Wednesday, May 24, 2006

food for thought

i found this article, this morning. it's about the ramifications of extending lifespans. if any of you have read the methuselah series (i can't remember exactly the name, lol) by Robert Heinlein, you'll have a vague idea of what this could mean. in those stories (To Sail Beyond the Sunset & Methuselah's Children come to mind) the "elders" originally came from a breeding program developed by the Howard Foundation (ironically, the founder died of old age at 48). You couldn't get in unless, at achieving adulthood, all your grandparents were living (or died from tragic accidents). no life-extending treatments occured until much later in the series. If i recall rightly, the oldest man was over 1000 years old. I don't know if I'd want to live THAT long, but i've often said i want to live to be 100, and see all that happens & comes to pass. i've got 60 years to go, lol.

on to other things. i took some more pictures of my peonies .
This bush opened up beautifully. I love peonies (my grandmother grew them, imagine that!) and i like the dark ones best. these aren't the darkest available, but they're still a gorgeous color.

unfortunately, there was a heavy downpour last night, and my bush is on the ground :(. I'm hoping they come back up, but have little of that.

Remember the funky easter egg roving i had, that came out so oddly? well, here's the yarn i got from it:
This is all spun from the same roving, and if you look closely, they do have coordinating colors. my question to you is this: if i decide to sell this yarn (it's approximately sock-dk weight), should i sell them separately? or should i sell them as a set? the more purple one is 310 yds. the lighter one is 140. considering the ultimate goal is to sell the yarn i spin, would you purchase them together? opinions, please! and it is 2 ply (not navajo, like i usually do, lol).

and since i'm on a new mission to TRY to keep up with my calendars, here goes:

you might be a redneck if you've ever used firecrackers to blow up an anthill (that's not redneck, that's kids in general!)
. . . you've spoken to Elvis through a psychic (now, that's just psychotic)

Knitting Calendar
5/23: Hackey Sack. very cute, but i think i'd be using worsted weight kitchen cotton, as opposed to the sport weight recommended. imagine the abuse it will take.
5/24: Royal Quilting Vest. This looks thoroughly fascinating. i just may have to make it for myself, especially considering it has directions for both flat & in the round (no seams, ooorah!).

Crochet Calendar
5/23: Net Shopping Bag. this is lovely, but it's made with hemp. kinda hard to get. definitely would make nice gifts though!
5/24-25: Vintage Thread Holder. This is most definitely charming. I don't know what i'd do with it though (i know, carin, i could make it for you to go with your civil war costume, right?)

and now, something i haven't done in a while,

What I'm Reading:
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in the house)
Wizard & Glass by Stephen King (book tape in the car)
The Dark Tower by Stephen King (i wanted to read the hard copy before i listened to the tape (which i'm not sure is out yet!)
i've actually been slacking off a bit on the reading, as i've been home, and running like a mad woman.

and yes, there is progress on the t-twist, and other projects, jsut nothing appreciable, and i'm sure everybody hates the "here's one more inch" pictures. just use your imagination, lol.


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