Thursday, June 30, 2005

what a ride

well, where shall i start?
The Trip Out
The flight part wasn't too bad, except for some reason they'd cancelled sean's and my tickets. because they weren't purchased, but given to me, and we got there early enough, they were able to reschedule the tickets for the same flights. however, there was also a mix up with mark's parents' tickets, and they had to figure that one out too. oy. down goes southwest one notch in my estimation. LIam starte sneezing in Lost Wages, and continued to do so all the way to Portland, and ended up with a wicked sinus/headcold the entire time we were there. I did GAMBLE (something i never do) but all i put in was a buck, won $3.75, and then lost it again, lol.

Once we got to portland, we had to take the shuttle back to mark's uncle's hotel (he works for quality inns) where we ended up sitting around waiting because Dad decided it might be better to rent a car after all (and we are eternally grateful he did). we followed mark's uncle out to DePoe Bay, with a few hitches. this is supposed to be an hour and a half drive, and ended up stretching to 2 1/2 hours because of construction, etc. on top of that, the original plan had been to go to Chinook Winds Casino, and hit the buffet for lunch. however they close at 3:30, and by the time we got near, it was 4. however, everyone decided to stop anyway, except us, because we'd lost Uncle Rex in the construction mess. fortunately, i still remembered the physical address of the beach home, and we drove on there. sean and mark's mom were with his aunt Wanda, and since we didn't know where Rex was, we ended up at the beach house with no key, and the only phone was steph's (nobody else had a cell). sean ended up without his meds for 12 hours, but did well anyway.

The Stay
we had a lot of fun. they got to find out how well mark and i cook together. the plan was each family was to take one meal, and mark's folks and we had decided to pool our efforts. however, with all the mixups, supper ended up in our ball park. we made sloppy joes, which every one loved, despite the fact that we'd missed that it needed tomato paste. so i faked it with ketchup and mustard, and everybody loved them. we also made breakfast the next day, but because that ran so late, we ended up not doing our lunch, which was ok, because nobody was hungry. supper was at 630, and his uncle Dennis and aunt Jan made baked ham, roast beef (but it wasn't nebraska beef, so it didn't compare) baked beans (which we had bought for lunch), salad, and all the accompanying fixins, including chocolate cherry cake and berry cobbler (jan can cook, too!) sorry if i'm focusing on the food, i'm a foodie, what else can a girl with a culinary arts degree say? we went to the beach the next day, except liam couldn't go because he had a fever at that point. steph busted waves while we were there (the tide was coming in, and it's kind of rocky off the beach) until she went numb (the water was about 50F), and sean played in the foam, and got sunburnt again , poor little guy. we had fun.

all in all, it was a nice stay, and i got to meet mark's family. the morning we cooked breakfast, his uncle Rex tried to sneak a piece of bacon, and i told him NO! at which point, he told me, " you fit into this family already, you're already picking on me!"

i think the funniest part was everytime a kid yelled over the balcony (the beach house had a game room upstairs) Grandma! 5 different voices answered, lol! i'm so used to answering to mom, and i was the only Mom there! the boys were very well behaved on the trip out, and while we were there.

The Trip Back
we decided since we'd seen too many wild animal signs and considering how long it had taken to get there, that maybe we should go back early and stay at uncle Rex's hotel sunday night, and take the shuttle to the airport Monday morning. uncle Rex got us a suite of rooms for $39 bucks! and there was a small, outdoor heated pool. liam got mad because we wouldn't let him go swimming because of his sinuses, but we ordered in from a luxurious restaurant called Steamers. i had the seafood stew, mark had shrimp & crabcakes, liam had pan-fried oysters (which he didnt' like, cuz he's used to canned oysters, i'm gonna have to develop that boy's palate), steph had seafood fettucine, and sean had sirloin steak (the boy's not as nutty about seafood as the rest of us).

ok, now brace your self.

we got to the airport at 5:10, because they had told us an hour check in. the line was so long, that it was 45 minutes before we even got to the counter. on top of that, there was a missionary group there, and thepastor who was monitoring all the plane tickets was at the back of their line, and had to keep stopping and handing out tickets, instructions, etc. they couldn't even keep their frigging luggage straight. the counter person told us that our luggage may not make the flight because the security people were backlogged on screening baggage. and that we may just miss the flight anyway, because we hadn't even gotten through the people screening, and there was 10 minutes left til the flight left. somehow, we got through the screening faster than they thought, and steph got through first, so she took off her shoes, and ran for the gate (we had gate c16, and they went sequentially from 1, sigh) she told them we were coming, but they acted like we were idiots, and would dawdle. yeah right, i wanna spend 4 hours in portland's airport waiting for the next flight. mark and the boys and i didnt' even bother putting our shoes back on, and ran all the way. we made it barely in time. we got on the plane, sat down, and they shut the doors and pulled away from the gate. and then i discovered that i'd dropped one of my shoes somewhere along the way. and that we were unable to sit next to any of us including sean. sean's behavior was atrocious. he kept agravating everyone in line while we were waiting to check in, and 3 people ended up moving because he couldn't/wouldn't control himself. and in vegas he wandered off. he had been standing with steph in line, and when he found out she diddn't have enough $ for both of them to get a snack, he took off when she wasn't looking, and walked all the way down the concourse to me, and asked me for money. i told him no and to sit his fanny down, because he shouldn't be wandering around by himself! mark came around the corner at that point with fire in his eyes, and chewed on sean some more himself.

sean ended up getting 20 sentences for his behavior in line in portland, and no tv for a week for his behavior on the plane, and no video games for a week for his escapade in vegas.

liam is going to get rewarded for his excellent behavior, but we havent' decided waht yet.

sean had a bad 2 days in general. monday night, when i tried to get him to sit down and write his sentences, he lost it. he cried, and yelled, and screamed, and refused to write his sentences. finally, he asked if he could talk to mark, which i fortunately was able to get mark to wake up (mark ended up sick for 2 days) and i took the boys over, and mark talked to sean and he calmed down. yesterday, however, was the capper.

