Monday, January 31, 2005


Good news! I made my quota for yesterday after all! didn't get any extra done, though :(. Movie watching can be conducive to crocheting, but only when the movie doesn't grab you so hard you're in the tv with them.

Once again, no knitting, desperately trying to get more squares done. To that effort, i've packed my bag full of miscellaneous yarns, and maybe i can get caught up on my goal.

Took my mom to Red Lobster last night for dinner, and they've changed the menu. goodness their prices went up! although, with some dinners, you can get a half order for much cheaper. unfortunately, i was the only one who ate on the cheap, lol. i had the coconut jumbo shrimp, and boy was it good. gotta love that pina colada sauce. i even had 3 left over for steph. she wasn't feeling good (had a headache, or a bad case of familyitis (she is 19 after all)), so she stayed home, and i brought her leftovers. Maybe she'll finally teach me how to use her camera (or the new one she bought, and i can bring you pics). And yes, the boys got to eat at red lobster. it was a close thing, though!

I sat down and watched Matrix Revolutions last night, and that was a true mind blower. i didn't see it in the theaters because Reloaded was a bit of a disappointment, and Mark wouldn't go with me. He has a low tolerance level for long movies in the theater, because the seats don't fit him. He's so tall, even the aisle seats are uncomfortable after a while. Too bad, because this one should have been seen in the theater. it was wild! That is the movie i was watching when i was crocheting last night, and i ended up sitting there gripping my hook after the last square was done, for almost 45 minutes, LOL! very good movie. Mark said he'd like to see it, so i think we may watch it tonight, since we moved date night to Monday this week because of court on Thursday. Cross your fingers Sean gets to come home.

You might be a redneck if you have no idea what is in your garage (isn't that 95% of america?)

Pattern of the Day: Crossover stitch. looks interesting, but i don't know if i'd use it or not. will have to see.
Have a good day!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm a Georger!

I'm a collector. I visit to find available unmarked
bills that I may acquire and/or to sometimes
see who's behind the stamped bill I put in my
collection of stamped bills and oddities.
Please enter any bills you find. they may be mine!
What Type of Georger are you?
brought to you by Quizzilla


No knitting content today, but i had a migraine all day yesterday, blech. i still desperately want to cast on for my sweater and scarf, but other things prevail. i did join a4a crafters to do charity knitting/crocheting. you are required to send something twice a year if you join, and i'm sure that will be easy. the hard part is getting to the post office!


I did, however, get 6 squares done, which helps a bit. gets me up to wednesday, but i'm still dreadfully behind, and i'm not gonna have a ton of time to work on them today. i have to go get my van cleaned out because we're taking my mom out for her birthday, and i don't want to have to deal with concrete all over my mom's feet (long story, really don't want to go there, lol) i also have to take her to get her hair cut, because i was supposed to yesterday, but was unable to because i couldn't kick the headache. they've got to come up with a better way to deal with migraines.

You might be a redneck if you've never been conscious at the end of a Super Bowl.

Pattern of the Day: (actually for yesterday and today) Elegant Mohair/Wool Mittens. i might make these, i might not. i tend to get grungy with my mitts, and i'm not sure how well these would stay clean. maybe for dressy occasions, in black/silver.

more later, if i'm able.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

did we learn . . . revisited

i think my generation has learned, but my daughter's hasn't yet.

she told me she'd tried to watch Schindler's List, but lost interest half an hour into it. She just couldn't get past the black and white. granted, she's 19, but it makes me wonder. could just be her age (although there's a large number of political and social activists in her age group. think of the young man that started China Care). she's so disinterested in anything that doesn't please her right now, that i'm not sure. she definitely has her own agenda. i just hope it includes compassion for her fellow man.

something new

i'm going to start a few new things.
i've got a couple calendars that i love, and i thought i'd share them with you

You might be a redneck if your idea of a consequence is to confiscate your kid's chewing tobacco. (EW!)

