Wednesday, May 24, 2006

food for thought

i found this article, this morning. it's about the ramifications of extending lifespans. if any of you have read the methuselah series (i can't remember exactly the name, lol) by Robert Heinlein, you'll have a vague idea of what this could mean. in those stories (To Sail Beyond the Sunset & Methuselah's Children come to mind) the "elders" originally came from a breeding program developed by the Howard Foundation (ironically, the founder died of old age at 48). You couldn't get in unless, at achieving adulthood, all your grandparents were living (or died from tragic accidents). no life-extending treatments occured until much later in the series. If i recall rightly, the oldest man was over 1000 years old. I don't know if I'd want to live THAT long, but i've often said i want to live to be 100, and see all that happens & comes to pass. i've got 60 years to go, lol.

on to other things. i took some more pictures of my peonies .
This bush opened up beautifully. I love peonies (my grandmother grew them, imagine that!) and i like the dark ones best. these aren't the darkest available, but they're still a gorgeous color.

unfortunately, there was a heavy downpour last night, and my bush is on the ground :(. I'm hoping they come back up, but have little of that.

Remember the funky easter egg roving i had, that came out so oddly? well, here's the yarn i got from it:
This is all spun from the same roving, and if you look closely, they do have coordinating colors. my question to you is this: if i decide to sell this yarn (it's approximately sock-dk weight), should i sell them separately? or should i sell them as a set? the more purple one is 310 yds. the lighter one is 140. considering the ultimate goal is to sell the yarn i spin, would you purchase them together? opinions, please! and it is 2 ply (not navajo, like i usually do, lol).

and since i'm on a new mission to TRY to keep up with my calendars, here goes:

you might be a redneck if you've ever used firecrackers to blow up an anthill (that's not redneck, that's kids in general!)
. . . you've spoken to Elvis through a psychic (now, that's just psychotic)

Knitting Calendar
5/23: Hackey Sack. very cute, but i think i'd be using worsted weight kitchen cotton, as opposed to the sport weight recommended. imagine the abuse it will take.
5/24: Royal Quilting Vest. This looks thoroughly fascinating. i just may have to make it for myself, especially considering it has directions for both flat & in the round (no seams, ooorah!).

Crochet Calendar
5/23: Net Shopping Bag. this is lovely, but it's made with hemp. kinda hard to get. definitely would make nice gifts though!
5/24-25: Vintage Thread Holder. This is most definitely charming. I don't know what i'd do with it though (i know, carin, i could make it for you to go with your civil war costume, right?)

and now, something i haven't done in a while,

What I'm Reading:
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in the house)
Wizard & Glass by Stephen King (book tape in the car)
The Dark Tower by Stephen King (i wanted to read the hard copy before i listened to the tape (which i'm not sure is out yet!)
i've actually been slacking off a bit on the reading, as i've been home, and running like a mad woman.

and yes, there is progress on the t-twist, and other projects, jsut nothing appreciable, and i'm sure everybody hates the "here's one more inch" pictures. just use your imagination, lol.


Monday, May 22, 2006

two important things (one for omaha-ites!)

first there's this. jen sent me this link, and i think it's important to check out. amazing that cancer can be caused by a common VIRUS. go check it out.

and then, for some fun, there's this. Franklin has created a t-shirt for WWKIP day, which is June 10th. go check it out! he's also got a master list of cities. if your city isn't on there, if you email him by wednesday (5/24), he'll add one. go check his blog out, all the details are there.

and since i got nuttin' cuz i posted last night, i'm gonna catch up on calendars. here we go

you might be a redneck if you ask to open a savings account and the teller says, "With what?"
. . . your name is in the Guiness Book of World Records in the "sideburns" section.
. . . you think lite beer means your bottle is almost empty.
. . . you advertise on the inside walls of portable toilets.
. . . your birdhouse used to be a Clorox bottle (that's recycling! once again the line between redneck & hippy has been crossed)
. . . you keep a musical instrument in your bathroom (and we're not talking butt trumpet!)
. . . your alarm clock has only one hand.
. . . you empty your pockets and there's just a pile of change, bullets, and lint.
. . . your rehearsal dinner was at Hooters (that's just tacky!)
. . . you've ever used a spoon as a musical instrument (let's hope you don't keep it in the bathroom!)
. . . your Ph.D. stands for post hole digger.
. . . your uncle is better known as "The Goat Man."
. . . you list the community service you did while in jail as a job reference.
. . . you believe Silence of the Lambs is waht happens when your cousin walks near the barn (ew!)
. . . you have sores on your lip because they keep sticking to the beer can while you're ice fishing (i wanna know why this one is in may, and not december or january?)
. . . you've ever studied for a rectal exam (again, ew!)
. . . your highest-ever test score was for cholesterol.
. . . there are cigarette burns on your wedding dress. (now, that's just sad)
. . . your Arizona State shirt is from the penitentiary, not the university.

and one of my own making: You might be a redneck if the only way you know who Mario Batali is is from his Nascar Cookbook (i kid you not, they announced it saturday!).