sean got mad at me yesterday because i gave him sentences for almsot making us late because he woldn't move as i asked him to, so when we walked into daycare, he said, "maybe i should just commit suicide." i k new he was saying it to hurt me, but i told the therapist las tnight anyway. she wrote up a safety contract, that he would promise not to hurt himself, ans ean refused to sign it. we ended up at hte local mental health facility (hospital emergency) for 4 1/2 hours. he came home wiht me, but i had to call sean's medication doctor, and get thing sstraightened back out again. needless to say, i wa sworn out this morning. so i took 2 hours FMLA, and got a bit caught up on my sleep.

so the last week ahs been a wild ride.

i did finish PFH2. i finished it on the plane just as we pulled into the gate to deplane in portland, and wore it off hte plane. the flight attendants were stunned. i love doing that. in fact, i got several compliments about it from mark's family as well. it seems that mark's grandmother had made all teh daughters and granddaughters broomstick lace ponchos years ago, and seeing my poncho broght alot of the memories back.

i did start a dishcloth baby afghan for AC4C, but i've decided since then to do something else.

i'm making a star afghan with the yarn from the aforementioned afghan, and it's red, white and blue. i'll post pics as soon as i retrieve myc amera from steph. she dl'ed alot of the pics we took this weekend on her puter so she could send them to her friends.

so, now i'm hopelessly behind on patterns and rednecks, so here we go

you might be a redneck if you stare at a can of frozen orange juice because it says "concentrate."
. . . you can count to 11 on your fingers.
. . . the place wehre you vacationed last year won't allow you to come back this year.
. . . you work without your shirt on and so does your husband.
. . . you spray cheez whiz directly into your mouth.
. . . you lost money betting on the Lingerie Bowl.

Swirling Sun Hat. this looks cute, and is definitely doable for a charity pattern.
Heat Wave Bra Top. i don't think so.
Diana's Trail Socks. these look like great socks for me (i have odd feet)
Teddies for Tragedies. this is an ongoing charity project where doctors in 3rd world countries give these to children they treat, because it's been proven that children who have something to cuddle heal faster. i might do this.

What i'm reading now:
Knit One, Kill Two. this has been a fascinating read. thank you secret pal!
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. sounds slightly Jr high, but it's cute so far.
Drums of Autumn. a continously read book, i've never stopped reading the series.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


i haven't fallen off the face of the earth, although there were times i wish i had. i'll explain later

Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

forgive me

I think you understand why i haven't been blogging lately though. My mom isn't home yet, but it's mostly because of bureaucratic crap. She had a valve replacement 19 years ago, and the main care doctor wanted to see the paperwork first before he let her go home. the hospital she'd had the work done at had faxed some paperwork to the hospital she was staying at, but apparently it wasn't the right stuff, and the frustrating part is that i had brought in the proper stuff monday night, and they told me they didn't need it. i knew i should have left it in my car, dammit.

her pacemaker placement went well, and the doctor was pleased with her recovery. i'll say she's recovered! i helped her order supper tonight, and she ordered grilled salmon, baked potato, corn, garden salad, peaches and milk. now, does that sound like a healthy woman, or what?

there are a few other issues that will have to be dealt with, but nothing that can't wait until i get back from vacation. she has a low platelet count, and white blood cell count, so we're going to have to address that, but since they said to follow up with that in 2 weeks or so, and she has an appointment with her regular hematologist on the 15ths, we're going to go with that. the other issue, which worries me, is that her aortic valve has narrowed, and may need to be replaced. the doctor told me that if it were his mother, he's just do the pacemaker, and watch and see. at her age, replacing a valve could be dicey, particularly since she's already had one replaced. sigh. the third thing, is they found a mass in her throat that they couldn't identify when they were doing the echo cardiogram (sonogram, looked like to me, lol). it doens't appear to be threatening, but might be part of why she passed out sunday. something else to watch.

i actually went to work today, and hated every minute of it. i did call the Visiting Nurses Association, to see what we could do about emergency button stuff (help, i've fallen and i can't get up). with her being deaf, it makes it a bit harder to make the system function, but i discussed it with the woman at length, and i think we may try it, just to see if we can make it work. she is getting older, and i worry. especially after this.

however, despite everything, we are GOING ON VACATION! granted it's only 4 days, but oh my, it won't be here! nothing like a change of scenery, particularly north west coastal scenery! the name of the place is DePoe Bay, and the beach house we're staying in is 2 blocks from the beach. oooh my! bad part, the boys went swimming with daycare yesterday (they aren't usually there on tuesdays, and although they say they put sunblock on the boys, the boys say differently) and got fried. liam did nothing but whine last night, and threatened to throw up. i know that's one of the symptoms of a bad burn, so i ran a tepid bath for him and told him to get in. when he got chilled, i got him out, gave him an advil, and put him to bed with a sheet (light enough to cover and keep a small amount of warmth in, but not so heavy to weigh on his burn). sean is burnt too, but not as bad. liam is so fair skinned, and after the incident where my ex-sister in law wouldn't control him when she offered to babysit (i wasn't there, i wouldn't ahve let her do so) and he got 2nd degree burns, i've been very careful about sunscreen on him. poor little guy (little my ass, he's as tall as i am!) so, if the boys go to the beach, they're wearing t-shirts. no ifs ands or buts.

steph is going to be cruising, lol. she said her main objective was to meet hot guys and go to the beach, and come back (her words) looking like a mexican. she used to tan all the time when she was little, but lately has decided that daylight is anathema, unless she's working.

well, the PFH2 has actually progressed quite well. i ended up ripping the whole thing out again, because i'd miscalculated and realized it when i was almost done with the first panel. now, i AM done with the first panel, and am about 1/3 of the way throught he second. i'll have to hustle to get it done before friday morning, but i think it's doable.

Secret Pal
i got a package today! woohoooo! unfortunately no pics. i got my camera back, but she lost my batteries, and i don't ahve any more, sigh. another thing to add to my walmart list for tomorrow. i received several delicious goodies! she sent me anote saying she'd decided to divy this into 3 parts, each witha theme. this time's theme was "relaxation". boy that girl ahs really paid attention! she sent me Knit Lit and Knit One, Kill Two. i ahd asked for Knit Lit, but i couldn't remember if i'd said anything about the murder mysteries that have been making the knitting circuit. i'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach with these! also, a box of Vanilla Warm Sugar Votives from Bath & Body Works (how did she know i have 4 bottles of the body lotion in my closet?!?!?!?!?!?) and the piece d'resistance was a GODIVA DARK CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!. one small problem. it's been in the mid to high 90's here in the lovely cornhusker state. yes, it melted. but it stayed in it's wrapper, so i tossed it in the fridge, and i'm enjoying htis with a large glass of Vitamin D milk (total decadence, i swear) as we speak. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, boy. THank you, secret pal from North Carolina!

wow, i'm really behind on these

you might be a redneck if your wife left you for last year's winner of the hog-calling contest.
. . . your wedding pictures have a propane tank in the background.
. . . you have to go outside to get something from the fridge.
. . . realtors refuse to sell your home.
. . . your tv remote control is your son, Junior.

