Wednesday, May 03, 2006

mama said there'd be days like this

but she never told me my child would ask me to make baked goods for tomorrow's bake sale 10 minutes before the grocery store closes! however, i am mom, and woman, here me roar (bake, whatever!)
have any of you ever heard of that "cooking" show on food tv called semi-homemade? that woman ain't got nothin' on me! these are store brand tube sugar cookies, one batch decorated with the new swirl toll house chips. these are caramel/chocolate. quite tastey. i have to send something for the cake walk and something for the bakesale. the bakesale items have to be in 2's or 3's. so the chip cookies will be in 3's and the plains will be in 2's, in ziplock bags.

then there's this:

the cake walk portion of the evening is supposed to be something large, so i bought a box of family sized betty crocker brownies (thank you , dahlink, you're a life saver!) and tossed in the remainder of the chips and half a bag of pecans. these are cooling as we speak, and i'll cut them in the morning and split them between 2 plates (no SANE family would eat the whole panful in one sitting (who said we're a sane family? please note the time of this post!)). this is ALL going to school with sean (pray for him!) as they have to be there earlier than either mark or i can get them there otherwise. and then there's the blasted carnival. oy. i'm tired already.

now, i don't know about you, but i don't ever recall doing something like this to my mother. i always let her know in advance (at least not 1/2 hour before she had planned on going to bed!) when something like this was needed. granted, my mom was a farm wife, and would have had the leisure (chuckle) to do this in the morning, and deliver them at the appointed time. but still. so now, i'm completely worn out. however, i've made lovely progress on my sockpal000za sock (yes, i know i'm late) and have about 1/3 of the foot done. here's a pic of their progress as of monday night!

aren't they purdy? and i've been working on them between switching out cookie sheets and baking pans. but now, i must collapse in bed before my eyelids fuze open. blech


Trixie said...

You win the BEST MOM BAKER category! WaWa is all about those brownies although he once tossed a batch of turtle brownies because they were tooo sweet. Tell me if Sean makes it home in one piece. I worry that he will be jumped by diabetics needing a fix just minutes from school.

Ina said...

Moms can do anything, of course!

Michelle said...

You're amazing! The cookies and brownies look heavenly considering you had such short notice. Kids, eh.

fillyjonk said...

I don't remember my SCHOOL ever pulling a stunt like that when I was growing up (let alone my pulling an 11th hour request on my mom.)

I don't know - I hear from my friends who are parents about all that's expected of them these days and it seems like the 1970s were either a more independent decade for the schools, or a more financially-flush decade, or perhaps a "well, we'll just not send the little buggers on any field trips this year, the budget won't allow it" decade. (And yes - there were several years when I was in school when the ONLY permitted field trips were things the class could walk to.)