Sunday, June 05, 2005

i'm busy singing a madeline kahn song

i'm working on a side to side baby sweater for the june project for ac4c. it's in the cotton ease you saw earlier, the lavendar and blue. so far it's turning out quite cute. just hope it's not too big for a newborn, lol. i plan on using the same bootie pattern i knit last month, only two toned, and i think i'll just fake the hat. i like the short row shaping, so i may do that. i think the lavendar makes it too feminine, so this will be a little girl hat. maybe i'll do the cable thing again. i dunno yet.

i also started rogue on wednesday. i'm gonna have to sit down with the pattern, because the cables are graphed, and i'm not understanding all the symbols. hmmm.

ok, now for the title. I'm Tired. the dentist cancelled on my mother AGAIN. this is twice for this dentist. this is just to fit her partials, for criminey's sake! but the lab is being dilatory (look it up, lol), and i have to take time off again and hope it goes through this time. i'm just a scheduling fool, lately.

i went to the dentist today, and he had to shoot me absolutely full of novacaine again. apparently the original amount he gave me works on 95% of his patients. leave it to me not to be normal, even with my teeth. i think he gave me 12 shots all together. the appointment was at 1050, and it didn't wear off til about 430. once again, i had a shake at village in for lunch. sigh. i go in for a cleaning on the 18th, and i'm sure i'll get the riot act.

sean had a dentist appointment today as well, and he got the riot act as well. the hygenist told me he doesn't have any cavities (so we don't have to go back for him! Yippee!), but that he had lots of plaque. he told me he hoped he didn't scare sean too badly. maybe he scared some sense into the child. i sincerely hope so.

no dinner with mark tonight, i think he fell asleep on the sofa again. and this after 10 hours of sleep last night. he said he went to bed around 10, and he didn't wake up until 8. wow. i'm beginning to get worried about him. he's been doing alot of marathon sleeping, and refuses to go to the doctor. he's got other issues as well (for one, he turned 40 last year, and refused to go for a physical), and should go for the cyst on his back. liam even noticed it when he hugged mark, and now he's got liam nagging him as well. i wish he'd take care of himself. sigh.

the week at work was boring. the only good thing about work right now is the fact that i get to knit while i'm on the phones. it's to the point where my supervisor won't put me on special projects because she knows i'd rather knit. however, they did piss me off just a tad bit yesterday. i was sent home because my shorts were too short! they were thumb length (the old test for school, don't ya know.) but the new senior supervisor for the mail room pulled me out, and told me i had to go home and change. i was damned tempted not to come back, i'll tell you. and this is after watching certain PYT's at work with their bellies hanging out the fronts of their shirts and their asses hanging out the backs. not to mention the amount of painted on cleavage running about the place. it's bullshit. and i'm fed up. the next time one certain PYT decides she's gonna strut her stuff, i'm going to file a complaint. if they don't like my shorts, then i'm going to be vociferous, and vocal as well. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you've ever backed down an exit ramp.
You might be a redneck i you fix holes in your truck with duct tape.
You might be a redneck if people come to your door mistakenly thinking you have an auto salvage business.

Pattern of the Day: Bubble Yum! Girl's Socks. these are cute, and lacey, but i think the name comes from the yarn they used.
Child's Halter Top. this is made with Bernat's handicrafter cotton. worsted weight. i think sugar and cream, or peaches and cream would suffice, and probably be cheaper. very cute, though.

What I'm Reading
I'm listening to They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie. i don't normally read mysteries, but old aggie has a timeless touch, and this is a Miss Marple mystery. and of course, she knits.

Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card. this is a continuation of Ender's Game, only the kids are grown up. interesting.

Miss Marple The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie. i started this before i got the books on tape today.

Loop De Loop by Teva Durham. i'd heard so much about this book, and Clara from KR recommended it, so i ordered it from it's an impressive book, and the patterns are interesting, but i'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic. gimme time, i'm sure i will warm to it. the way she does things is fascinating. the rotini scarf is cool, too.

Have a nice Day!

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