Knitting Pattern: Gothic Leaf Stole
It sounds pretty enough, but i heard some scuttlebutt that there's errata in the pattern, and i haven't had a chance to go to the website and check it out. maybe later. i'm not into stoles for myself, just everyone else, lol.

no knitting or crochet today, i had a migraine at work, and ended up leaving 3 1/2 hours early, and coming home and going to bed. and i am woefully behind on the afghan project, sigh. i did hit up elann because Clara has put advertising on KR, and i saw the regia see through boots on sale for half price. i did email them about their return policy on something like that, because i have duck feet (size 7 EE) and want to be able to return them if they don't fit. i want something i can show my socks off in!

i did get up and go get sean, and then we had dinner at mark's. liam had taken off his sock, and i counted on him. when sean took his off, i started with 1, but mark said 2 in a stern voice, and sean immediately curled up in a ball. mark immediately sat down with him, and discussed why he felt like he needed to do that, and made it clear that although he was being stern, he wasn't mad at him, and that he wasn't going to hurt him in any way (sean has issues with large male figures, sigh, thanks to my ex-husband). after a few minutes, sean sat up, and started participating again. mark came to me in the kitchen and asked what i thought of it, and i told him, i would have started with 1 with sean, because this was a separate incident from liam, but other than that, i thought he did fine. mark is trying so hard to be a good father figure for the boys, and i know he's worried about how he's doing, since he has no kids of his own. i'm thinking parenting classes might help, but all the ones around here run late in the evening, and there are no weekend ones that i know of. i will have to talk to a few people and see.

Secret Pal
Natalie was beyond thrilled with the yarn i sent her. i was unaware of just how exactly a big deal sending her debbie bliss and katia was. i knew she'd asked for koigu, and i've read enough to know what a special thing that is, but the other two weren't that big a deal to me. the debbie bliss alpaca silk was so beautiful and soft, i had to buy some for myself in the denim color (drool), so i was sure she'd enjoy it, but she just about went into spasms. i'm glad she liked it. the katia was a happy accident. the LYS staff person who lurks on KR, suggested buying some mohair to strand along with the koigu for a scarf, or other such project, so i hunted for something that would go well with it, and found a beautiful almost chocolate brown of the softest stuff. and yes, it was katia.

hope your day went well!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


The slippers are finished! Halle-frigging-leuiah! I've been frantically stitching since Liam and I got home from therapy. (we're not counting the half hour i fell asleep watching alton brown on food network). they're knitted, seamed, and embroidered! Steph is presently at Walmart fetching AAA batteries so she can take pictures of them (on her feet, i hope, they look funny off) so i can finally post! won't that be cool! Now for the afghan. Sigh. I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm upset

and that's too put it mildly. i was sitting here, minding my own business, placidly stitching together the last slipper. then i decided i'd better fetch the other ones, and start embroidering, when i discovered that one of the slippers i'd done earlier didn't match the first three, so i've been fighting trying to find the ends i wove in so tightly (these were for teenage girls, after all), and undo the knot from the stitching. then i have to unstitch, and rip back to where i screwed up, and start over. sigh. there are times when this obsession is a curse.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Life is interesting

i took the boys to 2 of our LYS this weekend, and i'll tell you what, i will go back to both of them in a heartbeat. The first one was String of Purls, and they are the loveliest bunch of people! So very, very helpful, and eager to be so. And they put up with my boys, lol. Granted, there is a toy store directly behind the store, but still. I bought too much! i bought a few things for my secret pal (you'll just have to wait until they get there, natalie!), and some yummy denim Alpaca Silk by Debbie Bliss. it's so soft! absolutely amazing.

the second one was Touche, which is a tiny store, but wonderful. the owner was out of town on a marketing trip, so 3 ladies were babysitting the store. Sean was having a bad time (he's ADHD, and sometimes just can't deal), and i was about to leave the store when one of the ladies asked him if he wanted to learn to knit. i was flabbergasted, and basically stammered yes, she could teach him, and he took to it like a duck to water. i was actually able to shop in peace for a blissful 10-15 minutes, while Liam charmed the pants off the other two ladies by asking how their holidays were, lol. i love that store, and i'm going to call tomorrow, and tell the owner what wonderful friends she has!

