Friday, June 10, 2005

Pleasure is mine, sayeth me

i was a bad girl earlier this week. i was reading another blog from someone on KR (i can't remember her name, except i think it was amber, not sure, and ain't gonna check) and discovered this dishy yarn that she'd found on WEBS on mega sale. it was berocco Pleasure. on sale for 59.99 USD a bag of 10 50 gm skeins. so i got out my musty, dusty, trusty yarn requirement folder, and determined that at that gauge (i think 4 sts per inch) that i needed a little over 1000 yds for a sweater for me. a bag of this yarn is 1300 yds. i caved. big time. i immediately bought a bag. discovered after the fact that i got a 20% discount. that was cool. it's a gorgeous shade of blue, kind of a colonial/french blue. dont' know what i'm making with it, i'll just wait for the pattern to call my name in the hushed shades of Pleasure.

i've also been redoing that blasted charity sweater that i had to frog. it's coming along much more nicely on 8's, and will definitely be newborn sized. i've finished one sleeve, the right front, and half the back (it's a side to side sweater). i'm giving up on it for now, i'm whipped

rogue is ashamed to be associated with my daughter as am i. i had shown steph what color yarn i was going to use for rogue 2 months ago. i cleared it with her, along with the pattern. now she says she wants it in a dark murky green, like the dark thyme i bought from hobby lobby for a different sweater i'm making for her from Cast On. incidentally, i got a phone call from hobby lobby telling me that they will no longer carry that color (dark thyme) in red heart grande. hells bells, now i gotta find another source. i think i'll look at mangelsons. they carry all kinds of red heart stuff. anyway, before i so rudely and crudely interrupted myself, i've decided that this incarnation of rogue is mine. she can bloody well wait for hers. so now that's 3 sweaters that will be mine if i ever get to them, lol.

shakespeare in the bush . this was a funny, and fascinating thing to read. i got this from deb. it's very enlightening.

i've been lackadaisical about blogging, mostly because i've been too tired. my sleep patterns are all screwed up, sigh.

no date night tonight, because steph told me last night that she wasn't going to babysit because she didnt' want to take her brothers with her to the carnival that's going on in Blair, and then drive back with them at 9, and go back to blair. i'm just pissed that she didnt' tell me sooner. i was disappointed. i look forward to mark's and my time together, away from everyone and everything. and then, tonight, mark couldn't decide what he wanted for dinner, and then asked me to pick something up for all of us, and drop his off at his house, and go home ourselves. pissed me off. his comment this morning was upsetting, too. when i told him he would have to pick the boys up from my mom's, instead of steph, he said he was looking forward to having a little time to himself. nothing said about missing date night, or that i might want some alone time too. sigh. i'll hit him up about it in the morning, i was too upset tonight.

work is boring as usual, although i did get my extra day off! woohoo! i may ask louisa if we can have therapy later that day. i would love to sleep in! and i had to put in for FMLA leave for the day before we leave, because sean and my mom both have appointments that need to be taken care of before we go.

you might be a redneck if there are hubcap wind chimes anywhere on your block.
you might be a redneck if all of your golf balls come in an egg carton.
you might be a redneck if you've ever been accused of lying through your tooth (this one is old, lol).
you might be a redneck if all of your cousins are kissing cousins.

pattern of the day:
Stay on Booties. these seem to be worked on straight needles, as opposed to all the ones i see worked on DPNs. not that i object to dpns, i just have a hard time keeping a set together.

Candy Fur Wrap. this is a dishcloth blanket in fancy yarn. sheesh. non pattern strikes again!

Egyptian Beaded Rings. ooooooooooooooooooo. i may actually find a ring that fits my broken finger! where's my yarn and beads! and my sock needles! serious lust here!

"Kick It UP" Kid's Backpack. does this lady work for emeril? the pattern is cute, and looks like it would work up fast, as the guague is 3 stitches and 4 rows = 1". it's felted, too, but the name just annoys me.

Have a nice day!

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TitaniumRose said...

Ah yes, attack of the pig men. Mine has been rather like that, too, lately. I'll be chaperoning a group of girls next week which means living on campus and not at home. I expected that this would mean he'd want to spend a little extra quality time with me before Sunday. Oh no, not at all. He's too busy off playing his damn computer games. Whatever... Can't live with 'em, no more room for bodies in the back yard.

Sounds like you definitely should have joined us last night - you'd have had a blast. =)