Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Well, i got 3 squares done at work, and my original count was off, so i have 9 squares now. will take pictures as soon as i get Steph to show me how to use her mini digital cam. i don't know where she's hid the paperwork, and she just left, so i'm up the creek without a paddle right now.

I actually did a little bit of knitting today. I'm trying to finish the baby hat to give to a baby I know, (it was her christmas present, but she doesn't know, lol, she's 1), and i'm bored to death with the pattern, so it's dragging. i've got it switched from the straights to the DPN's, and that part drags. On top of that, I'm contemplating making another hat with the same pattern (1x1 rib in the same way i have done every hat, with the tube on straights method from Twisted Sisters (see yesterday's post, lol! see, i'll get ya to read it yet!)). Patrick, my coworker, picked out the Painted Desert colorway from the Red Heart yarn i picked up last night. The other three colors were Polo, Farmland, and Sierra. I had been looking for colors at Herschnerrs, because i had figured that they were they largest mail order of Red Heart, and then found out that was much better. I'm sorely disillusioned, and may never order yarn from them again. I do buy the auctions, though, lol.

What I really wanna do is dig out the yarn i bought from, and cast on for Rhapsody in Green, from the winter Knit'n Style. Of course, mine is rhapsody in blue, since i don't do green, lol. I have to resist, though. gotta finish the other 3 christmas presents and the birthday present first. and after that i gotta cast on for Mark's birthday sweater, and steph's rogue. I'll do mine at the same time, lol. just call me a multitasker.

Steph actually did go job hunting today. she applied at several day cares (she's got lots of babysitting experience, and not just with me, lol!), first national bank as a teller, and as a parker for some valet parking. that's a hoot, her being a valet parker. i'm not sure i'd be willing to trust my cadillac in her hands, lol (no, i don't have one, i'm simulating a potential customer, lol). Who knows.

Mark got Steph's car started, and took it to the mechanic's to have it repaired, and found out that another girl, who had taken her car to the same place Steph had taken it to originally, had gone to this second place and told them she thought the first place had disconnected her rear brakes. sure enough, they got under the car, and found clamps on the brakelines that did NOT belong there. That is frightening. Suffice it to say, we are not taking vehicles there again. I don't want to say who it was, because i don't need to have libel suits against me, but i might be willing to give a hint, if anyone wants one. Very frightening to think what these people will do to get business from young gullible girls who don't know cars. Sigh.

And how was your day?

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