Crochet Calendar.

5/6-7: Sushi Pillow. This is cute. I may make it for steph's new apartment (since i know she doesn't have shit.)
5/8: Lacy Shell Poncho. This is pretty, but not my cuppa.
5/9: Avatar. This is a granny type square, by the inestimable drew. this is definitely a square i could use for charitable purposes.
5/10: Celebrity Shawl. This is pretty, but it's got tons of fringe, and i cannot imagine trying to manage making & wearing this, particularly since it's done in homespun. sigh.
5/11: Irenic. another granny square, combining sc & dc, by drew. definitely good charity square.
5/12: Filet Crochet Scarf with Embossed Flowers. this is definitely pretty, and according to the pattern could be worked in wool, or linen, silk, etc. definitely a versatile pattern.
5/13-14: Sunny Day Afghan. hmmm, this looks like it has potential, maybe i'll use to to make snuggles for this month's project. but not in the homespun, ok?
5/15-16: Tahoe. another drew special, and this is definitely a thick, durable square. and it's two day's worth! wow! definitely an intricate square.
5/17-18: Dolly's Cape, Tam, & Muff. i'm not sure about the picture, but i'm not terribly impressed with this pattern.
5/19: Net Poncho. say it with me slowly. Disco is Dead. The 70's are over. nuff said.
5/20-21: Flibbertigibbet. Drew has done it again. This is a cute square, but much too airy for any charity purposes. might use it as a pretty coverlet for the bed, though.
5/22: Double Hook Potholder. tunisian crochet postholders, apparently done on the double hooking techniques. i've never quite figured it out (and other than a few abortive attempts, don't ahve any real desire, either)

Knitting Calendar
(i'm WAY behind on this one, so bear with me)
3/29-30: Silk Tweed Sweater. this looks to be a simple sweater, with lovely yarn. however, it comes in 3 sizes (the smallest of which is 39", amazing!)
3/31: Basket Weave Eyelet. this is a cool stitch. i will have to keep it in mind.
4/1-2: Sweet Caroline Bonnet. this doens't do much for me. the stitch pattern is a little weird (2 sized needles from what i can tell) and the colors they used were not terribly attractive together. sigh.
4/3: Spring Melody Child's Sock. this is designed with beads, but who's to say i couldn't leave the beads off and use it for Dulaan or A4A? even dirt poor little girls who are orphans need pretty things (and this pattern isn't terribly holey, either)
4/4: Opening Night. lovely glovelets made with cashmere/silk yarn & pearl beads. very nice.
4/5: Indulgence Pullover. looks extremely simple. good for charity.
4/6-7: Absolutely, Positively Reversible Scarf. cute enough. it's predominantly moss stitch, which is not my fav (i throw, not pick)
4/8-9: Adult Bonnet with Angora Trim. this is cute, but i wouldn't wear it, lol.
4/10: Party Merino Shawlette. this is doublestranded merino & some ribbon stuff. it's ok. the pattern mostly depends on the texture created by the double-stranding.
4/11: Bit of Lace Magic Stripe Socks. lace socks that still look good in the self-patterning yarns that lion brand puts out
4/12: FLiP, the Fun Little Purse. this is cute, but it uses ribbon yarn.
4/13: LIght as Air Scarf. this runs the opposite of the last pattern. the last was bulky weight ribbon done on small needles for a firm fabric. this is sock weight yarn done on large needles for an airy effect. interesting.
4/14: Spring Shell. this is cute, but it's worsted weight cotton. can you say "heavy?" i knew you could.
4/15-17: Spring Cardigan. this goes with the shell, and even more concerns this.
4/18: Colored Baby Booties. These are done with sock yarn, and quite darling.
4/19: Contemporary Ascot Scarf. the update to this older pattern is the new yarn. ok.
4/20: Dishcloth Duo. I actually have this pattern elsewhere. It was wildly popular, because it was translated from a japanese pattern. i did make the scrubbie, but it came out odd (probably my wacky gauge.)
4/21-23: Hannah's Poncho. very cute. too bad there aren't any charities taking ponchos. i ahve no little girls to put this on, sigh.
4/24: Small Simple Flower. These are done with sock yarn. you make the petals, then assemble them. very cute.
4/25: Opal Kid's Socks. These are done in Opal Brasil, and they are WILD. i love 'em.
4/26-27: Asymmetrical Jacket in 3 Colors. This is nice. i might even make it for myself!
4/28: Waldron Island Hat. This is cute. i think there's bobbles, but not huge hangey ones, from the picture.
4/29-30: Arches & Pillars. Nice lace pattern.
5/1: Simple Elegance. this is made with soy silk. all together now . . . "oooooooooooooooo".
5/2: Cabled Circular Seamless Baby Booties. These are just too darling. they're made with fingering weight, though, so not so much my thing (i like charity baby things that go FAST)
5/3: Book Sweater. This cracks me up. it's not a book cover, per se, but something you slip over the book. whee!
5/4-5: Lake Ontario Socks. These are NICE! however, you could probably make 3 or 4 pair of them, with all the yarn you have to buy for them!
5/6-8: Hemp Spa & Bath Duo. oooooo, i like these. i wonder if linen yarn would work, hemp is so hard to get in the states. i hear christmas presents calling my name.
5/9: Summer Net Chanel Jacket. i like this jacket alot, and the yarn sounds very good for summer, but that ugly noodle yarn trim has GOT to go.
5/10: Pyramids & Triangles Placemat. I like this. and it's done in worsted weight cotton. about the only use i can see for worsted weight cotton, beyond dishcloths.
5/11: Asymmetrical Lace Poncho. this is ok, but the style does nothing for me. and the model seems to think the same thing, from the look on her face.
5/12: The Pismo Hat. done by our lovely marnie. this hat is NICE!
5/13-14: Houndstooth Key Chain Bag. um, yeah. houndstooth should say it all.
5/15: Stuff Diagonal V-Neck Shell. i liek this. i could see me wearing it (after i lose about 30 pounds!)
5/16: Ribbon Wave Scarf. this works by doing extra wraps per stitch in growing and declining intervals.
5/17: Laurel Baby Set. this is made with pima cotton. can anybody tell me what's special about that? other than this stuff looks very nice in the pics. it's an afghan & sweater combo.
5/18-19: Rosa d'Amore. these are beautiful, but must be done in fine gauge yarns, and ones that will hold their shape (no merino for these!)
5/20/21: Glam Poncho. There seems to be a preponderance of ponchos in this month. hmmm.
5/22: Striped Baby to Toddler Pullover. i like this, but it's knit on size 0 needles. umm, yeah.

