Saturday, June 11, 2005

Come one, Come all!

we went to the circus tonight! it rocked! it was a ton of fun, and it was over 2 hours, and nobody noticed, and the boys were good! (nobody swoon). i let sean have cotton candy, and he started getting antsy, so i cut him off. he's not terribly happy with me about that, but i figured too much sugar would have him down with the clowns, bouncing.

it was RinglingBrothers/Barnum & Bailey. the 135th edition. wow. i will say this, mark and i both agree, when we went to the circus as kids, it was more circus and less show. this had a lot of "show", as in girls prancing around in spandex and sparkles, and doing nothing else. however, the horses were gorgeous! (lipizzaners, and fresians, and fjords, oh my!) the fresians looked like they spent hours on their manes. go here to learn more about them. oh my! the only objection i had was that they were using check reins on some of the horses. i did notice that when we went through the animal tour before the circus started that they weren't wearing any then, so i'm sure it was just during show time, but i still have a problem with a device that doesn't allow a horse to move his/her head freely.

i had forgotten how much elephants smell, lol. i always knew they were coming on, because i could smell them.

the only true dissapointment was the trapeze artists. they called it "sky surfing." it was very short, and very boring. of course, doesn't it figure this was the last act.

i think my favorite part was Belo. he's supposed to be a clown, but some the stuff he did was truly daredevilish. he rode the centrifuge, and did one skit with a kid from the audience where he had the ringmaster drop a "rock" on the end of a teeter-totter, and "flew" into the air on to a target the kid was holding. they played the 6 million dollar man sounds while he was flying in "slomo". i'll tell you what, he is talented that is for sure. in case you didnt know, belo is the "clown" with the hair that stands straight up. and it is his own hair. i want his hairstylist. i want my hair to stay in place like his, andyet still move!

and #1 best part of all? the circus itself was free. this was our "company summer event." i parked in the old market, so i didn't have to pay for parking, and we ate there ($28 bucks for 3 sodas, a bottle of water, 2 hotdogs, a cheeseburger, and a mini pizza! ouch!). i let the boys get "snackeniers." they provided souveniers with the snacks, so it didn't bite so much. sean got a hat with his cotton candy, and liam got a snowcone in a tiger mug.

i didn't do anything today, i'm just a lazy slob, i suppose.

you might be a redneck if anything in your home is running off a car battery.

Have a nice day!

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