Sunday, February 27, 2005

this is the sunday post

THIS is Sunday's post, lol.

I have swatchage (is that a word?)! i finally felted my swatches tonight, and after 30 minutes, i achieved felting bliss. and my fun fur survived the felting process with no runs, no drips, no errors. at least it looks like it did, wet. i've got the swatches laying in my dish drainer (no dishes done til they're dry, hear that guys?!) and so far they look great. the interesting part is i think i lost very little width wise, but a ton length wise. i had a nice fabric after 15 minutes (my longest cycle on my washing machine, lol), but i could see through it, so i felted for another 15, and this came out nice and thick, but still supple and pretty. and i was right, lamb's pride sheds like a MOFO! i was swishing around trying to find my swatches in the washer without dipping my hands in hot water (no such luck, i had to get in there twice!) and kept finding long fibers instead, lol. i think it will be pretty, though. my intention is to brush it out after it's dried, and see if it's a product i like. i think i will. (think shishi fur handbag, without the killing) i had planned on doing d-rings and clips for my detachable handle, but was unable to find anything in the size i was looking for in my patience quotient for looking (think $170 groceries in the car), so i switched to a ring and toggle, like you see on the chunky bracelets everybody is making right now. i bought batteries for steph's little camera, and if i can find the usb cord (they are the bane of my existence right now!) i will take pics, and you'll see what i'm sayin', girlfriends!

i had an attack of the guilts, and got out the yarn to start squaring again. i got 3 done before we went over to Mark's parents to make double crust pizza, both german and italian, and have a yummy dinner. sean was great before we ate, but decided to find a knife and try to smuggle it outside afterward. he'd been downstairs, and found a jack knife, and wanted to use it to whittle sticks he'd been finding outside. sigh. he got sat at the kitchen table with no tv and no one to talk to for 15 minutes, plus another half hour in his room when we got home. i can't leave that boy alone with ANYTHING. he's 10 1/2, but acts like he's 4. he's into EVERYTHING. sigh. he's particularly fascinated with sharp objects, like razors, knives, and nail clippers. i have to hide everything in the bathroom. double sigh.

other than that, was a good day. see ya on the flip side!

lord of the peeps

no, i don't eat peeps. the blue and purple ones look like they're suffocating under the cellophane. on that note, enjoy this. don't blame me i got it from KR.

no knitting or crocheting, spent most of my day chasing kids out of the house, or grocery shopping at walmart (on the dreaded saturday afternoon!), eating dinner at mark's, and talking to my stinky brother.

You might be a redneck if your favorite "adult beverage" doubles as gas for your car.

Pattern of the Day/Weekend: Saturday Sweater. this is interesting since it's knit with Lorna's Lace in some bulky weight stuff they do. i thought Lorna's only did laceweights and sock yarn, lol! i might make this, lol.

enjoy the day! (and yes, this counts as a saturday post, even if i had to retype the bloody thing on sunday morning!)

Friday, February 25, 2005

i don't wanna work, i just wanna bang on a drum all day

i used to listen to a radio station that would play that every friday morning at 6 am to open the morning show. miss that station, they're now a hip-hop thingie i never listen to.

well, i ripped out the entire bag, knit it in stocking stitch for 7 inches, then ripped it out again. i decided i'd better felt a few swatches before i actually get into the bag, so i don't regret something later. i've only got one skein of lamb's pride, and i don't want to waste it. i will admit, the stuff holds up to frogging well. i also did a sample i-cord swatch, and did 3 different things. the first was LP, and 2 strands of fun fur. the second was LP and one strand of fun fur. the last was just LP. i'm going to felt that one as well, and see how they turn out. some one at KR suggested i test the fun fur to make sure it survives the felting process, so i figured the i-cord would be a good test subject. i'm having a ton of fun with this! and yes, the LP is still shedding, i'm even finding fuzzy bits at work.

found this article at debra's blog and thought it was pretty good. i'm with claudia about the DPN bashing, though. and i don't even have that many sets of wooden dpn's! (two, one size 10 1/2 and one size 2)

Well, since all i had with me was swatching material at work, i ended up starting another square. i didn't finish it though, because the powers that be decided i needed to go work on faxes (the phones were slow) and then i had to open my big mouth and volunteer information. andrew (the traffic head(that means the guy who decides who needs to work where and when)) asked me how many pieces of mail i can do an hour, and i told him 15. i was immediately shuffled off to the main mail room to do MAIL. ugh. i hate doing mail. the constant, continuous writing and typing makes my hands ache like nothing else. i can handle phone orders because i do a lot of different tasks (and knit in the middle of calls and typing too, lol) but this is torture. i'm seriously tempted to ask my doctor if he can give me a note to keep me out of the mail room. sigh.