well, well, i caught up!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

toil & trouble

whew. mark's been put on limited duty at work, and can't walk around at all. his foot's gone wonky again, and the doctor wants him to stay off it, as the wound is in a high pressure area of his foot, and since he's so damned tall, there's lots of downward pressure. so i've done the dishes twice at his house, and run for the laundry, and hauled lawnmowers back & forth (yes, i bought a new one, but it gets locked up the moment it's not in use!), and generally had an exhausting weekend, preceded by a fight over eating out friday night. he felt he should stay home, even though i offered to drive, and to drop him off at the door (we went to applebee's, cuz i had a $25 gift card). i guess he would have been on his feet for a sum total of about, hmmmm, 10 minutes? but no, he wouldn't go, so we went without him. i was pissed. i'm not now, but sheesh. i tried to talk to him after we got home (he sent me an email asking if i was ready to talk), but he wasn't in the mood to hear my side, and i was in misery because of my mouth and migraine (the weather, on top of being hot on friday, was up & down because 3 fronts went through) so the conversation went no where. i hate fights like that. we ended up apologizing to each other in the morning ( as we always do).

anyway, so here's what i've been doing:
This is a kitty eggroll from knitty. i figure this yarn looks like it was cooked very badly, lol, raw in bits & burnt in others. i'm working on a second (just have to stuff & sew it up) in the same yarn. my intent, as this month's AC4C project is for an animal shelter in the oregon (i hope!) area, is to do one for her and one for the local shelter. i've gotten the proportions, so i'm whizzing away at it. i'm also planning on doing the wonton portion of the pattern as well. you will note that this is in a ziploc bag. it's the only way to keep jimi out of it! (yes, i'll make one for him & joplin, after the month is up). i got the second one completely knitted while i waited at baxter for what i was told would be a 2 hour project (the protection package, you know undercoat, rustproofing, etc, etc, ad nauseum). i got there at 10. at 2:25, i finally got my van back. UGH! not only did i finish one egg roll, but 2 books! the one was Song of Susannah by Stephen King (the dark tower series, i'm almost done!) and the other was Paths Not Taken by Simon Green (tales of the nightside, actually quite good, if a bit smutty for my 13 year old. i may let him read them in a few years). granted, i didn't start either book there, but i finished a good 100 pages of each book. oy. the lady who was secretary for the service department apologized sincerely several times, so i'm not terribly perturbed with her. what pisses me off is that it took much longer than they told me it would, and didn't tell me until i actually asked. and since i was in the waiting area, my cell didn't get reception, so mark couldn't call me. i had to walk out of the building to call him, and when i finally left, there was no answer. on top of his foot, they called him into work, and he had to take the boys with him. fortunately, they allowed the boys to sit in the lobby while he took care of business. however, no note, and it was extremely obvious that they'd left abruptly. had me worried.
whew! ok, then, here's what else i've been working on:
I finally decided what to do with that delicious cone of cotton that Yvonne(whew, woman, you've got quite the url!) sent me as a secret pal gift. i decided to copy her. she'd bought some for herself, and was doing the t-twist from knitty (gee, is there a trend here?), so i decided that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. this is designed for us busty gals, and i liked it. however, in order to get gauge, i had to drop from the recommended size 8, to a 4. damn my loose knitting! however, it doesn't seem terribly uncomfortable (the egg roll is done with worsted yarn, done on 3's!), and the fabric is relatively drapey. and, unfortunately, even in a sunlit picture, this isn't nearly so purple. more fuscia than this.
This bit of handspun loveliness is something that i received as a KR secret pal gift over a year ago. i started to spin it up, then abandoned it for a while. with the recent spate of spinning, i was inspired to finally finish it up. this varies wildly from worsted to sockweight, but i gave it to erin as a belated birthday gift (her birthday was in march), and she loved it. the interesting bit is that she wound it into a ball at SoP, and sarah (who is due may 27th with her second child, so we'll excuse it, lol) asked if it was NORO! i am suitably humbled, indeed! it is pretty, though, isn't it? i've started spinning up the easter egg dyed wools, but since i forgot to get a picture today in the sun (they are very subtlely colored), i'll try again tomorrow. they are turning out quite lovely!
and since everyone else is posting flowers, i thought i would as well:

