Monday, June 06, 2005


that describes some of the stuff that happened today.

i had to frog the entire sweater. didn't realize it til i had attached the left front, and was casting off to go down to the sleeve width, that the back was shorter than the front, and i was short 7 stitches. i have no clue how that happened. so into the pond it went. now i'm starting over, but with smaller needles. the pattern had called for 10 1/2's, and i wasn't really happy with the fabric, so i'm gonna try 8's and see how that works out.

my mouth still hurts. the nasty part is that we had the graduation celebration dinner tonight, and it was hard to chew. what really stinks is that we had t-bones, and i had to be careful to chew on my right side. the left is tender, and even hurts to chew anything soft, so steak was definitely out. mark was in a goofy mood tonight, and i had to threaten him with the 10 1/2's. i even poked him with a toothpick he was being so ornery. of course, he'd had plenty to drink, since he had a drinking partner (his dad). they were both goofy by the time his parents left, lol.

on a good front, though, i've been garden ambitious. yesterday, just before the big rains hit, i got 6 marigolds planted in the garden. after the first wave passed, i took my trusty clippers, and went out and cleared out the rose patch-to-be of all woody brush. i even got to the little garden patch out front. now that one will have to be herbicided, because the last time i truly dug in that one, i got poison ivy. ain't going there again, thank you very much. tonight, after the boys and i got home, i planted the rest of the marigolds (10), the yellow tomatoes Dad bought for me (the yellow pears died (they didn't look that hot when we bought them, but i thought i'd take a chance, more the fool i)), and liam's 4 o'clocks that he gave me for mothers day 2 months ago, lol. how i managed to nurse them through 2 months in my kitchen window i have no clue. they were starting to look pretty pale, so i'm thinking they'd about milked all the nutrition out of that dirt. prolly a good thing they're in the ground now. cross your fingers and hope they live. liam would be crushed if they died now. so now, my house is looking slightly homey from the outside.

and i'm actually in the mood for it this year. being able to be around mark helps. last year stunk like yesterday's fish guts. we weren't able to tell the boys about him, so i had to hide everything, and wasn't able to see him at all on the weekends. blech. much, much better now. although now the boys want to know why he's not spending the night over here, and why they can't spend the night over htere on the weekends. i'll have to talk to millicent (double blech). maybe i'll bring it up with raeschell tomorrow. will have to see.

You might be a redneck if when playing golf, you yell the word "fore" more than you write the number "four."

Pattern of the Day: Makalu Iceland Seed Bead Scarf. this name is a tad bit misleading. there aren't any seed beads, but it's beaded and it's done in seed stitch. the method for attaching the beaded fringe is good, but the rest of the pattern is pretty blah. i think i'll call this 1/2 a pattern, as opposed to some of the non-patterns i've found in this calendar.

Have a nice day!

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