Sunday, December 16, 2007

the day the music died

A lot of people ridiculed Dan Fogelberg, but I adored his music. In an era between the death of disco and the Amazing Hair Bands! he was a breath of fresh air. He will be missed.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


ok, for all you firefly fanatics, move on. there's nothing to see here.

Christmas shopping sucks. Big rocks. Nasty, grime covered, slimy rocks. I hate it. I delayed this year though, so I'm in trouble.

I stopped at Game Stop to find a couple games for my sons. They had one, but the other one was at Oak View Mall. Oak View Mall is 144th & Center (like 3000 South block). i live around 8000 north block, and much further east than that. it's a huge trek. but they couldn't send it to a closer Game Stop, so i sacrificed. The really bad part? Neither guy at this store knew where the other one was in the mall. So i was gonna have to hunt.

Have I told y'all how much i hate malls? (and after last Wednesday, i'm particularly creeped out). I hate trying to park at them, i hate walking around in them, i hate the noise, and they're usually situated in inconvenient places for me. blech. But i went, cuz i love my sons, and this is what they wanted for Christmas. I parked by Dillards, walked through, and found a directory. I gotta go down stairs. Oy!

so i find an escalator, and as i'm going down, i realize it ends directly in front of a Bath & Body Works, which is my SIL's favorite store of all times (she loves malls!). I had planned on getting a GC for her for her birthday, which comes shortly after christmas (doesn't htat suck?), so i figured, hey, this is fortuitous! I go in, and buy the GC, and discover that they're giving away sample bottles of a new scent of lotion! too cool! my mom is travelling by air next week, and needs to carry lotion with her, so this is a good thing! i'll just give it to her to use.

I walk out of the store, look directly in front of me, and there's Game Stop, directly across the hall.

Is that good, or what?


i've been renting the earlier seasons of Grey's Anatomy, just so i know some of the back stories a little better.

inevitably, every single episode makes me think, and possibly tear up a bit.

tonight, it made me sob.

a woman was accidentally put on life support, due to missing paperwork. the daughter showed up, and signed the paperwork to have her taken off. just before they shut off the machines, the daughter kissed her on the cheek and said, "good-bye mommy." i immediately lost it.

when my dad died 6 1/2 years ago, i never got to say good-bye. i hadn't even been to the hospital that day. i've regretted it ever since. i should have been there. i should have said i love you more.

God, i miss him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

rock & roll died tonight

the man who was credited with the first rock & roll song, Ike Turner, passed away in his sleep this morning.

you can think of his personal life what you wish, but the man could play a lick.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

i cannot BELIEVE this!

The Westboro Baptist Church is famous around here because one of the members was recently charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor because she allowed her 10-year old son to violate nebraska law, while stomping on an American flag which had been taken from the parade route for another soldier's funeral, in Bellevue. This caused enough of a disturbance, that the city council of Bellevue has actually denied them permission to do so at another funeral

There is a purpose to this.

As many of you know, a tragedy occured on Wednesday at Westroads Mall. I'm not going to go into all the details, because i don't want to give this kid any more press than necessary, but i gotta tell you guys this.

They picketed Westroads tonight, because they believe that this happened as God's retribution against Nebraska for allowing the charges to be filed against this woman. Obviously, according to them, this means that Nebraska, and Omaha in particular are supporting gays, and lesbians, and is using our own, "A brat you raised for the devil himself*" to kill a few of us idolators, and punish us all. It's our fault that this kid did this, because we don't believe in GAWD (the way i think these assmonkeys say it), and that this is just the beginning of GAWD raining destruction down on us, and this is just an appetizer.

all i can say is this:


There are 9 families mourning, and 5 more with family members that are injured, some perilously so. And these amazingly ignorant dirtwads are telling us this crap? and PROTESTING? it's only common sense, but i so desperately wanted to go down there and counter-picket. I don't talk religion very often, but my god is not a vengeful god. My god is a loving god, who is weeping tears over this whole mess.

I couldn't be more upset.

*this was a direct quote from their website/blog. however, i'm not going to dignify or give them ANYTHING by posting their web address. It's entirely too offensive to me. It even makes me feel dirty to read such vitriolic diatribes. ugh.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

to let you know

since it's widely known i live in omaha, ne, i just wanted to let everyone know that me and mine are ok.

while we are all horrified by what happened, what it does say is that reforms are needed in several different sectors. gun control. mental health. juvenile "delinquency" for a better word.

a sad, sad day, today.

p.s. if you don't know what happened (and if you don't, what rock did you crawl out from under?) leave me a comment, and i'll fill ya in.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ok, here we go

this post is gonna be picture heavy.

This is THE hat. this hat was made with 2 skeins of lamb's pride worsted, in regal, and creme. Liam wore this hat to the Central football championship game. He claims to love the hat. he chose the pattern, and he chose the colors. it's lost. needless to say, i'm a wee bit upset. he claims to have checked the lost & found, but i'm seriously tempted to call the school myself.

These are the ships' support socks that i sent off last month. They're a wee bit too big for liam, but that's ok. liam wear's a men's size 10 1/2 wide, so they should fit up to a size 12 if they don't have duck feet.

and for Michelle, the Pineapple Circular Blanket. This is adapted from the Pineapple Circular Shawl that i saw on her blog. I got the pattern from wheeeee! amazingly enough, i ordered this on a monday, and had it the next monday! this is up to round 35. i'm doing this from stash, hence the darker middle, lol. it's still going to be very pretty, if i can ever finish the freaking thing! it ends up doing 2 rows, then frogging one. i forgot to measure it before i picked it up off the floor, but i think it's about 4 feet across. good thing my mom has a queen sized bed!
i gotta scoot, but i'll give ya another real post later!