Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm getting in too deep

I got 4 squares done at work today, which is one more than my new goal of 3 per day, but after talking with a few people, i discovered that my idea of a good size is too small for the lap afghan. sigh. i went from doing 60 squares, to 70 (which i had figured this morning) to 80. sigh. i've got 14 squares. amping up again! didn't get any knitting done, as i forgot the slippers here. i'd taken them to bed with me last night, and i thought i'd stuck them in my bag, but apparently not. when i cleaned out my bag, no green yarn and pink aluminum needles, so no knitting. sigh. as for pics, mark said he'd give me the camera tomorrow, since we didn't stop tonight, because he was too tired, and didn't think he'd be able to stay up long enough to have dinner with us.

I stopped and talked to my mom tonight, since i can't call her (phone is still out). She told me my brother (the rat who has decided his religion is more important than his family) tried to call wednesday, but she didn't catch it in time because she wasn't in the bedroom when the phone rang (the TTY flashes when the phone rings, but she has to be in there to see it) . So i have to call my stinky brother tonight (erg).

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