Pattern of the day
6/17: Simple Knitted Lace Scarf. very pretty. might try it, but in soemthing bolder than the mud brown they used.
6/18-19:Gone Fishin'. a fish motif with waves thrown in. kinda cute
6/20: Italian Tee Shirt. i don't know why it's called italian, unless Crystal Palace is made in Italy. very pretty, but not my style.
6/21: Fiber Hug Shawl. i'm not a fiber snob, but Homespun? in basketweave, none the less. i suppose.
6/22: Teddy Bear Sweater. very cute. might use it for knitted teddies, since i bought the teddy bear book.

What i'm reading
you'll find out later, i'm worn out now.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

it's ok

just a quick post to let y'all know that my mom is doing well. she needs a pacemaker, and they're going to do that this morning.

and the vacation is still on! the boys Guardian Ad Litem thinks the caseworker is less than worthless, and has given the ok. now to get the court to say yes. don't think it will be a problem if the GAL agrees.

Have a nice day!

Monday, June 20, 2005

god doesn't want me to have a vacation

my mother collapsed at church this morning. i didn't find out until 830 tonight. my stinky brother didn't keep mark's phone number, so never called me. i finally found out when mark called me and said my brother bob had called, and that Mommy was in the hospital. i had one moment where all i could think was "i CAN'T lose her now!". as if my will has anything to do with it.

she's basically ok. they're keeping her in the hospital for observation, and to do a EKG when they can fit her in. she hadn't been feeling good yesterday, when i called her to see if she wanted to go to the store, so i stopped to check on her. she seemed basically ok, just felt fugly and blech, so i went on my merry way. she still didn't feel good this morning, but went to church anyway, because it was her turn to read for bible study. her heartbeat slowed waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy down, and that is what caused her to collapse. it never stopped, or so they told us.

i wonder if this has anything to do with the major dental work she had done last monday. my mother had a heart valve replacement in 1986, and has been on bloodthinners ever since. we had to stop that for 5 days for the dental work to be done (she had 4 teeth pulled). we had a few issues with bleeding, but a second visit on monday resolved it. she said she felt fine (i called and checked on her several times on tuesday). she was fine wednesday when she watched the boys. she looked fine, other than the usual bruising she always gets when she has ANYTHING invasive done.

meanwhile, my vacation hangs in the balance. we were due to leave at 645 friday morning for portland, oregon. i don't know what to do. the tickets and beach house are already paid for. if i back out now, we lose all of it. even if we could rechange the tickets, it would cost us $100 per ticket. and the money for the beachhouse is just gone. i want to go so bad, but i don't want to leave my mother. odds are pretty good that she'll be out way before friday, but still. i may ask my stinky brother to keep her while we're gone. on top of that, i just got an email from my fucking caseworker that i need to do a ton of things before i'll be allowed to take the boys out of the state. she claims she never got the phone message i left a month ago, when i got the plane tickets arranged. i don't know what to do, but i'm sitting here bawling as i type.

everybody else is in bed. i can't talk to anyone.

Friday, June 17, 2005

screaming heebeejeebees

and it's not me having them. sean is having a bad night, and thusly liam suffers, since they share a room. and liam is getting tired enough that he's screaming at sean. sigh.

they went with their Nana (my ex's mother. we actually have a semi-decent relationship. she doesn't mention him, and neither do i, and we get along great. she understands why i left him. he's entirely too like his dad, and she left him too. ah well) to the zoo today. they got there about 11, and left at 530. considering this is the world's 3rd largest zoo, needless to say, they were exhausted when they dropped the boys off. and of course, i forgot to tell annie no caffeine, so sean was jazzed, and still hasn't dropped off. sigh. they did have fun, though.

work was boring once again. and this time they pissed me off big time. with no date night in the offing, i decided to sign up for vto (voluntary time off, vi, i know you've forgotten since the last time i mentioned it, you're an old broad(and a squished one at that, sorry hon), with the thought that since the boys weren't going to be home until 530, if i got off early, i could spend a little time with mark after all. the phones were dead. i signed up for vto at 330, with 16 other people ahead of me. there were 3 briefings between the time i signed up and the time i was supposed to get off, with more than 16 people. i thought i had a shot. hah. i ended up with a ton of 1 minute calls with 2-3 minute gaps between them, so the time dragged like mad. and to top it all off, they finally got to my briefing at 4:53, when i get off at 5. there were 7 people ahead of me. WTF!!!!!
suffice it to say, i was upset. i even welled up with tears wheni watched cheryl walk up for her vto. i so wanted some quiet time with mark. i didn't get to see him at all today. he's been having a bad week at work, because there was a lot of equipment that needed repairs, and even though he didn't receive work orders on them, he got guff for it. so he's been running like mad trying to get the stuff fixed. and since he was so tired, and the IFP people came again, since we're trying to catch up on hours. discharge is supposed to be in 5 weeks, but the resource person is behind on her hours.


steph went to the College World Series opening ceremonies. she even got a video of the fireworks. i may try to figure out a link for it. it turned out cool. she said it was the cheapest fun she'd had in a long time. $4 for a soda and $2.75 for a hotdog, the concert was free, and the fireworks were as well. glad she enjoyed herself, even if i got screwed out of date night for the second week.(gee, no bitterness there).

still working ont he PFH2, but since steph has the camera stuffed full of pics, i'm not going to show it for right now. i thought i'd finally gotten it down, and then i just screwed up the last row. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you bum a dip from your mother (for those not in the know, a "dip" is a wad of chewing tobacco. can we say EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!)