Mark stayed home from work today too. poor guy is so sick. he crashed on me last night (like i did on him last week) and we just nuggled until it was time for me to go home. when i called him this morning, he'd already called out from work, and was in the process of making some coffee (why coffee when he needed to go back to sleep, i'll never know. i don't understand the whole caffeine addiction, since it has the opposite effect on me). i stopped after i dropped liam off at school and gave him some dayquil, and that helped, but by 430 when i got off, he was miserable again. he didn't want to take more dayquil because he wanted to go to bed early (7 or 730 is early for him, he's usually asleep by 8 unless i'm there). poor guy. however, i'm still going to nag him about that usb cord. i need pics!

Sean is in huge trouble at school. apparently he's been absolutely unbearable since the first court postponement in january. this has been ongoing for 4 weeks. his teacher gave Brenda (his fostermom) an earful when she picked him up from school today, and also left a message. so sean's on restriction again this weekend. i haven't decided what else i'm going to have him do, but i think jimi's box is going to be his permanently at this pace. i just don't know what to do with him. i know he wants to come home, but this behavior is NOT going to aid that. sigh.

Steph is out at the rodeo at the MidAmerica Center in Council Bluffs, drooling over hotties. she's decided cowboys are hot, lol. amazingly, she didn't wear her cowboy hat!

Liam is having a good time at school. the only time i've really had problems with him was last Friday when i was so dreadfully sick, and he refused to walk to school. i was too dizzy to take him. so i called the school and told them he refused to go. i don't know if there were any ramifications from that, so i think i'll call school monday and see. i gave him several consequences, but still think this needs addressed. we'll see.

You might be a redneck if you've re-used a "yard sale" sign more than ten times.

Pattern of the Day: Traditional Dutch Sock. i think what makes these dutch is the heel. will have to give it a shot, i've got about 5 pairs worth of sock yarn, and 1 more on the way, lol.

I'm off to play with hot water, soap, and wool!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

unga chucka

just a nonsensical thingie to say, lol


Mark is going to take a half day vacation because he feels like crap. he said he has a sore throat, but doesn't know if it's from the stuff he's got, or if he slept with his mouth open all night, and sawed logs, lol. i vote for the latter, lol.

i got a good 3 inches done on the bag last night. looking forward to seeing how this turns out. of course, the thought of enough i-cord to do a decent felted handle does not thrill me (especially after PFH). i'm still thinking about a detachable handle. we'll see.

You might be a redneck if the pizza deliveryman won't come to your house without bringing the police with him.

Pattern of the Day: Sure-to-fit Pullover. Now this one is a keeper! it's knit top down, so you can adjust the fit as needed. i like!

Have a beautiful day!

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!


The poncho from hell is done! at least the i-cord edging is done. i even did a passable graft (not hard with light and lofty, it hides a large number of errors, lol) now i need to weave in ends, and attach the zipper. not bad, eh? they even liked it at work! i started swatching for my felted bag tonight, and discovered something interesting about lamb's pride. it sheds. i'm wearing light khaki slacks, and they're covered in black fuzz, lol. the swatch went well, so i ripped it back out and started knitting the bag. this will be fun. i've revised my plan a bit. i'm going to do a fold over flap, and that's the only place i'm going to double strand the eyelash. it's lion brand fun fur print, so there's some black in there too, but i think it will still be pretty. trying to decide if i want to double strand or not. i don't want to hide my button. we'll see.

not even mentioning crochet.

Mark got a bit testy when i mentioned the usb cord for my camera again, but i want the damned thing. i'll bug him about it again later. that's what i do best, lol, nag. i'm going to flood you lovely people with pictures at this pace!

You might be a redneck if you've ever barbecued Spam on the grill (guilty as charged!).

