Saturday, December 08, 2007

i cannot BELIEVE this!

The Westboro Baptist Church is famous around here because one of the members was recently charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor because she allowed her 10-year old son to violate nebraska law, while stomping on an American flag which had been taken from the parade route for another soldier's funeral, in Bellevue. This caused enough of a disturbance, that the city council of Bellevue has actually denied them permission to do so at another funeral

There is a purpose to this.

As many of you know, a tragedy occured on Wednesday at Westroads Mall. I'm not going to go into all the details, because i don't want to give this kid any more press than necessary, but i gotta tell you guys this.

They picketed Westroads tonight, because they believe that this happened as God's retribution against Nebraska for allowing the charges to be filed against this woman. Obviously, according to them, this means that Nebraska, and Omaha in particular are supporting gays, and lesbians, and is using our own, "A brat you raised for the devil himself*" to kill a few of us idolators, and punish us all. It's our fault that this kid did this, because we don't believe in GAWD (the way i think these assmonkeys say it), and that this is just the beginning of GAWD raining destruction down on us, and this is just an appetizer.

all i can say is this:


There are 9 families mourning, and 5 more with family members that are injured, some perilously so. And these amazingly ignorant dirtwads are telling us this crap? and PROTESTING? it's only common sense, but i so desperately wanted to go down there and counter-picket. I don't talk religion very often, but my god is not a vengeful god. My god is a loving god, who is weeping tears over this whole mess.

I couldn't be more upset.

*this was a direct quote from their website/blog. however, i'm not going to dignify or give them ANYTHING by posting their web address. It's entirely too offensive to me. It even makes me feel dirty to read such vitriolic diatribes. ugh.


Miss Violet said...

There are no words for how stupid these zealots are.

They bring a whole new level of stupid into the world, and honestly, I hope that vengeful gawd of theirs sticks the heel of his Nike right up their founder/leader's ass.

Peachy said...

I can't help myself, people who always go "because you deserve it, and you drew that upon yourself by acting xxx" so remind me of witch hunts. The burning ones, mind you. These people are just downright crazy. I'm totally with you there!

Kit said...

I'm glad that their God is not my God.

fillyjonk said...

This group makes me so profoundly sad. There's enough badness in the world without people contributing to the pain of those who lost loved ones.

I wonder if the "Patriot Guard" (veterans on motorcycles who try to protect the grieving families of fallen soldiers from these clowns) could help out in this case.

I'd go so far as to say that either these Westboro people are not Christians, or I am not a Christian. Because we're so different in how we feel about things that we can't belong to the same religion.

Ina said...

Ah, Fred Phelps & family. I've seen them in action up close. They fund their activities by provoking people into reacting violently, then suing the pants off them. They are very good at what they do, so if you choose to counter-protest, be careful and obey law enforcement personnel.

Maryellen said...

I am sorry for all that has happened. Don't let the assholes of the world ruin your thinking.

Nancy G said...

I saw a bumper sticker today that was very appropriate for this, and other, similar, so-called Christian groups. It read, "I'm for separation of Church and Hate."