Wednesday, June 15, 2005

she's got shoes!

i bought 2 pairs of red pumps from Fredericks of Hollywood, and, at a coworker's request, brought one of each to show her. i ended up the talk of the place today. anne (the requestor) said i really surprised her, she didn't think i'd really bought them. one is a spectator, and the other is just a simple red patent pump. of course, they have the killer toes i don't normally wear, but my god, do they look fantastic! and they fit! i'm thrilled. i will order shoes from them again, i usually have trouble with dress shoes. maybe the manufacturers are getting the idea that maybe women's feet aren't the narrow delicate things they thought they were! i might post a pic, but don't count on it, lol.

work was boring, except for a class, where they showed us all the new stuff theyr'e bringing in to start while i am on vacation, to include no more briefings (we get to access them while we are on the phones (yeah right, that will work well during busy season, when some of the slower ones won't be able to read them), and the introduction of overnight shipping. this is ironic, considering i had a customer BEG me to talk to a supervisor about seeing if they could get overnight shipping, because her business ALWAYS does business with us. took me forever to get her convinced that the sup wouldn't tell her any different than i would. sigh.

i've got 8 days counting down til vacation! i'm so looking forward to it!

still working on PFH2. i did get farther today, but the last row i worked on stumped me. instead of being short stitches, i'm over 1. so i gotta count the last few garter rows, and make sure i have enough. sigh, who knew fan & feather could be such a pain in the arse! (there ya go, yarnharlot, i said arse for ya twice!) speaking of the illustrious harlot, i left a comment on her blog on her birthday, that was quite funny. she even said so! and when i replied back to her about "bestill my beating heart, the harlot liked my ditty!" (or something to that effect) i made her snort! woohoo!!!!!

Sockpal2za! hey pal, in response to your comment, i'm not picky about fiber, but machine washable is a plus. when you've got 2 boys who will toss anything anywhere (and are starting to venture into the area of doom (my washing machine, not everyone can have a mr. washie)), that is probably best. i ahve one pair of socks i made from handspun yarn, and i've worn them twice, because i'm afraid to go near water with them for fear my children will invade, andi'll have two felted little bits (this is my handspun, btw!) maybe i should wash my socks like the harlot does? :)

and "cheeky" eh? is that a slight hint?

You might be a redneck if your wedding vows were interrupted by a fistfight.

Pattern of the Day: Too-Cool! Halter Top. this is almost a tank, and very cute, but in worsted weight. is there any worsted weight cotton that would work for this, and not be a peep show?

have a nice day!

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