Pattern of the Day: Bias Lace Scarf. very very pretty. wonder how that would look in the laceweight my gift fairy gave me for christmas? no, i haven't touched that yet either, lol.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i-cord stinks


I'm doing the i-cord bindoff on the poncho from hell. this mean's i'm almost done! of course, i had a brain aneurism, and forgot to bring 2 dpn's, so had to fake it with one dpn and the circ i had knitted the poncho on at work. didn't have to wrestle with it too long, though, cuz i ended up taking VTO (voluntary time off) at 3:20 and went home. i had a hacking attack in the middle of a call (from hawaii, where they don't get colds!) and it wiped me out so bad, that when i finished the call, i went to the bathroom, got a drink, and signed up for vto.


:P don't remind me.


liam didn't have school today either (teacher inservice) and he and steph cleaned the house! i was in shock! mark was sick this afternoon so he and ed didn't come over and hook up steph's computer, but they plan on it tomorrow. cross your fingers. i'll be lightning fast once i dump all her music. (I didn't fill up my hard drive!) we went to old chicago for supper, and sean flustered the poor waiter so much he forgot to order our appetizers and liam's dinner. they gave us liam's meal for free, and i didn't mention the appetizer to his manager, because it was his first day. poor guy. sean wanted to order every time he came over, even though the rest of us weren't ready. kinda cute, actually, in a manic, insane kind of way (that's sean in a nutshell, lol, he's ADHD, OCD, and ODD, makes for a wild combo of a child, but my baby anyway)

You might be a redneck if your most expensive bottle of liquor doesn't have a label.

Pattern of the Day: Zig Zag Pillow and Afghan. looks pretty, and i might even make the set. i think i'll pick my own colors for this.

What I'm reading
Ok, i missed a few books in there but this is what's it for now.

Battle Cry(?) by Piers Anthony

Carry on, wayward son (who knows the band that did this?)

Monday, February 21, 2005



I've gotten quite a way through the poncho from hell, but i'm about to abandon that project to the new love of my life. String of Purls, my favorite LYS, is having a felted bag contest, and i was drawn into it. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! and, me being me, decided to do something different from the other bags i saw there. i bought black Lamb's Pride worsted, and i have some silver eyelash in my stash. i found a gorgeous mother of pearl button that is round, but it's a patchwork of itty bitty squares. very shishi (who the hell knows how to spell that anyway, lol!). my plan is an elegant handbag, with a small amount of eyelash trim. i'm even thinking about doing the handles in detachable i-cord. i asked a ton of questions on KR in the felting forum, with the hopes that i'll get enough responses to make informed decisions, because the deadline is March 15!!!!! AAACCCKKKK!!!! thank god i'm not planning anything humumgous. i will post pics as soon as i can ( i looked for my usb cord but was unable to find it, gotta nag mark again.



Mark has my crap now, but not as bad as me, and i'm not as bad as steph, so i can only think that it dilutes with progression, or age is a factor. i'm not needing antibiotics, like my little sicky chicky (she'll shoot me if she sees this, lol!), but i did stay home one day from work. mark is planning on going to work tomorrow as far as i know, with some dayquil assistance, and a box of tissues (the shop towels at work are just not cutting it, lol). trying desperately not to give it to the boys, that would be all i'd need.

You might be a redneck if the liquor store knows you by your first name.

Pattern of the Day: Little Sister Pullover with Matching Purse. Very cute, but no little girls to do it for :(. maybe another charity item. sigh, there's too many of those. Girls, hurry up and have some babies (i'm kidding, i don't wanna be a grandma yet!)

Catch ya on the flip side.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

day 3, sigh

i hope i get over this crap soon. not having any energy really stinks big time.


haven't picked up my hook since thursday, alas and alack.


I have worked on the poncho from hell, if only because it's so bloody mindless i don't have to concentrate at all on it.


Because i've been sick, we postponed going to mark's parents' until later. i don't even have energy to cook (and for a culinary arts major, that's huge). just going up and down the stairs for 1, and i do mean 1, load of laundry was exhausting. i made the boys fetch the rest. so the contest may still be on. i have to get the camera from mark, and try to do that tonight.

Stay well.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

day 2 of cough, hack and choke

yes, i am a bit better, but still not well. i've been laying down most of the day, with bouts of sitting up. this is one of those bouts and it's about to end, sigh. i'm reaching my max again.


It may still happen, if only because i can't finish the afghan. i have so little energy, i have a hard time picking up my hook.


