Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, ya gotta have something, if you wanna be with me!

ok, now name that tune, and artist.

cuz i got nothing.

does anybody else have a sound track in their head? continuous music playing, and the tune changes with new musical suggestions, or a phrase that triggers a choice? the above lyrics popped up in my head when i was contemplating the title of this post. when i worked at the steakhouse at Ameristar, i used to sing all night long (there's another song, lol). when i left, one waitress, joan, said she'd miss my singing (she said she'd miss me too, but ya know). i love music. i had always wanted to play in band, but there was no money for instruments, and they didn't do the rent-to-own thing back in my day (god that makes me sound old!) i wanted to either play the flute or percussion. i've always been drawn to sweet high sounds, or major deep, crashing sounds. never any middle ground with me!

alas, i must bring this nothingness to an end, i must fly to work (blech) (it's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys)


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