Friday, January 21, 2005

What a beautiful day!

It was in the 40's! it was so warm i made liam walk home from school rather than go to after-care. steph's a much cheaper babysitter, lol! it was so beautiful, and i had ants in my pants so bad at work, that i signed up for Voluntary Time Off, and left work an hour early. Sigh. wish we had more days like this. it's already foggy, and supposed to be freezing drizzle tomorrow morning, followed by drizzle all day. Ick.

I finished the baby hat! Unfortunately, still no pics, steph took off for west point with her friend dani before i could get her to show me how. since she's going to be gone all weekend, i think i'm going to reconfiscate my digital camera from Mark, and install the software, and use it. to heck with her and her fickle little camera, lol! So, as soon as i figure out pics, expect some soon.

I also started on christmas present # 2 of my series of 3 left. they're slippers for steph's former class mates in Blair. All 3 of them go to Northwest Missouri State, and she requested slippers in school colors with the school logo (a white bear paw with an N in the middle). i found a pattern i like, and i've embroidered the paws on one pair already, but since steph is going down there next week, i need to get the other two done. she also wants a pair for her, but hers can wait, lol. actually, sean requested a pair as well, so i may be slippering for a while, lol. does anyone know where i can buy stuff to coat the bottom of these slippers so they are non-skid? i have a huge kitchen with hardwood flooring, and i can just see sean sliding out of control (he rarely moves slowly, he has ADHD in the worst way). I was thinking rug backing, but don't know where to find it where i don't have to have it shipped. Any ideas, anyone?

I did it! i got one square done today! i'm doing well with my goal, but i'm going to have to amp it up a bit (actually, alot!) because Mom's birthday is February 2! (i call mark's mom that, i like it, and so does she(my mom is Mommy, don't ask, lol)). Somebody at work had the nerve to tell me i crochet too tight. i don't see her crocheting at work, and i definitely don't see her making swirled granny squares. you'll see what i mean when get pics in here. as far as i'm concerned, as long as i'm not stressing the yarn (i've had one afghan i made 15 years ago, and it's in excellent shape), who cares. and tighter stitches make for warmer things. and they're not stiff, not by any means. so NYAH! anyway, before i was so rudely interrupted (yes, i know, i was the one interrupting, i'm just psychotic that way, lol), my plan is to piece this together by sewing it up, and using the same yarn to do one row of single crochet around the entire border, then a row of shrimp stitching. i did that for a baby afghan i made 2 years ago (also granny squares, lol), and it turned out beautiful. gotta love it.

Mark and i had a date tonight. we hadn't had a regular date in 5 weeks, so it was nice to reconnect like that. and liam behaved, so i wasn't called home, unlike last week. he also got his homework done (good boy!), and gave me a note from his teacher about late papers, and had me sign his assignment book (which he just got this week?!?! he's been in this school for going on 3 weeks. go figure) i put a note in the parent note section giving his teacher my email in case she has any trouble, because it's hard to catch me on the phone, and i check my email at least twice a day, if i can pry steph off the computer long enough to get at it.

I almost had a panic attack last night. i went to pick liam up from after-care, and there was no one in the gym, and the school secretary had no clue where they were. i went to check the playground: no liam. i had to walk all the way around the school to get back in, and saw someone go into the gym ahead of me. i followed her into the art room, where they had relocated. what i wasn't informed of until last night was on Wednesdays, they have a basketball club that meets in the gym, and Kid's Club relocates. I was a bit upset, to put it mildly. Maybe that's why i made liam walk home from school today. Who knows.

Mark picked up steph's car today. the alternator (which he'd just replaced a month ago) was draining the battery. so he's going to take it back, and replace it. he also had them realign it, and they found a tie rod about to die, so they fixed that, welded the coil pack bracket and cruise control bracket back (i don't know what a coil pack is, i just regurgitate what he tells me, lol). set us back a pretty penny, but mark paid for it, so steph can't blow him off when he asks for money, like she does me, lol.

And how was your day?

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