Pattern of the Day: Cool as a Cucumber Child's Sock. these are adorable! i'm trying to figure out how to adapt these to smaller sizes for AC4C. who knows.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

she's got shoes!

i bought 2 pairs of red pumps from Fredericks of Hollywood, and, at a coworker's request, brought one of each to show her. i ended up the talk of the place today. anne (the requestor) said i really surprised her, she didn't think i'd really bought them. one is a spectator, and the other is just a simple red patent pump. of course, they have the killer toes i don't normally wear, but my god, do they look fantastic! and they fit! i'm thrilled. i will order shoes from them again, i usually have trouble with dress shoes. maybe the manufacturers are getting the idea that maybe women's feet aren't the narrow delicate things they thought they were! i might post a pic, but don't count on it, lol.

work was boring, except for a class, where they showed us all the new stuff theyr'e bringing in to start while i am on vacation, to include no more briefings (we get to access them while we are on the phones (yeah right, that will work well during busy season, when some of the slower ones won't be able to read them), and the introduction of overnight shipping. this is ironic, considering i had a customer BEG me to talk to a supervisor about seeing if they could get overnight shipping, because her business ALWAYS does business with us. took me forever to get her convinced that the sup wouldn't tell her any different than i would. sigh.

i've got 8 days counting down til vacation! i'm so looking forward to it!

still working on PFH2. i did get farther today, but the last row i worked on stumped me. instead of being short stitches, i'm over 1. so i gotta count the last few garter rows, and make sure i have enough. sigh, who knew fan & feather could be such a pain in the arse! (there ya go, yarnharlot, i said arse for ya twice!) speaking of the illustrious harlot, i left a comment on her blog on her birthday, that was quite funny. she even said so! and when i replied back to her about "bestill my beating heart, the harlot liked my ditty!" (or something to that effect) i made her snort! woohoo!!!!!

Sockpal2za! hey pal, in response to your comment, i'm not picky about fiber, but machine washable is a plus. when you've got 2 boys who will toss anything anywhere (and are starting to venture into the area of doom (my washing machine, not everyone can have a mr. washie)), that is probably best. i ahve one pair of socks i made from handspun yarn, and i've worn them twice, because i'm afraid to go near water with them for fear my children will invade, andi'll have two felted little bits (this is my handspun, btw!) maybe i should wash my socks like the harlot does? :)

and "cheeky" eh? is that a slight hint?

You might be a redneck if your wedding vows were interrupted by a fistfight.

Pattern of the Day: Too-Cool! Halter Top. this is almost a tank, and very cute, but in worsted weight. is there any worsted weight cotton that would work for this, and not be a peep show?

have a nice day!

the cottonease sweater. the booties are almost done, but the hat is stalled. i think this did turn out quite well, once i put my mind to it. i tried to post these pics last night, but hello hit the dirt Posted by Hello

my giftie from rabbitch. she is such a lovely person (just don't tell her i said that, if she hears it she may decide to disband more of her stash this way) seriously, this yarn is cool, and i'm gonna have to come up with something good with it. maybe a wedding shrug, since our colors are going to be black & silver? Posted by Hello


I finished the itty bitty sweater in cottonease. it wasn't so bad, once i used proper needles and really read the pattern, lol.

now i'm working on the new PFH. remember that red & black Lion brand thick & chunky? well, i've ripped this sucker out 4 times. i keep losing a stitch somewhere. so now, on any rows where i just knit or purl, i count stitches. if on the next row, i 've lost one, i rip back, and reknit. this is going slow, and i had wanted to have it to wear to oregon (airports are frigid, sigh). it is so very soft, though, considering the stuff looks like rope, lol.

took my mom to the dentist. she had 4 teeth pulled, and fitted the dentures. of course, since she's on blood thinners, things didn't go quite as planned, and i had to take her back. she's fine now, but i was a bit worried for a while there.

now i get to go on saturday, and hear the hygenist bitch at me about my "lack of dental care." fine, you tell the butcher of a dentist who put braces ona 10 year old kid with a small mouth to lay off, and i'll do better. it hurt to brush so much when i had those braces, that i quit brushing. that's the main reason why they took them off. i still carry the scars in my mouth, not to mention the mental scars. i'm trying to be better about going to the dentist, but, well, ya know. at least i've made it more often lately.

work is boring, andi'm getting antsy about going to oregon. iwant it to be now!

miss bitchy britches (and sorry, vi, a cattle prod is not an option, i had one used on me (wish i was kidding, sigh)) swears she's not drinking, but i want to know who's beer cans are those on her computer desk? i know she has a few "legal" friends (drinking age is 21 in the states, for you canadians, aussies, etc.), but i havne't seen them around, so they're either here when i'm not, or she's drinking and trying ot hide it from me. of course she's not speaking to me, so this was left in response to the note i left for her about finding the beer cans. we'll see, i suppose.

you might be a redneck if you refuse to slide in softball because you don't want to crush your cigarettes
you might be a redneck if your dogs are still chasing your car a mile down the road.

Pattern of the Day: hills purse. this looks intriguing. it looks like domino work, or something like that, but it says it's slip stitch. i gotta check this out.

What i'm reading:
The Witches of Karres by James Schmitz
listening to At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie. i'm really enjoying these books on tape! need to reserve some more, i'm almost half way through with this one, and i finished the other earlier this week.
Kids Knitting by melanie falick. i've been hearing raves about this, so i thought i'd check it out (literally, lol)

have a nice day!

