Monday, January 31, 2005


Good news! I made my quota for yesterday after all! didn't get any extra done, though :(. Movie watching can be conducive to crocheting, but only when the movie doesn't grab you so hard you're in the tv with them.

Once again, no knitting, desperately trying to get more squares done. To that effort, i've packed my bag full of miscellaneous yarns, and maybe i can get caught up on my goal.

Took my mom to Red Lobster last night for dinner, and they've changed the menu. goodness their prices went up! although, with some dinners, you can get a half order for much cheaper. unfortunately, i was the only one who ate on the cheap, lol. i had the coconut jumbo shrimp, and boy was it good. gotta love that pina colada sauce. i even had 3 left over for steph. she wasn't feeling good (had a headache, or a bad case of familyitis (she is 19 after all)), so she stayed home, and i brought her leftovers. Maybe she'll finally teach me how to use her camera (or the new one she bought, and i can bring you pics). And yes, the boys got to eat at red lobster. it was a close thing, though!

I sat down and watched Matrix Revolutions last night, and that was a true mind blower. i didn't see it in the theaters because Reloaded was a bit of a disappointment, and Mark wouldn't go with me. He has a low tolerance level for long movies in the theater, because the seats don't fit him. He's so tall, even the aisle seats are uncomfortable after a while. Too bad, because this one should have been seen in the theater. it was wild! That is the movie i was watching when i was crocheting last night, and i ended up sitting there gripping my hook after the last square was done, for almost 45 minutes, LOL! very good movie. Mark said he'd like to see it, so i think we may watch it tonight, since we moved date night to Monday this week because of court on Thursday. Cross your fingers Sean gets to come home.

You might be a redneck if you have no idea what is in your garage (isn't that 95% of america?)

Pattern of the Day: Crossover stitch. looks interesting, but i don't know if i'd use it or not. will have to see.
Have a good day!

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