Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Life is interesting

i took the boys to 2 of our LYS this weekend, and i'll tell you what, i will go back to both of them in a heartbeat. The first one was String of Purls, and they are the loveliest bunch of people! So very, very helpful, and eager to be so. And they put up with my boys, lol. Granted, there is a toy store directly behind the store, but still. I bought too much! i bought a few things for my secret pal (you'll just have to wait until they get there, natalie!), and some yummy denim Alpaca Silk by Debbie Bliss. it's so soft! absolutely amazing.

the second one was Touche, which is a tiny store, but wonderful. the owner was out of town on a marketing trip, so 3 ladies were babysitting the store. Sean was having a bad time (he's ADHD, and sometimes just can't deal), and i was about to leave the store when one of the ladies asked him if he wanted to learn to knit. i was flabbergasted, and basically stammered yes, she could teach him, and he took to it like a duck to water. i was actually able to shop in peace for a blissful 10-15 minutes, while Liam charmed the pants off the other two ladies by asking how their holidays were, lol. i love that store, and i'm going to call tomorrow, and tell the owner what wonderful friends she has!

I've been feverishly trying to finish 2 more pairs of slippers (thanks again, christianac from KR) for Steph to take with her on her birthday trip to Maryville, Missouri. her best friend is going to school down there at Northwest Missouri State, and wanted me to make slippers for her and her two roommates in the school colors and school emblem of a bear paw with an "N" in the middle. I got one pair completely done, down to the embroidery on the toe, but i have to finish sewing up the last one of the second pair, and then embroider the toes on 3 of them. I should be doing that instead of blogging, but eh, what the heck, i'll sleep when i'm dead, lol.

Patrick said $10 was ok for the hat. I know, some of you out there are probably screaming that i'm underselling myself, but considering i'd be knitting anyway, what the heck, i'll make him a hat, and i'm charging more than 3x the material cost. i got the yarn on sale at hobby lobby for $1.99, and even if i charged him the full yarn price, some where aroudn $2.50, it would still only be $7.50. i may love to knit, but i'm not totally stupid, lol. cheap acrylic yarn, easy pattern, works for me, lol. and he knows i've got a few projects that take precedence over this, so it will be a bit before i start. speaking of projects with precedence . . . . .

i am sorely lacking. i finished 2 more squares watching van helsing friday night, and i haven't picked up my hook since. sigh. her birthday is in a week, and i don't think i'm going to make it. i may wrap the squares i've got done by then, and give them to her with the intention of telling her what it will be, lol. of course, with my hectic schedule, we won't see her till the weekend anyway, maybe i'll have a chance, and can actually get it done. we probably won't take them out until Sunday, because mark has rehearsal on Saturdays, and doesn't like to go out afterwards.

My mom's birthday is sunday, and she told me she wants to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Woman has good taste, lol. of course, to get good behavior out of the boys this weekend, i told them that instead of the movie incentive, it would be red lobster. if they behave well, they'll get to eat with us. if not, i'll feed them before we go, and they can sit there and watch the rest of us eat. Yes, i'm mean, but if it works, i'll have excellent behavior out of the boys. and no, i don't expect perfect angels, i just don't want to yell (too much, anyway), or have to deal with blood. (a little edit, they did behave, but just barely. they were given the choice between two consequences, and took the other rather than eat peanut butter sunday night. my boys are gourmands!)

Work became interesting today. i was unable to knit today, because they asked me to go to Ralston to work in the main office, and i've been doing QC on incoming orders. been interesting, and the time flies. i had to leave at 3, and wasn't ready by a long shot! Wow!

And how was your day?

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