I love peonies. and these are the only flowers that i have in my yard. it was neglected for a number of years, and i'm still trying to just keep it contained. these are a little early (they are supposed to bloom around memorial day) but there are enough buds that i think i will take some to put on my dad's, sister's & grandparents' graves. i may even call the cemetary, and find out their policy about planting at gravesites. i want to plant tulips at grandma's grave. i've always associated red tulips with her, she always had them. Here's a closeup of the lovelies. this color is actually pretty close to the color of my new "me" project!

i'll catch up more later.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

go vote

as many of you know, i'm a member of the abcalong ring. i know, i know, i don't have the buttons posted, but i am absolutely clueless when it comes to that stuff. i just know i'm a member. well, apparently, with the "I" contest, i am a finalist. so go vote over at the ringleader's blog (is it janine, i'm so confuzzled). Edit: i fixed the link to the blog to vote, and i'm sorry, Anne, i told you i was confuzzled!

now, this bit of inanity is absolutely ridiculous! this has got to be some kind of constitutional violation or something!

and this is just frigging funny.

i had a whole post planned, but my mouth is rebelling (i had that damned crown seated, and now i've got a bruise on my jaw), so i'm going to bed


Monday, May 15, 2006

what a day for a daydream

however, i sit here for the THIRD day in 2 weeks, and the fourth in 3, that i am home in the afternoon with sean. he threw up at school again. we are all (his teacher, the health aide, mark & myself) of the firm opinion that he is faking it. granted, he is really throwing up, but he knows how to force himself to. i was called out of work friday, and today. i understand that he's sick of school, and he's sick of his teacher (they have a lovely hate/hate relationship going on) but he's only got SEVEN stinking days of school left! (6th graders get out 2 days early, it's a part of tradition at his elementary). actually, this is the 5th in a month, but mark fetched him last time. mark doesn't have any vacation time left, and i had to take FMLA without pay to fetch him friday and today. granted, i don't want to be at work, but not this way!

anyway, enough venting for now. apparently my secret pal's name is . . . .. chicken lips. now that is an original email name. she even sent me a bunch of rednecks. a woman after my own heart!

and, now the pics i've been promising since last saturday:

these are the lovely ladies of Mason-Dixon Knitting. Kay & Ann. ok, i'm a dork, but i'm not quite sure which was which. i think kay is the one with the longer hair, but i'm not making any accurate suppositions today. they're talk was lovely, and they are lovely ladies. in fact, they've inspired me to try linen. hmmmmmm, hand towels (for me alone!)

and here's carin with her spinning wheel that saturday. i've got pics of her actually KNITTING somewhere, but be jiggered if i can find it at the moment. i THOUGHT i'd downloaded it.

and the moment you've all been waiting for!

finished Sockpal000za socks!
They went in the mail on friday, when sean admitted that he wasn't sick at all, (or said I'm all better now, mommy (yes, he said mommy)), so we walked to winter quarters bookstore to find a nebraska postcard, and then to the postoffice to mail it. they look a little odd because they slid off the blockers as they dried (grrr). i hope she likes them?

and now, for mine!