Monday, June 13, 2005

anybody know a reliable babysitter?

i've officially had it with my child. apparently nobody else in this family (i wont' say household, because there are two houses) has anything else to do during the week, so my darling child stephanie can renege on her obligation two weeks in row. date night was cancelled last week due to her inability to tell me that "i dont want to" translates into "i'm not going to." and this was discovered wednesday night, so no chance of changing things around. and tonight, she told me that she wont' be babysitting THIS thursday either because "i have a concert to go to, and i'm not missing it." what i don't think she realizes (and i'm not about to explain it to her at this point, if she doesn't get it by now, she's not going to), is that date night is the ONLY time mark and i have alone. it would be different if we were living together. then we'd at least have the mornings. and she's cancelled it on us twice. in a row. i'm not even all that worried about the "festivities" as much as i just want a little time with him. is that too much to ask?

anyway, it pissed me off so much, and since i KNOW she's paying for these tickets, i told her that she would have to come up with $120 for insurance by July 9th, or i'm cancelling the policy. considering she has to relicense her car in july, that's going to put a damper on things, i'm sure. i'm tired of footing the bill, while she parties. on top of that, i found a beer can in my outside trash. nobody uses my outside trash can except me and mine. gee, i wonder where that came from. and she got her nose pierced last week. the money's going everywhere except where it's supposed to. i won't be hurt by cancelling the policy, because my mom has the car on her insurance ( i pay that, but it's in her name). child will rue the day. indeed.

i'm almost done with the little side to side sweater. somehow i ended up with 2 extra stitches, but when i matched everything up, it came out ok. so i let it slide. it looks fine. i wonder if i always had that extra two stitches.

now i'm contemplating what i am going to take to the dentist's office tomorrow, since that is the day of my mom's oral surgery, and i will NOT be sitting in the room with her for that. i can't hack blood, and they have a trainee hygenist that signs. i'll do all the prelim work, like what signal to make if she's in pain, and i'll come back when they're done with the gory stuff, but i won't be in there for the worst of it. she's having laughing gas (which didnt' make me laugh) so it shouldn't be too bad. i'll just have to make sure they don't give her codeine, or ibuprofen (she's allergic to the former, and can't have the latter due to her anticoagulant medication).

Have a nice Day!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

the boys in (not so) mortal combat. the object was to pop the balloons with the "foil" (which in this case had a ball on the end, wiht a small tack, which couldnt' hurt anyone. liam is wearing the blue, and sean the teal. liam has just popped the first of sean's balloons Posted by Hello

sean bowing in defeat (actually, he was very angry, and doing his best not to explode. he came out wearing his demon face) Posted by Hello

the ungrateful little so and so Posted by Hello

remind me . . .

. . . to never go to something like the renaissance fair alone with the boys again. sigh. it was a horrible day. we got there around one, and by the time we left, i was ready to hang sean from the highest tree, and was ready to trade him for a $1 tickler. he was not a good boy. he got upset when we got there because they didn't have rides like a "normal" fair (his words). then, when we found the drumstick inn to eat lunch, he was upset because they didn't have any burgers (they got behind cooking them). so he finally decided to have a hot dog, after i'd already paid for liam's and my drumsticks. we went to sit down, and sean took one bite, said it was disgusting, and that he wasn't going to eat it. after arguing with me for a few minutes (i threatened to take his pop away, since the only reason i bought it was because he wanted something to drink with the dog (no i'm not that horrifically mean, i had an insulated drink bottle full of ice water, if he got thirsty, not that it lasted the day, liam finished it off about 4), he went and put ketchup on it, which apparently made it passable (shudder, i hate ketchup, and have instituted a pogrom to rid us of such vile sauce-age).

we crossed the troll bridge, where upon the troll popped up, and i told the troll he could have him. that didnt' win me points, but made me feel better. and so the afternoon went. i looked, and i lingered, and i didn't see any of the usual acts i love to see, because i couldn't get sean to lite long enough to watch any. he got mad at liam because liam beat him in the fencing (they get real fencing helmets and heavy jackets, and they have to pop ballons attached to the top of the fencing helmet with pins attached to the foils). liam did do it fair and square, and i'll post pics to prove it! i even lingered at the twisted sister booth (they do fancy braiding) and the lady there told me my hair is long enough to do a 7 strand braid, which i would have loved, but i was afraid of sitting there long enough for someone to comb me out (a herculean effort indeed, with the tangles from freshly washed hair and my fine mop) and braid me, and sean getting in major trouble. in fact, i didnt' do anything i wanted to because of fear of him getting in trouble.

it was a hideous afternoon, followed by a hideous evening. i will admit that this part was my fault. i called mark as soon as we got to the van, and he said the guys were still there, so i hung up. with out saying good bye. i was pissy. then he called me back a few minutes later (we weren't even out of the parking lot) and said the guys were gone. i apologized and told him how crappy the day had been, and i just wanted to go home, whereupon i think he meant my home, not his, so he said he'd get dinner for himself. that pissed me off, so i hung up again. i felt a bit contrite about it, so when we got closer to home, i tried to call again, but he didnt' answer. needless to say, this turned into a running arguement until about 9. he even called me up, and hung up on me, then called me back to ask me how it felt. i had actually laughed, because i knew what he was going to do, and found it a bit humorous (god i have a twisted wit! (no wonder i like spinning so well)). after we had gotten off the phone for the last time (so i thought) he called back and apologized for being an ass. we talked for a while, and then got into some dangerous territory with my first ex-husbeast and his parents. he decided that maybe we needed to stop that line of conversation, and said good night. i couldn't let it go, and called him back, and informed him that that part of my past was a bit more heinous than he had thought (the asshole's parents told him to beat me, and maybe then i'd be a better housewife. oy, i was 20, get real). i ended up crying several times tonight, and he did too. but we ended the call on a good note. oy.

i did KIP today at the renaissance fair, but no pics. i don't trust my sons with my camera at this point. however, i did see some KIP at the circus last night! i had forgotten to mention it. they had one clown that was supposed to be very old. he had limped out after the main parade, and sat on an elephant stand, and pulled out what looked to be a whovian scarf! (dr. who, to be precise). and it looked like he was actually knitting! not just twiddling the needles, but throwing and everything! i was thrilled, and pointed it out to mark and the boys. i loved it!

the only thing that was good about this afternoon was that i had a smoked turkey drumstick, and my own cherry funnelcake! sean had opted for rock pops (no the sugar didnt' contribute to the insanity, he was already there when we got there, sigh) and liam had asked for sugared pecans. they both eyed my funnel cake, but i protected it with valiant deeds (my fork) and devoured it forthwith. HUZZAH!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


just a friendly reminder that today is World KIP Day. i will be knitting at the Renaissance Fair in Council Bluffs, IA, at Westfair. enjoy!

and just in case i forget to post later today,

You might be a redneck if the only vegetable in your diet is the pickle on a Big Mac.

Pattern of the Weekend: Treasure Forest Sock Bookmark. this is cute. don't know if i'll ever do it, but definitely cute.

Have a nice day!

