Sunday, June 12, 2005

remind me . . .

. . . to never go to something like the renaissance fair alone with the boys again. sigh. it was a horrible day. we got there around one, and by the time we left, i was ready to hang sean from the highest tree, and was ready to trade him for a $1 tickler. he was not a good boy. he got upset when we got there because they didn't have rides like a "normal" fair (his words). then, when we found the drumstick inn to eat lunch, he was upset because they didn't have any burgers (they got behind cooking them). so he finally decided to have a hot dog, after i'd already paid for liam's and my drumsticks. we went to sit down, and sean took one bite, said it was disgusting, and that he wasn't going to eat it. after arguing with me for a few minutes (i threatened to take his pop away, since the only reason i bought it was because he wanted something to drink with the dog (no i'm not that horrifically mean, i had an insulated drink bottle full of ice water, if he got thirsty, not that it lasted the day, liam finished it off about 4), he went and put ketchup on it, which apparently made it passable (shudder, i hate ketchup, and have instituted a pogrom to rid us of such vile sauce-age).

we crossed the troll bridge, where upon the troll popped up, and i told the troll he could have him. that didnt' win me points, but made me feel better. and so the afternoon went. i looked, and i lingered, and i didn't see any of the usual acts i love to see, because i couldn't get sean to lite long enough to watch any. he got mad at liam because liam beat him in the fencing (they get real fencing helmets and heavy jackets, and they have to pop ballons attached to the top of the fencing helmet with pins attached to the foils). liam did do it fair and square, and i'll post pics to prove it! i even lingered at the twisted sister booth (they do fancy braiding) and the lady there told me my hair is long enough to do a 7 strand braid, which i would have loved, but i was afraid of sitting there long enough for someone to comb me out (a herculean effort indeed, with the tangles from freshly washed hair and my fine mop) and braid me, and sean getting in major trouble. in fact, i didnt' do anything i wanted to because of fear of him getting in trouble.

it was a hideous afternoon, followed by a hideous evening. i will admit that this part was my fault. i called mark as soon as we got to the van, and he said the guys were still there, so i hung up. with out saying good bye. i was pissy. then he called me back a few minutes later (we weren't even out of the parking lot) and said the guys were gone. i apologized and told him how crappy the day had been, and i just wanted to go home, whereupon i think he meant my home, not his, so he said he'd get dinner for himself. that pissed me off, so i hung up again. i felt a bit contrite about it, so when we got closer to home, i tried to call again, but he didnt' answer. needless to say, this turned into a running arguement until about 9. he even called me up, and hung up on me, then called me back to ask me how it felt. i had actually laughed, because i knew what he was going to do, and found it a bit humorous (god i have a twisted wit! (no wonder i like spinning so well)). after we had gotten off the phone for the last time (so i thought) he called back and apologized for being an ass. we talked for a while, and then got into some dangerous territory with my first ex-husbeast and his parents. he decided that maybe we needed to stop that line of conversation, and said good night. i couldn't let it go, and called him back, and informed him that that part of my past was a bit more heinous than he had thought (the asshole's parents told him to beat me, and maybe then i'd be a better housewife. oy, i was 20, get real). i ended up crying several times tonight, and he did too. but we ended the call on a good note. oy.

i did KIP today at the renaissance fair, but no pics. i don't trust my sons with my camera at this point. however, i did see some KIP at the circus last night! i had forgotten to mention it. they had one clown that was supposed to be very old. he had limped out after the main parade, and sat on an elephant stand, and pulled out what looked to be a whovian scarf! (dr. who, to be precise). and it looked like he was actually knitting! not just twiddling the needles, but throwing and everything! i was thrilled, and pointed it out to mark and the boys. i loved it!

the only thing that was good about this afternoon was that i had a smoked turkey drumstick, and my own cherry funnelcake! sean had opted for rock pops (no the sugar didnt' contribute to the insanity, he was already there when we got there, sigh) and liam had asked for sugared pecans. they both eyed my funnel cake, but i protected it with valiant deeds (my fork) and devoured it forthwith. HUZZAH!

Have a nice day!

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vi said...

you freeked sallyjo out
and that was a stroke of brilliance in the "webpage" you left with that post
serves you right then..... about the turkey leg
I made honey/mustard chicken..... with a honey mustard marinade made from scratch, with fresh lemon juice, some ginger and a touch of garlic and onion......
very very GOOD if I do say so myself
ok tomorrow I get squished