these came to me all the way from germany, lovingly knit by munna reichelt. i had forgotten to put that i prefer shorter socks (although anklets can drive me buggy!) and she got them right anyway! the blues are magnificent (and came out pretty accurately here for once!). she sent me the ball band from the yarn (it's superwash) and a nice post card from munich. the chocolate, believe it or not, still exists (that wedding date is looming up close, and i've got a dress to fit in to, or i'm gonna have to wear a corset! (lawsey!)), but i'm eating a little every day. very tasty! thanks, munna, they're great! and thanks to allison and all the sock sisters, too! particular thanks to ina for posting such magnificent updates! i even got picked for one! woot!

and now for some dastardly doings.

i bring into evidence item # 1. lucy neatby sock yarn. this is stuff that made all of us drool at SoP thursday night. (this will be referred to as LN for further ease of typing)

and now, i present for your inspection, item # 2. this post. you remember the one. where the all mighty government decided that they needed my wedding money more than i did.

and now, for the synopsis. jen was roaming about SoP thursday last deciding if she wanted to buy yarn or not. several people had fondled LN, and i kept saying "sock yarn, get thee behind me." i'm broke. well not exactly, but considering i've got a wedding to pay for, i'm broke. she picked up 2 skeins, broke them down to unwound hanks (still tied, mind you) and asked which one we liked. i spoke up for the crayola one, cuz i'm a crayola kinda gal. several of us agreed, but jen decided she liked the other one because it had pink in it. so, we're sitting there, watching jen & becky (lovely employee of SoP who has become friend as much as anything else) sit at the ball winder fighting the hugely tangled skein of LN, and sympathizing. finally, becky conquered it, and we turned away, lest we jinx the miracle (trust me, it was a miracle). next thing i know, jen plops this ball in my lap. WTF? "just shut up and take it" or something like that, in any case. i did thank her, but she's a stinker! dire doings indeed! like i NEED more sock yarn! (dont' get me wrong, i LOVE sock yarn, and maywell have gained an addiction to sock knitting, but hey, a girl's gotta call a stop sometime, right?)

and now i must stop, because i was a spinning fanatic this weekend (i promised jen & carin i'd teach them to do 2-ply on thursday, and thought i'd better be spinning up 2 bobbins-ful) and my wrist is crying "foul!"


Monday, May 08, 2006

sp8 questionairre

ok, here goes

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

i havent' found a fiber i haven't liked. of course, i've never knit with linen, soo . . . (hint, hint)

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

my UFO's? actually, i have a 7 drawer cart where i try to keep all my straights & circs, and a pitcher on my computer desk where i keep the lion's share of my dpn's.

3. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?

um, i've been knitting for 3/4th's of my life. i'm 40 (for the pal that doesn't want to do the math, that's 30 years, lol) i think i'm an advanced intermediate knitter. steeks still scare the living daylights out of me.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?

yes, i ahve an amazon list. just search under my name.

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)

vanilla. sandalwood. jasmine. magnolia. peony.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?

does a knitter buy yarn? dark chocolate. (but i'm trying to lose weight for my wedding, sigh)

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?

i spin, and crochet, and sew. i do alot more spinning & crochet than sewing, though, lol

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

my stereo can play mp3's if they're on a cd. however, my musical tastes are EXTREMELY eclectic. such as the grateful dead, and gaelic/irish, classic rock, and QUEEN. there's more, but ask, and i'll tell ya if i like it or not. if it's any help, i haven't heard a song on Cast On that i didn't like.

9. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand?

i love deep blues & purples. but i like everything (except mustard yellow) and will knit it all.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

my fiance & i have 2 cats (one lives with him for now, but she's coming over here when he moves in). i also have 2 boys age 11 1/2 & 13 1/2 (they insist on the half) and two daugthers age 20 & 21.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?

i'll wear mittens & hats. i own a few scarves, but i never wear them (even the handspun, hand knit ones). i own a poncho, but i never wear it either.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

anything small and fast. although i have a penchant for anything challenging. i'm trying to knit the peacock shawl from fiddlesticks (not having much luck at this point, though)

13. What are you knitting right now?

finishing up my sockpal000za socks, a vest for Dulaan, the peacock shawl.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?

YES! and it doesn't have to be handknit, either.
15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

most of my needles are metal, with about even spreads of straight & circs. i do like wood needles, although i don't own a whole lot. plastic is ok, but i don't care for it as much. (i'd like lots of the smaller sizes of circs (short, too) i dont' seem to have many of those (although i'm sure they're scattered everywhere, see # 2)

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?

no, but i need to.

17. How did you learn to knit?

my grandmother gave me the beginnings, and i taught myself the rest.

18. How old is your oldest UFO?

i refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

19. What is your favorite holiday?

HALLOWEEN! that's where my sewing comes out. if you'll look for my "I" post, you'll see waht i DO sew.

20. Is there anything that you collect?

dragons, faeries, and FIBER!

21. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?