Edit: i just noticed i broke 2000 for visitors! of course, it counts every time i come across this thing too, but still, i like that! thank you, my peeps!

Come one, Come all!

we went to the circus tonight! it rocked! it was a ton of fun, and it was over 2 hours, and nobody noticed, and the boys were good! (nobody swoon). i let sean have cotton candy, and he started getting antsy, so i cut him off. he's not terribly happy with me about that, but i figured too much sugar would have him down with the clowns, bouncing.

it was RinglingBrothers/Barnum & Bailey. the 135th edition. wow. i will say this, mark and i both agree, when we went to the circus as kids, it was more circus and less show. this had a lot of "show", as in girls prancing around in spandex and sparkles, and doing nothing else. however, the horses were gorgeous! (lipizzaners, and fresians, and fjords, oh my!) the fresians looked like they spent hours on their manes. go here to learn more about them. oh my! the only objection i had was that they were using check reins on some of the horses. i did notice that when we went through the animal tour before the circus started that they weren't wearing any then, so i'm sure it was just during show time, but i still have a problem with a device that doesn't allow a horse to move his/her head freely.

i had forgotten how much elephants smell, lol. i always knew they were coming on, because i could smell them.

the only true dissapointment was the trapeze artists. they called it "sky surfing." it was very short, and very boring. of course, doesn't it figure this was the last act.

i think my favorite part was Belo. he's supposed to be a clown, but some the stuff he did was truly daredevilish. he rode the centrifuge, and did one skit with a kid from the audience where he had the ringmaster drop a "rock" on the end of a teeter-totter, and "flew" into the air on to a target the kid was holding. they played the 6 million dollar man sounds while he was flying in "slomo". i'll tell you what, he is talented that is for sure. in case you didnt know, belo is the "clown" with the hair that stands straight up. and it is his own hair. i want his hairstylist. i want my hair to stay in place like his, andyet still move!

and #1 best part of all? the circus itself was free. this was our "company summer event." i parked in the old market, so i didn't have to pay for parking, and we ate there ($28 bucks for 3 sodas, a bottle of water, 2 hotdogs, a cheeseburger, and a mini pizza! ouch!). i let the boys get "snackeniers." they provided souveniers with the snacks, so it didn't bite so much. sean got a hat with his cotton candy, and liam got a snowcone in a tiger mug.

i didn't do anything today, i'm just a lazy slob, i suppose.

you might be a redneck if anything in your home is running off a car battery.

Have a nice day!

Friday, June 10, 2005

jimi this morning, just before he got up. i was testing my camera, because it wouldn't work last night. hmmmmmmm. Posted by Hello

it's my pleasure. my precccccccciiiiiiiiiouuuuuuuusssssssss. yummy. this is actually pretty accurate for the color! Posted by Hello

Pleasure is mine, sayeth me

i was a bad girl earlier this week. i was reading another blog from someone on KR (i can't remember her name, except i think it was amber, not sure, and ain't gonna check) and discovered this dishy yarn that she'd found on WEBS on mega sale. it was berocco Pleasure. on sale for 59.99 USD a bag of 10 50 gm skeins. so i got out my musty, dusty, trusty yarn requirement folder, and determined that at that gauge (i think 4 sts per inch) that i needed a little over 1000 yds for a sweater for me. a bag of this yarn is 1300 yds. i caved. big time. i immediately bought a bag. discovered after the fact that i got a 20% discount. that was cool. it's a gorgeous shade of blue, kind of a colonial/french blue. dont' know what i'm making with it, i'll just wait for the pattern to call my name in the hushed shades of Pleasure.

i've also been redoing that blasted charity sweater that i had to frog. it's coming along much more nicely on 8's, and will definitely be newborn sized. i've finished one sleeve, the right front, and half the back (it's a side to side sweater). i'm giving up on it for now, i'm whipped

rogue is ashamed to be associated with my daughter as am i. i had shown steph what color yarn i was going to use for rogue 2 months ago. i cleared it with her, along with the pattern. now she says she wants it in a dark murky green, like the dark thyme i bought from hobby lobby for a different sweater i'm making for her from Cast On. incidentally, i got a phone call from hobby lobby telling me that they will no longer carry that color (dark thyme) in red heart grande. hells bells, now i gotta find another source. i think i'll look at mangelsons. they carry all kinds of red heart stuff. anyway, before i so rudely and crudely interrupted myself, i've decided that this incarnation of rogue is mine. she can bloody well wait for hers. so now that's 3 sweaters that will be mine if i ever get to them, lol.

shakespeare in the bush . this was a funny, and fascinating thing to read. i got this from deb. it's very enlightening.

i've been lackadaisical about blogging, mostly because i've been too tired. my sleep patterns are all screwed up, sigh.

no date night tonight, because steph told me last night that she wasn't going to babysit because she didnt' want to take her brothers with her to the carnival that's going on in Blair, and then drive back with them at 9, and go back to blair. i'm just pissed that she didnt' tell me sooner. i was disappointed. i look forward to mark's and my time together, away from everyone and everything. and then, tonight, mark couldn't decide what he wanted for dinner, and then asked me to pick something up for all of us, and drop his off at his house, and go home ourselves. pissed me off. his comment this morning was upsetting, too. when i told him he would have to pick the boys up from my mom's, instead of steph, he said he was looking forward to having a little time to himself. nothing said about missing date night, or that i might want some alone time too. sigh. i'll hit him up about it in the morning, i was too upset tonight.

work is boring as usual, although i did get my extra day off! woohoo! i may ask louisa if we can have therapy later that day. i would love to sleep in! and i had to put in for FMLA leave for the day before we leave, because sean and my mom both have appointments that need to be taken care of before we go.

you might be a redneck if there are hubcap wind chimes anywhere on your block.
you might be a redneck if all of your golf balls come in an egg carton.
you might be a redneck if you've ever been accused of lying through your tooth (this one is old, lol).
you might be a redneck if all of your cousins are kissing cousins.

pattern of the day:
Stay on Booties. these seem to be worked on straight needles, as opposed to all the ones i see worked on DPNs. not that i object to dpns, i just have a hard time keeping a set together.

Candy Fur Wrap. this is a dishcloth blanket in fancy yarn. sheesh. non pattern strikes again!

