Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another day, another 50 cents

I've been knitting like mad at work, and may even have a commission! One of the trainers at work saw me knitting, and asked how much I would charge for a hat. I showed him a few examples of what i would probably make, since he was wanting something warm, and stretchy. I think he's single, so I'm going to aim for something extremely easy care. The hard part has been trying to find a yarn that suits his color choice. He wants mustard yellows, and slate blue, and olive green. A variegated thing. So I went to Hobby Lobby tonight, and since they had Red Heart (i know, i know, heresy!) Super Saver Skeins on sale, i went a head and bought several different ones i thought might apppeal to him, and i'm taking them to work tomorrow. I'll let him pick what he likes, then the rest are going back! Yes, i'm taking yarn back! Have i shocked you even further? Today i didn't get alot done due to blood drive concerns (see the work section), but i'm working on a two-stranded two-toned pink baby hat on straight needles but knit in a tube. If you don't know how i've been doing a tube on flat needles, read the Twisted Sisters Sock Book. It's really easy, and since i don't have circular needles that small, and don't want to fight my metal DPN's in acrylic yarn, it works for me. Give it a whirl!

I am truly insane. I don't know what i was thinking, but i signed up to give blood today at work, and right after i did so, i passed out. got all the way inside from the bus they'd parked at work, and just gracefully collapsed (this from the eyewitnesses, i don't recall making it in the door in the first place). it's a heck of a way to get out of working for 2 hours, lol. after that, they insisted that if i had to go to the restroom, i needed to have somebody with me, just in case i fell again. i'm fine, all i did was scrape my left elbow a bit. no nasty aftereffects, other than i'm thirsty. Wheeeee.

My mother's phone lights are messed up, sigh. My mother is deaf, and her only means of communication with the world is through a set of lights my father had rigged up when he was still alive. unfortunately, this system has failed. this resulted in her missing a doctor's appointment Mark (my fiance, for those of you who haven't figured that out yet, lol) was going to take her to on Friday. I finally stopped last night, and that's when we discovered the lights weren't working. I stopped tonight and tried changing all the light bulbs, because it looked like they were strung like christmas lights (one goes out, the whole line goes), but that didn't help either. i even tested the bulbs later, and they all worked. something's wrong with the entire system. I'm sure Mark is just going to love hearing that in the morning.

and how was your day?

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