I got 3 squares done wednesday night, and one at work thursday after i got done in the mail room (yucko) and i haven't looked at my hook since. blech.


Are you kidding me?

You might be a redneck if the receipt for your car's tune-up is more than two pages long.

Pattern of the Day: Dear Friends Finger Puppets. when i first looked at this i thought it said Dead Head Finger Puppets. mark is such a deadhead, lol. i thought they were made with DK yarn, but on closer examination, i see they're made with worsted. i just may try these. mark's nephew is young enough for finger puppets, i may make him a set, lol.

Sean Update

He did end up finding his valentine box. happiness all around.
Here's happy healing.

Friday, February 18, 2005

cough, hack, and choke

i'm not doing well. i think i got steph's crap, and didn't go to work today. the contest may be cancelled due to no camera (still no luck with mark, i'm going to have to nag).

no redneck for yesterday, liam tore it off and i can't find it

You might be a redneck if your plumbing makes poltergeist noises.

pattern of the day: Knit Beaded Choker: it's kinda pretty, but not my cuppa.

Pattern of the day: Mikado Ribbon with a Little Splash. this looks like another non-pattern. another garter stitch scarf, with the addition of some splash every 10 rows. sigh.

hope for healing tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005



Crochet (and a CONTEST announcement)
I found out this morning i was going to need to finish the afghan by sunday afternoon, so the pressure was on again. now, this afternoon i found out i have to have it done by SATURDAY afternoon. good thing i got 7 squares done today (don't ask me how) . i'm up to 60 squares. i'm working on one as we speak. cross your fingers. if i can get a camera, i'm going to post the layout, and ask your opinions on what i should use to edge and seam this thing. i'm going to make this a contest (if i can get a camera!). i have a booklet with 99 granny squares, and whoever picks the color i'm going to use (i'll draw from the ones who do pick it) will be the lucky girl/guy (try not to discriminate, i have a male crocheter!). now, this all depends on if i get a camera. good luck to all you dragon freaks (i hope you're dragon freaks, lol)

I had lost my last skein of gothic, but found it tonight, so when i finish this afghan, i'm going to go back to the poncho from hell. i like it, but it's such a drag right now, because i don't have very long circs. i think they're 32, and i've got hundreds of stitches crammed on it. and i just realized how late it is, and i'd better cast on for mark's sweater NOW!. sigh. i'm not doing so hot.

You might be a redneck if drying your clothes depends on the weather.

Pattern of the Day: Clearwater Rapids Shawl continued. again, same stuff, like the shawl, but don't know if i can find anything to work it with. will look later, when i have more time, lol (who has time?!?!?!?)

Sean about broke my heart last night. he had thought that because he wasn't coming home, that they were going to put him up for adoption. poor little guy was so anxious over it. we straightened him out last night, and now he's much more confident that he will come home. so am i.

Steph has been sick like a dog. she's got bronchitis, and a throat infection which could have turned into strepp throat if she hadn't come in when she had (mom had to nag her!) (I'm good at nagging, ask mark, lol)

Hope you had a nice day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

and now a break from your regularly scheduled program


i'm lucky i have a job where i can take a day off on occasion, even if i don't get paid. Mark called me at 5:45 and told me he had a flat tire, and was going to take the day off because he'd have to wait for his friend Ed (happy birthday Ed!) to get up and get a new tire. i decided to take a day off and take him, instead. also, steph is sick with a fever and bad chest congestion, so i'm gonna take her to the doctor.

You might be a redneck if the only time that you've ever tun a mile, you were being chased.

Pattern of the Day: Clearwater Rapids Shawl. this looks very pretty, but i don't know if i could find the yarn they recommend, and it would have to be a slubby substitute. very very pretty, nice work.

Steph had a nice valentine's date. he took her to a nice italian restaurant, and to see Princess Diaries 2, and bought her a dozen pink roses (who knows the meaning of pink roses?), a cute teddy bear, and a box of chocolates. i looked at her when she showed me the roses, and she said "what can i say, i'm a likeable person." makes me wonder, but i'll take her at her word for now. he walked in with her last night (how could i not hear, lol) but didn't stay long (like 3 minutes, lol). sounds like he's a nice guy, but i haven't met him yet. mark said he's polishing his shotgun, lol! he's so protective of all the kids, but i think it's funny and cute that he wants to take care of her as well as the boys, even though she's 19. major dad coming out in a man who doesn't have children of his own. funny part is we even talked about what would happen if i had a baby. i think that maybe, even though we've decided not to have children together, that sometimes he wishes otherwise. i do too, but i'm almost 39 now, and if we did, it wouldn't be for a while. i don't think i'm up to it, lol. this child would be much younger than the rest. (sean is 10 1/2 right now!) alas, tis not meant to be.

have a good day!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

2 for the price of 1

hey, two posts on a weekday, what's up with that!