Egyptian Beaded Rings. ooooooooooooooooooo. i may actually find a ring that fits my broken finger! where's my yarn and beads! and my sock needles! serious lust here!

"Kick It UP" Kid's Backpack. does this lady work for emeril? the pattern is cute, and looks like it would work up fast, as the guague is 3 stitches and 4 rows = 1". it's felted, too, but the name just annoys me.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

welcome to the dark side, anakin. these have been tempting me for weeks, and i finally gave in and bought a bag. i wasn't thinking though, and bought plain, instead of peanut. ah well. these are amazingly good. the candy coating is just enough to enhance the inherent tendencies of dark chocolate to be bitter and strong. tasty stuff! what's freaky is reaching into the bag, and pulling out black, maroon, dark blue, and even grey mm's. it's not natural. welcome to the dark side. Posted by Hello

welcome to my nightmare. i hit another hancock's in the city, and hit the jackpot. they had a plethora of cotton ease. i may go back and buy more. dunno. the blue in this is more like the blue in my rogue, and the green isn't quite so pale. i am truly mad Posted by Hello

see this delicate little celtic cable that is dying to become a rogue? my darling daughter decided that she wouldn't like rogue in this color (even though she agreed to it when i frogged the last sweater), and has requested a different color. fooey on her. she can wait. this rogue will be for me, then! faithless perfidy! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005


that describes some of the stuff that happened today.

i had to frog the entire sweater. didn't realize it til i had attached the left front, and was casting off to go down to the sleeve width, that the back was shorter than the front, and i was short 7 stitches. i have no clue how that happened. so into the pond it went. now i'm starting over, but with smaller needles. the pattern had called for 10 1/2's, and i wasn't really happy with the fabric, so i'm gonna try 8's and see how that works out.

my mouth still hurts. the nasty part is that we had the graduation celebration dinner tonight, and it was hard to chew. what really stinks is that we had t-bones, and i had to be careful to chew on my right side. the left is tender, and even hurts to chew anything soft, so steak was definitely out. mark was in a goofy mood tonight, and i had to threaten him with the 10 1/2's. i even poked him with a toothpick he was being so ornery. of course, he'd had plenty to drink, since he had a drinking partner (his dad). they were both goofy by the time his parents left, lol.

on a good front, though, i've been garden ambitious. yesterday, just before the big rains hit, i got 6 marigolds planted in the garden. after the first wave passed, i took my trusty clippers, and went out and cleared out the rose patch-to-be of all woody brush. i even got to the little garden patch out front. now that one will have to be herbicided, because the last time i truly dug in that one, i got poison ivy. ain't going there again, thank you very much. tonight, after the boys and i got home, i planted the rest of the marigolds (10), the yellow tomatoes Dad bought for me (the yellow pears died (they didn't look that hot when we bought them, but i thought i'd take a chance, more the fool i)), and liam's 4 o'clocks that he gave me for mothers day 2 months ago, lol. how i managed to nurse them through 2 months in my kitchen window i have no clue. they were starting to look pretty pale, so i'm thinking they'd about milked all the nutrition out of that dirt. prolly a good thing they're in the ground now. cross your fingers and hope they live. liam would be crushed if they died now. so now, my house is looking slightly homey from the outside.

and i'm actually in the mood for it this year. being able to be around mark helps. last year stunk like yesterday's fish guts. we weren't able to tell the boys about him, so i had to hide everything, and wasn't able to see him at all on the weekends. blech. much, much better now. although now the boys want to know why he's not spending the night over here, and why they can't spend the night over htere on the weekends. i'll have to talk to millicent (double blech). maybe i'll bring it up with raeschell tomorrow. will have to see.

You might be a redneck if when playing golf, you yell the word "fore" more than you write the number "four."

Pattern of the Day: Makalu Iceland Seed Bead Scarf. this name is a tad bit misleading. there aren't any seed beads, but it's beaded and it's done in seed stitch. the method for attaching the beaded fringe is good, but the rest of the pattern is pretty blah. i think i'll call this 1/2 a pattern, as opposed to some of the non-patterns i've found in this calendar.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

i'm busy singing a madeline kahn song

i'm working on a side to side baby sweater for the june project for ac4c. it's in the cotton ease you saw earlier, the lavendar and blue. so far it's turning out quite cute. just hope it's not too big for a newborn, lol. i plan on using the same bootie pattern i knit last month, only two toned, and i think i'll just fake the hat. i like the short row shaping, so i may do that. i think the lavendar makes it too feminine, so this will be a little girl hat. maybe i'll do the cable thing again. i dunno yet.

i also started rogue on wednesday. i'm gonna have to sit down with the pattern, because the cables are graphed, and i'm not understanding all the symbols. hmmm.

ok, now for the title. I'm Tired. the dentist cancelled on my mother AGAIN. this is twice for this dentist. this is just to fit her partials, for criminey's sake! but the lab is being dilatory (look it up, lol), and i have to take time off again and hope it goes through this time. i'm just a scheduling fool, lately.

i went to the dentist today, and he had to shoot me absolutely full of novacaine again. apparently the original amount he gave me works on 95% of his patients. leave it to me not to be normal, even with my teeth. i think he gave me 12 shots all together. the appointment was at 1050, and it didn't wear off til about 430. once again, i had a shake at village in for lunch. sigh. i go in for a cleaning on the 18th, and i'm sure i'll get the riot act.

sean had a dentist appointment today as well, and he got the riot act as well. the hygenist told me he doesn't have any cavities (so we don't have to go back for him! Yippee!), but that he had lots of plaque. he told me he hoped he didn't scare sean too badly. maybe he scared some sense into the child. i sincerely hope so.

no dinner with mark tonight, i think he fell asleep on the sofa again. and this after 10 hours of sleep last night. he said he went to bed around 10, and he didn't wake up until 8. wow. i'm beginning to get worried about him. he's been doing alot of marathon sleeping, and refuses to go to the doctor. he's got other issues as well (for one, he turned 40 last year, and refused to go for a physical), and should go for the cyst on his back. liam even noticed it when he hugged mark, and now he's got liam nagging him as well. i wish he'd take care of himself. sigh.

the week at work was boring. the only good thing about work right now is the fact that i get to knit while i'm on the phones. it's to the point where my supervisor won't put me on special projects because she knows i'd rather knit. however, they did piss me off just a tad bit yesterday. i was sent home because my shorts were too short! they were thumb length (the old test for school, don't ya know.) but the new senior supervisor for the mail room pulled me out, and told me i had to go home and change. i was damned tempted not to come back, i'll tell you. and this is after watching certain PYT's at work with their bellies hanging out the fronts of their shirts and their asses hanging out the backs. not to mention the amount of painted on cleavage running about the place. it's bullshit. and i'm fed up. the next time one certain PYT decides she's gonna strut her stuff, i'm going to file a complaint. if they don't like my shorts, then i'm going to be vociferous, and vocal as well. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you've ever backed down an exit ramp.
You might be a redneck i you fix holes in your truck with duct tape.
You might be a redneck if people come to your door mistakenly thinking you have an auto salvage business.