I've been feverishly trying to finish 2 more pairs of slippers (thanks again, christianac from KR) for Steph to take with her on her birthday trip to Maryville, Missouri. her best friend is going to school down there at Northwest Missouri State, and wanted me to make slippers for her and her two roommates in the school colors and school emblem of a bear paw with an "N" in the middle. I got one pair completely done, down to the embroidery on the toe, but i have to finish sewing up the last one of the second pair, and then embroider the toes on 3 of them. I should be doing that instead of blogging, but eh, what the heck, i'll sleep when i'm dead, lol.

Patrick said $10 was ok for the hat. I know, some of you out there are probably screaming that i'm underselling myself, but considering i'd be knitting anyway, what the heck, i'll make him a hat, and i'm charging more than 3x the material cost. i got the yarn on sale at hobby lobby for $1.99, and even if i charged him the full yarn price, some where aroudn $2.50, it would still only be $7.50. i may love to knit, but i'm not totally stupid, lol. cheap acrylic yarn, easy pattern, works for me, lol. and he knows i've got a few projects that take precedence over this, so it will be a bit before i start. speaking of projects with precedence . . . . .

i am sorely lacking. i finished 2 more squares watching van helsing friday night, and i haven't picked up my hook since. sigh. her birthday is in a week, and i don't think i'm going to make it. i may wrap the squares i've got done by then, and give them to her with the intention of telling her what it will be, lol. of course, with my hectic schedule, we won't see her till the weekend anyway, maybe i'll have a chance, and can actually get it done. we probably won't take them out until Sunday, because mark has rehearsal on Saturdays, and doesn't like to go out afterwards.

My mom's birthday is sunday, and she told me she wants to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Woman has good taste, lol. of course, to get good behavior out of the boys this weekend, i told them that instead of the movie incentive, it would be red lobster. if they behave well, they'll get to eat with us. if not, i'll feed them before we go, and they can sit there and watch the rest of us eat. Yes, i'm mean, but if it works, i'll have excellent behavior out of the boys. and no, i don't expect perfect angels, i just don't want to yell (too much, anyway), or have to deal with blood. (a little edit, they did behave, but just barely. they were given the choice between two consequences, and took the other rather than eat peanut butter sunday night. my boys are gourmands!)

Work became interesting today. i was unable to knit today, because they asked me to go to Ralston to work in the main office, and i've been doing QC on incoming orders. been interesting, and the time flies. i had to leave at 3, and wasn't ready by a long shot! Wow!

And how was your day?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Did we learn

Just a Caveat. This is serious stuff.

I just watched Schindler's List. A very powerful, frightening, amazing movie. Those of you who have seen it, understand what i say. Those of you who haven't, should.

My question is this. Did we learn? I have never had the Holocaust brought to me in such a way, and made entirely too real. Yes, I've seen pictures of the living victims when camps like Auschwitz were liberated, and how emaciated the living were, and the pictures of the bodies, and the showers, and the ovens. But this made it real. This made it truly an atrocity to me. I'm old enough to understand what happened, my father's generation fought the war, and were among those who liberated these camps. I've seen the tattoos. But that generation is dying. Did we learn? I fear for my children's generation, and my grandchildren's generation. Will they take these lessons to heart, and do all they can to prevent anything like this from ever happening again? Or will they take it as a fairy tale, albeit a horrifying one, and brush it off as the meanderings of a few very old people they consider senile, and out of step. Be it Jews, or Kurds, or Tutsi, this can never happen again.

At the end of the movie, when all the survivors walked by Oskar Schindler's grave, and left rocks, i cried. Not for the survivors, but the ones who did not. For every person there, there were family that never made it. Beautiful girls, and handsome boys, and mothers, and fathers, and grandparents. How can we, as human beings, be so hideously atrocious to each other? I don't understand, and never will, i suppose.

Did we learn?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

i've seen this

I've seen this on several blogs, so i thought i'd join the bandwagon, lol.