I finished off the skein of red heart light and lofty (name of salt and pepper, imagine that!) at work today, so will grab the other skein of gothic, and continue on my merry way. still planning on taking the last skein of S&P and doing i-cord around the bottom to prevent curlage. i got a ton of admiring comments today at work.

Quick question for all y'all out there, though. i have a set of metal #3 DPN that i got at an auction, and some idiot taped them together. i pulled the tape off, but they're still horribly sticky. any ideas on how to get rid of the adhesive without taking the finish off? (they're royal blue, lol)

Since i ran out of yarn for my poncho, i had a few odd balls of yarn i'd forgotten to take out of my bag, and made 1 1/2 more squares! woohoo, progress on project i've grown to hate (i always get this way about afghans).

I was slightly disappointed that i didn't get flowers at work, especially since mark had asked about a month ago if i could get flowers there, and i told him yes. he made up for it in spades, though, cuz when i got home from work, i found a beautiful card quoting the one terribly romantic Psalm (can't remember the number, lol), a tiny teddy bear dressed as a bee in a bag that says "Bee my Honey" and a dozen gorgeous red roses. i can smell them in here in the living room, and they're on the kitchen table. i may have to move them though, shithead (i.e. jimi the cat) was sniffing around them. he has a penchant for chewing greenery. he might leave these alone, though, these roses have thorns, as is evidenced by the puncture on one of my fingers when i tried to remove the rubberband from the bottom of the bouquet so i could trim them.

One girl got a big bunch of balloons, and one was as big as me! i like roses better!

Poor Sean. he wouldn't listen to his teacher, and left his valentine box in the hallway, and it vanished. they're looking into it, but i'm sure he's got bupkus for valentines this year. poor little guy. of course, it would help if he'd listen (he has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and we're working on it, but he has his days).

What I'm Reading
Glass Dragons by Sean McCallum (this is getting interesting!)
InterWeave Knits Spring Issue (talk about a love hate relationship, some of stuff i absolutely adore, and some i can't see the point. the ballet wrap is one case in point. WHY? and in pink, none the less! (again, no offense to the designer, i'm always apologizing, lol)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Happy Valentine's Day!

ok, i'm running late again, sigh, so this will be brief

I snuck over to Mark's last night, and stuck little glitter pompom critters that i got from work all over the inside of his truck, and left him a card. Liam helped, and giggled the entire time. had to hush him several times. i even snuck into the house to get his keys (he was snoring, lol!). He loved it! even took one inside to put in his locker at work. that's about as close as we are going to get to being together today, :(.

You might be a redneck if you honeymooned in the pop-up camper in your parents' backyard.

Pattern of the Day: The Kiss. it's cute, but not my style, or mark's. lip-shaped pillows just aren't me, although i might make it for steph, lol. she'd love me for it (yeah, right).

no time yesterday, i was either sleeping, helping boys with valentines, taking my mom to the store, or cooking.

same story, lol.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

the beat goes on

Mark's nagging, but i havne't done anything lately. just not into it. will get back to it soon, though.

I didn't take Patrick's hat to mark's gig last night, but did take the poncho that i abandoned last year when i started in on the christmas knitting. it's in lyon homespun in gothic (purple) and redheart light and lofty (black and white, i don't remember the color name. i went through one skein of the purple, and half a skein of the black and white. i think i'm gonna finish the black and white, do the last skein of purple, and then do an i-cord bindoff with the black and white, since it's stocking stitch. it will be cool

Mark's band had a gig last night, in malvern, iowa, at a place called shaker's lounge. this is a place they've played alot, because one of mark's bandmates (kevin) has ties with the bar owner. this was the debut of the new board and power amp, and everyone was pleased. it sounded great! they even let one guy they knew step in and play a couple tunes (watchtower and some chris isaacs tune (i can't remember the name, i'm too tired, lol)). i had 1, count 'em, 1 wine cooler about 10, and nothing else. i'm the DD, lol. i had to ask my mom if she'd babysit overnight, because steph's friend went back into the hospital yesterday morning, and steph wanted to stay in hastings. her friend (who is 17) had a lump removed from her neck on thursday. they think it might be lymphoma, but they'll find out monday for sure. i'm pretty sure she's scared, but wants to be there for her friend. she's a good kid.

