Sunday, May 07, 2006

anger & frustration

i'll post about yesterday later, i still haven't downloaded the pics yet.

i'm pissed. and upset. and angry & frustrated. we left our fairly new lawn mower in the back yard yesterday, because mark didn't have the time to come fetch it as he had rehearsal (yes, he's back to playing again, hallelujah!) . we left here around 5, and the lawnmower was still here at that point. i came home this morning, and the lawnmower is gone. this lawnmower was in replacement of one that was stolen from mark's last year. this is going to make the 3rd lawnmower i've bought in 3 years! (the first was in replacement of an old one that died). i'm sick of this. i bought liam a bike 3 years ago for his 11th birthday, and it was stolen off my enclosed front porch last summer. they had to OPEN THE DOOR AND WALK ONTO MY PORCH to do this. and i have a fenced in yard. they had to actively open the gate, and walk to my patio, and push it out my back yard. when i asked my neighbor if he'd seen anything, he told me that he can't even leave his garage door open while he's mowing (he has a riding mower, he has a corner lot) because someone stole a battery charger out of it while he was mowing.

why can't people leave shit alone? i don't live in a bad neighborhood (i wouldn't have gotten the kids back, if i had), it's much like the one i lived in in blair (small town north of omaha about 20 miles for those who don't know). except for this. i'm tired of it. i don't have a shed, so i can't store or lock anything up. i'm tired of it, and i'm going to do something about it. next weekend, i'm going to home depot and buying a few sheets of plywood, and i'm building a lock box to put stuff in. i just don't understand. it's not like they'd get that much for it at a hock shop. gee, maybe $50? not enough for a rock, or a bag, and maybe enough for groceries for 2 or 3 days, or maybe a week, if they ate frugally. damn


Anita said...

I am so sorry :( I hate when people steal stuff, especially practical stuff like that.

Imagine if you could leave the mower out with some sort of electric wiring. A couple jolts of electricity and whoever is taking the 5 fingered discount to your property might reconsider.

janine said...

#### That's awful. Perhaps you should get a few bike security chains and padlock your stuff to a metal pole cemented into the ground. At least then they would have to bring a hacksaw! Chin up, there are still some decent people out there :-)

fillyjonk said...

I lost a sprinkler - a FREAKING $10 SPRINKLER - two years ago to a similar theft.

A friend here in town informed me that there are "roving families" who drive around town and take anything that isn't tied down that they could reasonably sell at a yard sale. I guess, it's free to them, so they figure whatever they make off of it is gravy?

Bleagh. I wasn't so upset about losing the sprinkler (like I said, it was $10) but it did freak me out that someone felt no compunction about walking up within six feet of my front door - a door that faces a fairly busy street, even at night - and walking off with it.

anita made the comment about wiring the mower to shock...after the sprinkler was stolen I was actually considering picking up all the dog doo I could find in my neighborhood, putting it in a box, wrapping the box like a nice present, and leaving it on my porch to see if it was stolen...

I hate it that that 2-3% of the population that are crumbums make all the rest of us fearful and suspicious of our fellow humans.

mamaloo said...

You know how much I empathise with you. Holy crap! A third lawnmower? I would cry a lot, but then, that's pretty much my response to most things ;)

Lots of love from me to you. It could be worse: they could've stolen your stash and your needles!

Ina said...

That's the pits. Good luck with the storage shed. I'm super-impressed you're so handy (I'm not).

Snarled Yarns said...

I live in S/O and both the porch and my back yard have been robbed. My husband was even home when they stole his golf clubs off the porch. The lawnmower was the first thing to go. We bought a shed and a lock. We also bought a locking screen door for the porch. My 7 year old just lost her scooter while over her friends house. Sheesh!