Grooming Products
Shampoo--Paul Mitchell
Conditioner--Pantene Color Protection
Moisturizer—Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar
Cologne/Perfume—Green Tea
Razor—Venus Intimate
Toothpaste— Colgate Total Effects Whitening
Cell phone—Keocera Phantom
Computer--E-Machines T1440
Sheets—What ever cotton stuff i inherited from my grandmother along with the bed
Coffee-maker—Mr. Coffee Mini and Proctor Silex full size (and i don't drink coffee, lol!)
Car—Voyager Minivan
Stationery—notebook paper
Bottled water—nestle's
Tea – Celestial Seasonings Rooibos
Beer—I don’t do beer.
Jeans—whatever i can fit in
T-shirt—no boundries (in the boys section, i hate little girl t-shirts they have in the women's department
Briefcase or tote—Big red and black bag my secret pal gave me
Sneakers—in winter, no boundries boys' sneakers (my feet don't fit in women's sneakers well), in summer who needs shoes!
Watch—can't wear one, i fry them
Favorite Places
My bedroom, knitting or reading. my sweetie's lap. with my family (basically anywhere, lol)
Necessary Extravagance
Duh. Yarn. (i second that emotion!)

What's yours?

Friday, January 21, 2005


I'm having fun with my blog! I just figured out how to put links to my text, as you can probably see. by the bye, there is more than one phone number for the TTY. i think each state has their own. i use nebraska's, as do my brothers, even the one in georgia. wonder if georgia has their own? would be interesting to google, now wouldn't it?

I'm getting in too deep

I got 4 squares done at work today, which is one more than my new goal of 3 per day, but after talking with a few people, i discovered that my idea of a good size is too small for the lap afghan. sigh. i went from doing 60 squares, to 70 (which i had figured this morning) to 80. sigh. i've got 14 squares. amping up again! didn't get any knitting done, as i forgot the slippers here. i'd taken them to bed with me last night, and i thought i'd stuck them in my bag, but apparently not. when i cleaned out my bag, no green yarn and pink aluminum needles, so no knitting. sigh. as for pics, mark said he'd give me the camera tomorrow, since we didn't stop tonight, because he was too tired, and didn't think he'd be able to stay up long enough to have dinner with us.

I stopped and talked to my mom tonight, since i can't call her (phone is still out). She told me my brother (the rat who has decided his religion is more important than his family) tried to call wednesday, but she didn't catch it in time because she wasn't in the bedroom when the phone rang (the TTY flashes when the phone rings, but she has to be in there to see it) . So i have to call my stinky brother tonight (erg).


no knitting content in this one, lol. isn't it amazing how you can still see the small child in the face of a tween, or even your adult child when they sleep? i went into liam's room to shut his radio off after he'd gone to sleep, and i was struck at how much he looked like he did when he was 2 or 3. he was a beautiful baby, and always going around and putting his arms up to be hugged by anybody who would stop to talk to him. he was so sweet. :)

enjoy friday! (i'm definitely thinking TGIF)

What a beautiful day!

It was in the 40's! it was so warm i made liam walk home from school rather than go to after-care. steph's a much cheaper babysitter, lol! it was so beautiful, and i had ants in my pants so bad at work, that i signed up for Voluntary Time Off, and left work an hour early. Sigh. wish we had more days like this. it's already foggy, and supposed to be freezing drizzle tomorrow morning, followed by drizzle all day. Ick.

I finished the baby hat! Unfortunately, still no pics, steph took off for west point with her friend dani before i could get her to show me how. since she's going to be gone all weekend, i think i'm going to reconfiscate my digital camera from Mark, and install the software, and use it. to heck with her and her fickle little camera, lol! So, as soon as i figure out pics, expect some soon.

I also started on christmas present # 2 of my series of 3 left. they're slippers for steph's former class mates in Blair. All 3 of them go to Northwest Missouri State, and she requested slippers in school colors with the school logo (a white bear paw with an N in the middle). i found a pattern i like, and i've embroidered the paws on one pair already, but since steph is going down there next week, i need to get the other two done. she also wants a pair for her, but hers can wait, lol. actually, sean requested a pair as well, so i may be slippering for a while, lol. does anyone know where i can buy stuff to coat the bottom of these slippers so they are non-skid? i have a huge kitchen with hardwood flooring, and i can just see sean sliding out of control (he rarely moves slowly, he has ADHD in the worst way). I was thinking rug backing, but don't know where to find it where i don't have to have it shipped. Any ideas, anyone?

