Friday, May 05, 2006

i guess i owe you

a calendar update. i'm hopelessly behind. however, i'm going to show pics first:

This messy little bit of green & white is a toddler vest for dulaan. it's in my handspun that i've been showing off here. it's actually quite greener than this, but for some odd reason, teh white shows up better. i seamed it with some matching redheart yarn, just because it was easier to seam with, lol. i'll be doing the arm holes & neck this weekend, if i finish the sockpal000za socks.

This picture of jimi is a bit blurry, because he was vigorously licking his tail, of all things! and the little shit had it brought up between his legs. what a goof!

ok, i'll do the crochet calendar, since i'm most behind on it.

here goes:

3/18-19: Crochet Hook Case. Kinda cute, could be used for other things. and it's felted. i like that.
3/20: Unisex Cap. This is nice, and has some post work as well. however, i don't think i'd do it for a guy (maybe a little boy)
3/21: Unisex Scarf. the colors are the same as the cap, but the pattern is completely different. it's a keyhole scarf, as far as i can tell, but it's done in lion brand homespun. hmmm. have to think about that. i'm not terribly enamoured with that stuff (the PFH was made in homespun)
3/22: Forget-Me-Knot Earings. These are cute, and little enough not to be gaudy. and they're blue. i should have named this blog the blue dragon mad knitter, lol.
3/23: Ruffled Scarf. This is made with granny squares with a ruffled edge. looks interesting.
the yarn is a bit fuzzy though.
3/24: Ponytail Thingie. a scrunchie with danglies. not for me, but maybe someone under 10.
3/25-27: Lacy Scarf with Symbols. It's a scarf made with mohair doilies. I like it, but god, imagine frogging mohair crochet!
3/28: Monk's Hood. i like this alot. it's simple and i've used the same pattern to make an afghan. it's single crochet, but with the chain alternating, makes for a much more fluid fabric. i may make this for myself. i've got some lovely yarns from secret pals i may use for this.
3/29: Sassy-Brimmed Hat. I like this! it's cute! i may make it for my SIL. i could see her wearing it. i think i'd have to use cotton or silk yarn though, she's in georgia, andit's much to warm for anything else down there.
3/30: Crochet Dude's Afghan. Asperity Square. Apparently he's got a whole list of squares in here somewhere, and this is teh first. it's a nice solid square, and i may use it for squares for AC4C, since i'm tired of the standard old square granny minus the holes. this is fairly hole-free.
3/31: Elysium. Another crochet dude square, but this one has a few more holes. i do like it, though, i may use it for another purpose.
4/1-2: Openwork Scarf. this isn't as airy as it sounds. it alternates bands of openwork with bands of solids, so while it's not as solid as a garterstitch scarf, per se, it is enough to keep warm with. the model is annie modesitt's son, and he's a cutie.
4/3: Bucket Hat. oh yeah. i like this one. and it's sc, too. right up my alley!
4/4: Ikebana Wrist Corsage. while this is kinda cute, i can't see a real use for it, other than play dress up for the wee ones. another under 10 pattern.
4/5: Beret. the discription says something about military millnery chic (go annie!) but i don't think any army guy would be caught dead in this. not to say i don't like it (i do!) but it's not quite "masculine" enough for army/navy (choose your branch). and it' s made with a K hook! oofdah!
4/6: Brimmed Granny Skull Cap. This is darling. even with the fun fur in the brim. i just might experiment with this one.
4/7: Blue & Yellow Basket. double stranded cotton. oh my aching hands! it is cute, though.
4/8-10: Crocheted Buddha. hmmm. this is kinda cute, but the way his face is embroidered, he looks more like Loki! any buddhists out there offended by a crocheted buddha? i'll have to ask Cuzzin Tom, i suppose. i thin khe's buddhist, isn't he?
4/11: Raillery. Square # 3 by drew. once a gain, a bit holey, but i think i cna find a use for this, too.
4/12: Easter Carrot. This would make a cute rattle, just insert a bell in the middle of the stuffing. i think i need to make a bunch of these (groan!)
4/13: Hat with Flower. this would have made a sweet easter bonnet (it was cold and rainy easter day, perfect for this hat). almost looks like the hats the flappers wore in the 20's.
4/14-16: Pat's Teddy Bear. This bear is cute! a nice job done, too. and the designer's name is Patricia Easter. how appropriate is that, on easter weekend?
4/17: Classic Crochet Beret. the biggest difference between this one and the previous one is gauge. the last was done with a K hook, and htis is done with a D (and cashmere yarn, but that's just a technicality (ducks!))
4/18: Beautiful Bullion Square. i hate bullion stitch. this is. . . interesting. not my cuppa, but definitely interesting.
4/19-20: Picot Edged Ribbed Gloves. i don't normally go in for crocheted gloves, but these are pretty. and the biggest advantage of these gloves: i can make the fingers fit me. most gloves have fingers too long for me. sigh.
4/21: April Dawn Square. i definitely like this one, despite the bullion stitch. this one has a more symmetrical (maybe tidy) use of them, and doesn't look so doscombobulated.
4/22-23: Puff Dog. this square was designed by a 12 year old with technical assistance from his mom (the creator of the april dawn square). go boy! (yes, it was a boy!)
4/24: Crochet Cloche Blank. the first time i read the description of this i thought it said "military" and not "millinery". oy. it is cute, though.
4/25: Apple Blossom Time Square. again with the bullion stitch. a veritable orgy of them. of course most of the last ones were designed by the same woman, lol. this is nice, but again, a few much in the hole department.
4/26: Butterfly Wing Shawl. this has a fitted feel to it, with the curved upper portion to fit around your neck & shoulders. nice stitch pattern.
4/27-28: Kattiwampus. This is a nice drew square, but it's too holey for most of mypurposes. will keep it in mind for adult gifts.
4/29-30: Black Button Purse. the buttons are rainbow colored, but the purse is a nice black thick & quick woolease, kinda kitschy, but definitely cute.
5/1-3: Crochet Picture Hat. I knew as soon as i saw this pattern picture, that it was annie's hat. it's the millnery references. this is very nice, and if i can find time, i might make it for my bridesmaids. then again, maybe not.
5/4: Sunflower Bullion Square. you know how i feel about bullion stitch, but it really does look like a sunflower!
5/5: Tic Tac Toe. cute, but too holey. why wasn't there a "mexican" pattern for today?

ok, i'm competely exhausted. i'm going to bed


~drew emborsky~ said...

I had a cat that licked her own tail all the time. It always cracked me up!

MA said...

Oh I loved the socks - thank you so much! They arrived last night, and I put them on, and kept them on all evening. They are so pretty, and soft, and I love the pattern!

Thanks so much again!