

i decided to re-listen to the books on tape again, and i'm on the last CD of HBP. it always seems so sad to me when Dumbledore dies. However, i've read this several times. but when Harry tells all the house heads and professor mcgonagal that the kids would want to stay for Dumbledore's funeral so t hey could say goodbye, but was unable to finish the sentence, and professor flitwick finishes it for him, i teared up. gets me every time.

on a happier note, i finally saw the stepford wives, with bette midler and nicole kidman. a bizarre concept, but oh my god, at the end, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! i loved it!
so, i suppose i should s how some crafting finally, eh ?

This is a stack of 10 navy blue squares that i knit/crocheted for AC4C, for a woman who puts together POC (point of contact) afghans for Ships' Support. She does them in navy and maroon. I was getting together the stack of bright squares that i'd done earlier in february for another woman who is joining squares, and found another navy square, lol. i think i'll send this one to the POC woman, as the second one is supposed to get brights, and these definitely are NOT bright.

This lousy picture is the fingerless mitts i made for my FIL for christmas. the reason why there's only one is because he has the other one, lol! I had washed them, then asked Liam to get the laundry out of the washing machine, and i took them over to steph's and threw the load in the dryer. when i went back over there to get them, i only found one. so he got the one i had, since i KNEW i'd thrown them in the washing machine. needless to say, i found the other in the washing machine when i went to throw another load in the next day. unfortunately, it's still here, because the last few times we've gone over there, it's been forgotten here. the last time wasn't my fault, though, cuz mark was supposed to bring it, as i was picking up my mom to take her with us, as it was mark's mom's birthday celebration. maybe i'll just put it in the mail, lol!
this little set, and another one that looked pretty much like it, were sent to BPP, who send baby things, as well as older children's things to South Africa. The baby things go into a pack for new mothers, while the older children's things go to a safe house, where children (and sometimes their mothers) go to escape cruelty, abuse, etc. there was a story that a 12 year old girl showed up with her 2 younger siblings, because their parents were both dead, and she had run out of resources to take care of them on her own.

this hideously blurred shot is of the same sweater, with a ruffly hat. i used up all my pink yarns here to do both, which is why there's no booties. the booties i did with the r/w/b sets were crocheted variations on the knitted stay-on booties. i may just write one or two of them up, lol.

I also sent 4 bags, but i'm only showing you this one because i made this one up as well. it's backpack styled, with a flap, and a crocheted cord drawstring. i might just write this one up as well!
well, with all these blurry shots, i wonder if i should take my camera in for service! could just be the crappy light, though. this house is incredibly dark at night (it's so small, and the furniture is dark, too).
speaking of houses, we're selling mine. just as soon as steph and ashlie move out, and we can fix it up. i've spoken to my mom, and even though i owe her some money, she's willing to let the amount slide and we can roll all of the equity into a new house. mark's wanting to move out in the country, but those are hard to find, and i want to stay close to my mom. on top of that, if we move out of the county, it would mean starting over for the boys, and for sean in particular, we can't let that happen.
and i really do need to stay closer to my mom. last week, she had a doctor's appointment, but hwen i called her to tell her when i was picking her up, she didn't answer. after the third time, i had a panic attack, and ran out the door without dealing with my lunch dishes or anything. when i walked in, i found all her mail on the apartment hallway floor in front of her door. (she gets more mail than would EVER fit in her mailbox, so they just leave it in front of her door. since it's a secured building, and the complex manager is 3 doors down, i'm cool with that). that worried me as she's usually pretty good about bringing it in. i unlocked the door, and found her washing her dishes. WHEW! apparently, her TTY (a machine that lets her use the telephone through a relay system) had quit working, and she was unable to let me know. i looked at it, and realized that she'd spilled something sticky on it, so i called the service #. they told me to mail it in, and they'd let me know what was up with it. i should double check on it, because i mailed it monday. the bad part, is that those life alert thingies? you know, the old commercial "i've fallen, and i can't get up!" won't work for her. because they're sound activated. trust me. i've looked into it. admittedly, it was a few years ago, i should probably check again. you'd think, with as many older people who are hearing impaired, that t hey'd have some sort of system that doens't rely on sound, but they don't. growl.
anyway, i need to close this thing up, i gotta get up in the morning!

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