I did it! i got one square done today! i'm doing well with my goal, but i'm going to have to amp it up a bit (actually, alot!) because Mom's birthday is February 2! (i call mark's mom that, i like it, and so does she(my mom is Mommy, don't ask, lol)). Somebody at work had the nerve to tell me i crochet too tight. i don't see her crocheting at work, and i definitely don't see her making swirled granny squares. you'll see what i mean when get pics in here. as far as i'm concerned, as long as i'm not stressing the yarn (i've had one afghan i made 15 years ago, and it's in excellent shape), who cares. and tighter stitches make for warmer things. and they're not stiff, not by any means. so NYAH! anyway, before i was so rudely interrupted (yes, i know, i was the one interrupting, i'm just psychotic that way, lol), my plan is to piece this together by sewing it up, and using the same yarn to do one row of single crochet around the entire border, then a row of shrimp stitching. i did that for a baby afghan i made 2 years ago (also granny squares, lol), and it turned out beautiful. gotta love it.

Mark and i had a date tonight. we hadn't had a regular date in 5 weeks, so it was nice to reconnect like that. and liam behaved, so i wasn't called home, unlike last week. he also got his homework done (good boy!), and gave me a note from his teacher about late papers, and had me sign his assignment book (which he just got this week?!?! he's been in this school for going on 3 weeks. go figure) i put a note in the parent note section giving his teacher my email in case she has any trouble, because it's hard to catch me on the phone, and i check my email at least twice a day, if i can pry steph off the computer long enough to get at it.

I almost had a panic attack last night. i went to pick liam up from after-care, and there was no one in the gym, and the school secretary had no clue where they were. i went to check the playground: no liam. i had to walk all the way around the school to get back in, and saw someone go into the gym ahead of me. i followed her into the art room, where they had relocated. what i wasn't informed of until last night was on Wednesdays, they have a basketball club that meets in the gym, and Kid's Club relocates. I was a bit upset, to put it mildly. Maybe that's why i made liam walk home from school today. Who knows.

Mark picked up steph's car today. the alternator (which he'd just replaced a month ago) was draining the battery. so he's going to take it back, and replace it. he also had them realign it, and they found a tie rod about to die, so they fixed that, welded the coil pack bracket and cruise control bracket back (i don't know what a coil pack is, i just regurgitate what he tells me, lol). set us back a pretty penny, but mark paid for it, so steph can't blow him off when he asks for money, like she does me, lol.

And how was your day?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Well, i got 3 squares done at work, and my original count was off, so i have 9 squares now. will take pictures as soon as i get Steph to show me how to use her mini digital cam. i don't know where she's hid the paperwork, and she just left, so i'm up the creek without a paddle right now.

I actually did a little bit of knitting today. I'm trying to finish the baby hat to give to a baby I know, (it was her christmas present, but she doesn't know, lol, she's 1), and i'm bored to death with the pattern, so it's dragging. i've got it switched from the straights to the DPN's, and that part drags. On top of that, I'm contemplating making another hat with the same pattern (1x1 rib in the same way i have done every hat, with the tube on straights method from Twisted Sisters (see yesterday's post, lol! see, i'll get ya to read it yet!)). Patrick, my coworker, picked out the Painted Desert colorway from the Red Heart yarn i picked up last night. The other three colors were Polo, Farmland, and Sierra. I had been looking for colors at Herschnerrs, because i had figured that they were they largest mail order of Red Heart, and then found out that was much better. I'm sorely disillusioned, and may never order yarn from them again. I do buy the auctions, though, lol.

What I really wanna do is dig out the yarn i bought from, and cast on for Rhapsody in Green, from the winter Knit'n Style. Of course, mine is rhapsody in blue, since i don't do green, lol. I have to resist, though. gotta finish the other 3 christmas presents and the birthday present first. and after that i gotta cast on for Mark's birthday sweater, and steph's rogue. I'll do mine at the same time, lol. just call me a multitasker.

Steph actually did go job hunting today. she applied at several day cares (she's got lots of babysitting experience, and not just with me, lol!), first national bank as a teller, and as a parker for some valet parking. that's a hoot, her being a valet parker. i'm not sure i'd be willing to trust my cadillac in her hands, lol (no, i don't have one, i'm simulating a potential customer, lol). Who knows.