Pattern of the Day: Bubble Yum! Girl's Socks. these are cute, and lacey, but i think the name comes from the yarn they used.
Child's Halter Top. this is made with Bernat's handicrafter cotton. worsted weight. i think sugar and cream, or peaches and cream would suffice, and probably be cheaper. very cute, though.

What I'm Reading
I'm listening to They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie. i don't normally read mysteries, but old aggie has a timeless touch, and this is a Miss Marple mystery. and of course, she knits.

Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card. this is a continuation of Ender's Game, only the kids are grown up. interesting.

Miss Marple The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie. i started this before i got the books on tape today.

Loop De Loop by Teva Durham. i'd heard so much about this book, and Clara from KR recommended it, so i ordered it from it's an impressive book, and the patterns are interesting, but i'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic. gimme time, i'm sure i will warm to it. the way she does things is fascinating. the rotini scarf is cool, too.

Have a nice Day!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

charity baby sweater in cotton ease. this is a side to side sweater. looks good so far, but i'm scared it's gonna be big. ah well Posted by Hello

box o' stuff. this was 10 hat/bootie sets, one preemie sweater/bootie/hat set, a 28x28 blanket, and the ugly kitty on the top. this went to Arnold Palmer Hospital as a part of AC4C Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

my questionairre

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?

i don't mind the "cheap" stuff. i use it for my kids, and charity knitting. it's all the same to me, as long as it's not scratchy.

2. Do you spin? Crochet?

i do both. right now i havne't spun much, but i do thoroughly enjoy spinning. there's something so primal about it. and i've crocheted longer than i've knit (34 years) i do prefer knitting, though.

3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)

i'm allergic to bananas and watermelon. the scents kill me. other than that, not anything else (well poison ivy, but that doesn't count, lol)

4. How long have you been knitting?

twenty-nine years. but i'm still learning. just discovered last year that i was twisting my stitches, so i figured out how to fix that, but i don't knit like any one else i know. i can teach my kids to do it the "proper" way, so they can follow other instructions, though.

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?

not yet, gimme time. i'm still learning this blog thing as well, so you may have to just get a link from me, sorry.

6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)

vanilla. berry scents (as long as they don't smell too grapey). sandalwood. jasmine. anything that smells "incensey." exotic stuff.

7. Do you have a sweet tooth?

what kind of question is that? i'm a woman, aren't i (last time i checked anyway, lemme ask mark) yes, i like sweets. dark chocolate, milk chocolate, medium chocolate (did i say i like chocolate?) DON'T like stuff like kettle corn. blech.

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?

i dabble in this and that, but the fibers are my main squeeze. i do create my own halloween patterns for the boys.

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

i like an eclectic mix. my last secret pal gave me a cd by sting of love songs from Victoria's secret. it was cool. i also like linkin park, marty stewart, chris ledeaux (rest in peace), the eagles, etc. very mixed up, lol.

10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand?

my absolute favorite color is royal blue, so blue it's almost purple. also like royal purple. about the only thing i don't like is brown. i can even suffer that. green is pushing it. i'll try anything, though.

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

i have a fiance, 2 boys, ages 11 & 13 (close enough, their birthdays are in august), and 2 girls ages 19 & 20, and one cat, named jimi. actually, between me and mark, we have 2, but joplin lives at his place.

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)

i want a yarn store where there's a small coffee shop attached to it. would love to serve lattes and merino.

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?

hmmmm. i bought 3 skeins of alpaca silk that are delish, but i havne't done anything with them yet. i intend on making myself a scarf. i'll try anything. i do love handspun (think hellow yarn, lol (hint, hint))

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

i never met a fiber i didn't like

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?

it's all an obsession, lol.

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

right now, baby clothes. i'm in the sockpal2za, so i'm looking forward to that, as well.

17. What are you knitting right now?

rogue in (gulp) redheart for my younger daughter
a garter rib sweater for mark in woolease
baby things in cottonease for charity
a poncho in woolease chunky for me (gee i'm using a lot of acrylic, aren't i, lol)

18. What do you think about ponchos?

i made one in lion brand homespun this winter, and see # 17, lol. that's what i think of ponchos

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?

i use both interchangeably. i'll be traveling soon, so wood/bamboo circs would be good, lol

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

plastic doesn't thrill me. although sean has a pair of baleen2 needles that seem to be nice. i prefer aluminum or wood/bamboo.

21. Are you a sock knitter?

would like to be, lol. you ahvne't seen my box of sock yarn yet, lol.

22. How did you learn to knit?

my maternal grandmother taught me to cast on and knit at 10. she refused to teach me to purl until i "held my yarn right." i taught myself everything else.

23. How old is your oldest UFO?
6 years. it's an afghan for youngest daughter, and when i went back to it last year, the yarn kept breaking. i may throw it all out, and start over.

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?

dragons, dragons, and did i mention dragons? i also like fairies. unicorns don't do much for me, though.

25. What is your favorite holiday?

halloween, hands down. christmas is a close second.

26. Is there anything that you collect?

dragons and yarn

27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?

interweave knits and spin off (they do knitting in there, too, lol)
i'd like a subscription to knitters, or knit'n' style. or any of the others, except creative knitting. i didn't care for my trial issue. or Knit1, for that matter.

28. Any books out there you are dying to get your hands on?
Opinionated Knitter by EZ. Confessions of a Heretic Knitter. Knit Lit & 2. dyeing books. the one about self-patterning yarn would be cool.

hope you have fun, secret pal!