I have IK & Knit Simple. i LOVE the Knitting magazine from GB, but it's hard to get it regularly here. i had 2 lovely secret pals that would send them to me.

i would like the Eris pattern from A girl from Auntie (or called auntie, i can't recall, sigh)
i would also like alterknits, knitting nature, andany # of the barbara walker treasuries. i bought #one for a secret pal, and damn near kept it myself! i would also like more dpn's in the smaller/ huger sizes. i've got most of the middle bits.

22. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?

entrelac. lace knitting without tearing my hair out!
23. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?

i have knit socks, but mostly for other people. i suffer from a hot foot, and wear my birkenstocks whenever i can (when there's not more than an inch of snow on the ground). if you really want my foot measurements, i'll post them later, leave me a comment

24. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)

my birthday was 04/01. and yes, i turned 40 (shudder).

also, just so you know, i'm allergic to bananas and watermelon, and can't stand the scent of either, to include artificial ones. while i adore tropical things, i have to be careful there's no banana in it. i also don't care for mint (a child hood aversion i've never really gotten over)

any questions about anything, jsut leave me a comment!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

anger & frustration

i'll post about yesterday later, i still haven't downloaded the pics yet.

i'm pissed. and upset. and angry & frustrated. we left our fairly new lawn mower in the back yard yesterday, because mark didn't have the time to come fetch it as he had rehearsal (yes, he's back to playing again, hallelujah!) . we left here around 5, and the lawnmower was still here at that point. i came home this morning, and the lawnmower is gone. this lawnmower was in replacement of one that was stolen from mark's last year. this is going to make the 3rd lawnmower i've bought in 3 years! (the first was in replacement of an old one that died). i'm sick of this. i bought liam a bike 3 years ago for his 11th birthday, and it was stolen off my enclosed front porch last summer. they had to OPEN THE DOOR AND WALK ONTO MY PORCH to do this. and i have a fenced in yard. they had to actively open the gate, and walk to my patio, and push it out my back yard. when i asked my neighbor if he'd seen anything, he told me that he can't even leave his garage door open while he's mowing (he has a riding mower, he has a corner lot) because someone stole a battery charger out of it while he was mowing.

why can't people leave shit alone? i don't live in a bad neighborhood (i wouldn't have gotten the kids back, if i had), it's much like the one i lived in in blair (small town north of omaha about 20 miles for those who don't know). except for this. i'm tired of it. i don't have a shed, so i can't store or lock anything up. i'm tired of it, and i'm going to do something about it. next weekend, i'm going to home depot and buying a few sheets of plywood, and i'm building a lock box to put stuff in. i just don't understand. it's not like they'd get that much for it at a hock shop. gee, maybe $50? not enough for a rock, or a bag, and maybe enough for groceries for 2 or 3 days, or maybe a week, if they ate frugally. damn

Friday, May 05, 2006

i guess i owe you

a calendar update. i'm hopelessly behind. however, i'm going to show pics first:

This messy little bit of green & white is a toddler vest for dulaan. it's in my handspun that i've been showing off here. it's actually quite greener than this, but for some odd reason, teh white shows up better. i seamed it with some matching redheart yarn, just because it was easier to seam with, lol. i'll be doing the arm holes & neck this weekend, if i finish the sockpal000za socks.

This picture of jimi is a bit blurry, because he was vigorously licking his tail, of all things! and the little shit had it brought up between his legs. what a goof!

ok, i'll do the crochet calendar, since i'm most behind on it.

here goes:

3/18-19: Crochet Hook Case. Kinda cute, could be used for other things. and it's felted. i like that.
3/20: Unisex Cap. This is nice, and has some post work as well. however, i don't think i'd do it for a guy (maybe a little boy)
3/21: Unisex Scarf. the colors are the same as the cap, but the pattern is completely different. it's a keyhole scarf, as far as i can tell, but it's done in lion brand homespun. hmmm. have to think about that. i'm not terribly enamoured with that stuff (the PFH was made in homespun)
3/22: Forget-Me-Knot Earings. These are cute, and little enough not to be gaudy. and they're blue. i should have named this blog the blue dragon mad knitter, lol.
3/23: Ruffled Scarf. This is made with granny squares with a ruffled edge. looks interesting.
the yarn is a bit fuzzy though.
3/24: Ponytail Thingie. a scrunchie with danglies. not for me, but maybe someone under 10.
3/25-27: Lacy Scarf with Symbols. It's a scarf made with mohair doilies. I like it, but god, imagine frogging mohair crochet!
3/28: Monk's Hood. i like this alot. it's simple and i've used the same pattern to make an afghan. it's single crochet, but with the chain alternating, makes for a much more fluid fabric. i may make this for myself. i've got some lovely yarns from secret pals i may use for this.
3/29: Sassy-Brimmed Hat. I like this! it's cute! i may make it for my SIL. i could see her wearing it. i think i'd have to use cotton or silk yarn though, she's in georgia, andit's much to warm for anything else down there.
3/30: Crochet Dude's Afghan. Asperity Square. Apparently he's got a whole list of squares in here somewhere, and this is teh first. it's a nice solid square, and i may use it for squares for AC4C, since i'm tired of the standard old square granny minus the holes. this is fairly hole-free.
3/31: Elysium. Another crochet dude square, but this one has a few more holes. i do like it, though, i may use it for another purpose.
4/1-2: Openwork Scarf. this isn't as airy as it sounds. it alternates bands of openwork with bands of solids, so while it's not as solid as a garterstitch scarf, per se, it is enough to keep warm with. the model is annie modesitt's son, and he's a cutie.
4/3: Bucket Hat. oh yeah. i like this one. and it's sc, too. right up my alley!
4/4: Ikebana Wrist Corsage. while this is kinda cute, i can't see a real use for it, other than play dress up for the wee ones. another under 10 pattern.
4/5: Beret. the discription says something about military millnery chic (go annie!) but i don't think any army guy would be caught dead in this. not to say i don't like it (i do!) but it's not quite "masculine" enough for army/navy (choose your branch). and it' s made with a K hook! oofdah!
4/6: Brimmed Granny Skull Cap. This is darling. even with the fun fur in the brim. i just might experiment with this one.
4/7: Blue & Yellow Basket. double stranded cotton. oh my aching hands! it is cute, though.
4/8-10: Crocheted Buddha. hmmm. this is kinda cute, but the way his face is embroidered, he looks more like Loki! any buddhists out there offended by a crocheted buddha? i'll have to ask Cuzzin Tom, i suppose. i thin khe's buddhist, isn't he?
4/11: Raillery. Square # 3 by drew. once a gain, a bit holey, but i think i cna find a use for this, too.
4/12: Easter Carrot. This would make a cute rattle, just insert a bell in the middle of the stuffing. i think i need to make a bunch of these (groan!)
4/13: Hat with Flower. this would have made a sweet easter bonnet (it was cold and rainy easter day, perfect for this hat). almost looks like the hats the flappers wore in the 20's.
4/14-16: Pat's Teddy Bear. This bear is cute! a nice job done, too. and the designer's name is Patricia Easter. how appropriate is that, on easter weekend?
4/17: Classic Crochet Beret. the biggest difference between this one and the previous one is gauge. the last was done with a K hook, and htis is done with a D (and cashmere yarn, but that's just a technicality (ducks!))
4/18: Beautiful Bullion Square. i hate bullion stitch. this is. . . interesting. not my cuppa, but definitely interesting.
4/19-20: Picot Edged Ribbed Gloves. i don't normally go in for crocheted gloves, but these are pretty. and the biggest advantage of these gloves: i can make the fingers fit me. most gloves have fingers too long for me. sigh.
4/21: April Dawn Square. i definitely like this one, despite the bullion stitch. this one has a more symmetrical (maybe tidy) use of them, and doesn't look so doscombobulated.
4/22-23: Puff Dog. this square was designed by a 12 year old with technical assistance from his mom (the creator of the april dawn square). go boy! (yes, it was a boy!)
4/24: Crochet Cloche Blank. the first time i read the description of this i thought it said "military" and not "millinery". oy. it is cute, though.
4/25: Apple Blossom Time Square. again with the bullion stitch. a veritable orgy of them. of course most of the last ones were designed by the same woman, lol. this is nice, but again, a few much in the hole department.
4/26: Butterfly Wing Shawl. this has a fitted feel to it, with the curved upper portion to fit around your neck & shoulders. nice stitch pattern.
4/27-28: Kattiwampus. This is a nice drew square, but it's too holey for most of mypurposes. will keep it in mind for adult gifts.
4/29-30: Black Button Purse. the buttons are rainbow colored, but the purse is a nice black thick & quick woolease, kinda kitschy, but definitely cute.
5/1-3: Crochet Picture Hat. I knew as soon as i saw this pattern picture, that it was annie's hat. it's the millnery references. this is very nice, and if i can find time, i might make it for my bridesmaids. then again, maybe not.
5/4: Sunflower Bullion Square. you know how i feel about bullion stitch, but it really does look like a sunflower!
5/5: Tic Tac Toe. cute, but too holey. why wasn't there a "mexican" pattern for today?

ok, i'm competely exhausted. i'm going to bed

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

mama said there'd be days like this

but she never told me my child would ask me to make baked goods for tomorrow's bake sale 10 minutes before the grocery store closes! however, i am mom, and woman, here me roar (bake, whatever!)
have any of you ever heard of that "cooking" show on food tv called semi-homemade? that woman ain't got nothin' on me! these are store brand tube sugar cookies, one batch decorated with the new swirl toll house chips. these are caramel/chocolate. quite tastey. i have to send something for the cake walk and something for the bakesale. the bakesale items have to be in 2's or 3's. so the chip cookies will be in 3's and the plains will be in 2's, in ziplock bags.