Mark got Steph's car started, and took it to the mechanic's to have it repaired, and found out that another girl, who had taken her car to the same place Steph had taken it to originally, had gone to this second place and told them she thought the first place had disconnected her rear brakes. sure enough, they got under the car, and found clamps on the brakelines that did NOT belong there. That is frightening. Suffice it to say, we are not taking vehicles there again. I don't want to say who it was, because i don't need to have libel suits against me, but i might be willing to give a hint, if anyone wants one. Very frightening to think what these people will do to get business from young gullible girls who don't know cars. Sigh.

And how was your day?

Up early again

Didn't get any knitting done last night, just blogged, and surfed and went to bed. I have been working on a granny square afghan i'm making for mark's mom for her birthday. I'm gonna have to hurry though, her birthday is February 2, and that's fast approaching! My goal is to get one square per day done, and i'm sadly lacking in that right now. i've got 5 squares, and i don't even know how many i'm going to make yet! It's going to be a lap blanket, for when she's watching tv, so I know it doesn't have to be that big, but still. I'm almost done with square 6, which i've been working on this morning while waiting for things to load, lol. Jimi, my cat, has decided that my yarn is fun to play with when i pull on the balls. Sigh, darn cat. I will say, since i started typing, he got bored and wandered off.

Amazements upon amazements, Liam actually got up with out the usual tears, recriminations, and various uproars that tweens cause when they don't go to sleep when you tell them to, and you still get them up on time. He's in the shower as we speak, getting ready to go to school. He enjoys Kids Club, which is the before and after-care. That is helpful. I just wish they opened a little earlier. Then i could shoot for the 7:00-3:30 shift. Ah well, such is life.

Mark was not thrilled to hear that I couldn't figure out my mom's phone system, so we are going to go over there Saturday morning and see what we can see. I'm thinking that maybe the appliance box has failed. It is very old (it came from the farm my folks lived on, and that was in 1990! God i feel old thinking 1990 was a long time ago!), and wouldn't surprise me if something went wonky with it.

Steph asked if she could borrow the van, because she discovered that her aunt didn't put text messaging on her phone until 3 weeks after she'd asked her to, and her phone bill is $134! I've told her i'm not paying the bill, she's no longer in school, and needs a job. So she's job hunting today. I just hope she's careful with the transmission. She also talked about going to Blair, because a girl she knew from school died in a car accident over the weekend, and visitation is today. Feel so bad for the parents of both kids that died, as well as the kid that survived. And his parents as well. I cannot imagine losing a child.

I'm thinking about joining KR's blog webring, but i think i need to know more before i do so. I don't know much about what to do to join, etc. Any ideas anyone?

And how is your morning!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another day, another 50 cents

I've been knitting like mad at work, and may even have a commission! One of the trainers at work saw me knitting, and asked how much I would charge for a hat. I showed him a few examples of what i would probably make, since he was wanting something warm, and stretchy. I think he's single, so I'm going to aim for something extremely easy care. The hard part has been trying to find a yarn that suits his color choice. He wants mustard yellows, and slate blue, and olive green. A variegated thing. So I went to Hobby Lobby tonight, and since they had Red Heart (i know, i know, heresy!) Super Saver Skeins on sale, i went a head and bought several different ones i thought might apppeal to him, and i'm taking them to work tomorrow. I'll let him pick what he likes, then the rest are going back! Yes, i'm taking yarn back! Have i shocked you even further? Today i didn't get alot done due to blood drive concerns (see the work section), but i'm working on a two-stranded two-toned pink baby hat on straight needles but knit in a tube. If you don't know how i've been doing a tube on flat needles, read the Twisted Sisters Sock Book. It's really easy, and since i don't have circular needles that small, and don't want to fight my metal DPN's in acrylic yarn, it works for me. Give it a whirl!

I am truly insane. I don't know what i was thinking, but i signed up to give blood today at work, and right after i did so, i passed out. got all the way inside from the bus they'd parked at work, and just gracefully collapsed (this from the eyewitnesses, i don't recall making it in the door in the first place). it's a heck of a way to get out of working for 2 hours, lol. after that, they insisted that if i had to go to the restroom, i needed to have somebody with me, just in case i fell again. i'm fine, all i did was scrape my left elbow a bit. no nasty aftereffects, other than i'm thirsty. Wheeeee.

