Wednesday, December 05, 2007

to let you know

since it's widely known i live in omaha, ne, i just wanted to let everyone know that me and mine are ok.

while we are all horrified by what happened, what it does say is that reforms are needed in several different sectors. gun control. mental health. juvenile "delinquency" for a better word.

a sad, sad day, today.

p.s. if you don't know what happened (and if you don't, what rock did you crawl out from under?) leave me a comment, and i'll fill ya in.


fillyjonk said...

Thanks for posting this (& commenting at my blog). I was thinking about you all last night and hoping you and yours were okay.

But yeah - what is broken in our society that a kid, even a messed-up one, thinks it's a good idea to kill a bunch of people? I know he was depressed and "troubled" and all, but I've known a hella lot of "troubled" people who didn't do that kind of thing.

Ina said...

Thank you for the word on OK/not OK. My community suffered through a senseless post office shooting some years ago - my heart goes out to yours.

In its current session, the Supreme Court is finally going to examine what the Constitutional right to bear arms really means.

maryellen said...

I get the gist of what happened but yes I live under a rock and our TV hasn't been working with the weather. Thanks for the comment on my blog about the show too.

--Deb said...

Glad you and yours are okay!!