then there's this:

the cake walk portion of the evening is supposed to be something large, so i bought a box of family sized betty crocker brownies (thank you , dahlink, you're a life saver!) and tossed in the remainder of the chips and half a bag of pecans. these are cooling as we speak, and i'll cut them in the morning and split them between 2 plates (no SANE family would eat the whole panful in one sitting (who said we're a sane family? please note the time of this post!)). this is ALL going to school with sean (pray for him!) as they have to be there earlier than either mark or i can get them there otherwise. and then there's the blasted carnival. oy. i'm tired already.

now, i don't know about you, but i don't ever recall doing something like this to my mother. i always let her know in advance (at least not 1/2 hour before she had planned on going to bed!) when something like this was needed. granted, my mom was a farm wife, and would have had the leisure (chuckle) to do this in the morning, and deliver them at the appointed time. but still. so now, i'm completely worn out. however, i've made lovely progress on my sockpal000za sock (yes, i know i'm late) and have about 1/3 of the foot done. here's a pic of their progress as of monday night!

aren't they purdy? and i've been working on them between switching out cookie sheets and baking pans. but now, i must collapse in bed before my eyelids fuze open. blech


Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, ya gotta have something, if you wanna be with me!

ok, now name that tune, and artist.

cuz i got nothing.

does anybody else have a sound track in their head? continuous music playing, and the tune changes with new musical suggestions, or a phrase that triggers a choice? the above lyrics popped up in my head when i was contemplating the title of this post. when i worked at the steakhouse at Ameristar, i used to sing all night long (there's another song, lol). when i left, one waitress, joan, said she'd miss my singing (she said she'd miss me too, but ya know). i love music. i had always wanted to play in band, but there was no money for instruments, and they didn't do the rent-to-own thing back in my day (god that makes me sound old!) i wanted to either play the flute or percussion. i've always been drawn to sweet high sounds, or major deep, crashing sounds. never any middle ground with me!

alas, i must bring this nothingness to an end, i must fly to work (blech) (it's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys)


Monday, May 01, 2006

I is for Inheritance

All around us are ghosts. I see my father's grin in my son's face. I hear my grandmother's lilt in my daughter's voice. I look at my hands, and see the knotted veins and strains of a life lived hard, lived like my mother:

I see in my face the determined jaw of grandma ruth, and the twinkle in the eye of grandma mac. i see the thoughtfulness (hence the set of my jaw) and the love. the grey in my hair is an evolution set in motion by them, while i watch my hair change in the same patterns as theirs did.

I'm surrounded by my family, by those who have gone before me. i have the leather pouch my father would carry tools in as he went about his daily work on the farm. i have the desk that grandma mac used to sew her quilts, and clothes.

I have the pie safe that grandma ruth used to store her things, while she knit blankets to warm all those she loved:

I've inherited these things from my two favorite women in the whole world. Both the physical and the emotional. I knit & sew for my family.

I sew halloween costumes, so the dreams my boys envision can come true, if only for one enchanted night.

I knit for my daughter who i even cannot seem to make happy, despite my best efforts, when they turn to others for their laughter.

And i craft for those who have no one else.

I take these gifts i've been given by my grandmothers, and great grandmothers, and all my ancestors and do my best for everyone. It's my Inheritance.

for our pals down under

i have the Knit Bits calendar, which is a 365 day calendar, and while i've decided that to share that one every day is going to drive me into carpal tunnel, i thought, on Anzac day, April 25, that thought should be shared.

This is a day when Australians and New Zealanders remember World War I and their servicemen. Recently, a veteran of that war told this story: "You know when one of my mates was dying out there in the trenches, he gave me the socks his sister had made for him. They were great socks, not those flimsy things you buy in the shops. When I came back I went looking for that girl - and i married her. You know it was all because of that pair of socks. I've never had any other sort of socks." He was married to his sock knitter for fifty-one years.

Kathryn Gunn quoted in KnitLit, edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf.


and here's something else for you to ponder. while i was cleaning the living room yesterday, and going through all the packages i've just set aside rather than throw them out, i found my receipt from when i bought the Peacock shawl pattern. it had a poem on it, that i'd like to share as well.

The Prayse of the Needle

To all dispersed sorts of Arts and Trades,
I write the Needles praise (that never fades)
So long as children shall be got or borne,
So long as garments shall be made, or worne,
So long as Hemp or Flax, or Sheep shall bear
Their linnen wollen fleeces yeare by yeare;
So long as Silk-worms, with exhausted spoyle
Of their owne Entrailes, for mans gaine shal toyle:
Yea, till the world be quite dissolu'd and past;
So long at least, the Needles use shall last;

By John Taylor (1580 - 1653)

nuff said.