My mother's phone lights are messed up, sigh. My mother is deaf, and her only means of communication with the world is through a set of lights my father had rigged up when he was still alive. unfortunately, this system has failed. this resulted in her missing a doctor's appointment Mark (my fiance, for those of you who haven't figured that out yet, lol) was going to take her to on Friday. I finally stopped last night, and that's when we discovered the lights weren't working. I stopped tonight and tried changing all the light bulbs, because it looked like they were strung like christmas lights (one goes out, the whole line goes), but that didn't help either. i even tested the bulbs later, and they all worked. something's wrong with the entire system. I'm sure Mark is just going to love hearing that in the morning.

and how was your day?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Alls well that ends well

Well, still no knitting today, lol. but now i have 7 lovely balls of a baby blue, where as i had a sweater last night. i watched iron chef and emeril live late last night after the boys went to bed, and finished frogging the sweater. almost broke my heart to watch all those cables unravel, but as i looked, i realized that this was before i realized i was twisting my stitches. i figured it out about a year ago, when i read an article (i believe it was in interweave Knits) about different styles of knitting, and discovered that i am an eastern knitter, and thus need to knit in the back of my stitches to make my knitting correct. no wonder i kept getting bias in my knitting! and funnily enough, i just realized how i can change my knitting so i could knit in the front of my stitches so i "knit like everyone else". i wrap my yarn backwards. i'm not going to change that though, i feel my way is more efficient, so i'll keep knitting in the back of my loops. however, when i teach my boys (and yes, they do want to learn, if i can ever pry them off the PS2) , i will teach them to wrap the correct way.

on the fiance front, he laid down after rehearsal yesterday (about 4:45 pm) and didn't wake up until 11. he said he knew he was in trouble, so he just waited for me to call when he got up this morning, lol! gave him a big ol' dish of guilt soup (he says i've learned well from his mom, lol), and then let it go at that. well, almost, gotta get a few digs in here and there!

on the household front, i went to walmart and they exchanged my microwave for me. i'd had it less than 2 months, and it went wacky on me. shorted out, and wouldn't heat properly. only thing i have a real complaint about is that they wouldn't give me a credit because i hadn't brought the bonus pack (some glass bowls with lids) with the microwave. i ended up having to go get another one, and we pulled the bonus pack out of it, and put it with the old microwave. i'm sorry, but i work in customer service, and i would have given the customer the bonus pack for free because of the hassle of not having a microwave for 2 weeks, and having to pack the bloody thing up and bring it in. that's wally world for ya. i suppose that's how they get by being so cheap.

Good God It's Cold!!!
on the weather front, i truly wish it was warmer. It was -6 when i went to Mark's at 9 a.m. my van started without any trouble, but my transmission is having a cow. Mark says he will look at it this afternoon. i hope so, i'm sick of having it slip out when i get to the stop sign at the end of the block.

And how has your day been?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

i am mad

i know i'm insane! i don't have time for this, but i've watched so many people do blogs, and some not post for days and days, that i can be safe in saying i can do this without being too much of a dork.
on the knitting front, i didn't knit today. i frogged. my darling daughter stephanie has decided that she just absolutely will not wear the sweater i made for her 3 years ago, because it's just too big. granted, she's right, but she was wearing baggy three years ago. so now, i'm frogging. but with a purpose! i obtained the rogue pattern so many have done, and she has agreed that she likes it, so a-rogueing i will go. as soon as i'm done frogging. aye, yes, back to the picking and frogging. i hate picking seams. such is life, i suppose. i've frogged the collar, and one sleeve, and i'm picking seams as we speak, so i can frog the rest. blech.

on other fronts, my fiance hasn't called back :(. so we're having dinner at home. i'm not sure how i feel about that, other than i know he had rehearsal today (he's in a band as bass player, named centerfuze. google them and check out the website! or go to, and do the same, lol!). i think he just got too tired and died on the sofa. at least i hope so. will try again in the morning (he's not a night person at all)
so how'd i do?