Valentine's day
Sean is vigorously working on his valentien box, but liam is whining "i want colored paper!" so he's not working on his. it's just covered with foil. his loss, i suppose. we'll take the valentines along, and they can work on them at mark's while i cook dinner. i think we're having oven-fried chicken.

You might be a redneck if you spend more time under your car than in it.

Pattern of the Day: Valentine PUrse for American Girl or 18" Doll. it's cute, but once again, since there's no little girls in my life, don't think it's going to happen.

Have a good day.

Friday, February 11, 2005


my imitation of the roadrunner. yes, i'm in a hurry yet once again. i've noticed i only blog early in the morning or late at night.

not in your dreams

I think i got another 1/2 inch done, but that's all because they put me in the mail room entering mail orders until lunch time. ah well. Patrick doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

You might be a redneck if someone sees you naked and screams (haven't we all been there?)

Pattern of the Day: Slip Stitch Baby Hat. i see some adaptation in this pattern's future, for the kids. i think it would be a good charity pattern as well. looks fun, but easy.

What I'm reading now:
Glass Dragons by Sean McCallum (i got the spelling right this time)
My Favorite Mistake by Stephanie Bond (yes it's a romance novel, and it's great! very down to earth)

and i'm off like the mad hatter once again!

another day done

not much to say, except that i'm glad that part of this nightmare is over. John signing the papers made life much easier for the boys and mark and me. we haven't talked about it yet, but i think mark wants to adopt the boys, if they want it. when we get that far. to explain a bit, for those not in the know, my ex-husband was abusing all 4 of my children, and i was unaware of it. and before you judge, john was a manipulative, controlling bastard, and very good at doing it. so much so that the kids didn't tell me anything until after i'd split with him. it's been a long, hard, rocky road, and i had just about given up a year and a half ago, until mark came into my life. we'd been friends for years, but one night we decided to celebrate our birthdays together (his is the day before mine) and things clicked. he's a big proponent of karma, and good things happen to good people. sometimes i can't believe how fast things turned around at that point. i sold my house in the town we had lived in before the kids were taken (the kids were taken on Oct 24, 2001), bought a new one here in omaha. mark has stood behind me in everything, and pushing me when i just wanted to say to hell with it. he knew i really didn't want to give up, but there's only so much bullshit a person can put up with and not want to fall down and die. and things started to happen. as much as i may bitch about her, i am so happy that stephanie was allowed to come back to live with me after she graduated from high school. i lost 2 1/2 years with her, but i think that maybe we have gained some ground back. liam came home in time for christmas (2004), at the same time that Health and Human Services decided that they'd punished mark and i enough, and allowed us to tell the boys about him. how we maintained any kind of a relationship with all the hiding and secrecy to that point, i will never know. it's got to be kismet. meant to be. with the termination of john's parental rights, sean is teetering on the edge of coming home. i think that it's just a matter of having one final hearing, which i hope will be moved up. and i know, you're asking, who is the 4th child? that is alyse, my oldest. she moved in with her father 7 years ago, and decided to convert to his faith, Jehovah Witness. being a disfellowshipped JW myself (liken it to excommunication), she is not allowed contact with me unless it's strictly family related (ie her sister or brothers). she's 20, and old enough to make her own decisions. i hope and pray that she will decide that maybe family is more important than that, and come back to me. meanwhile i wait.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

blogging at the speed of light

or at least as fast as i can do it, i'm running late, lol.


I got about 1/2 inch done on patrick's hat. just not into it lately. he hasn't said anything, so that's good. still wanna cast on for all 3 sweaters, but am resisting temptation as we speak.

The boys' father signed paperwork yesterday relinquishing his parental rights. i'm very happy on one hand, and sad on the other. happy because we don't have to worry about him being in our lives any more, sad because it came to this. more later.

and since i missed yesterday, you get a 2 for 1 special!

You might be a redneck if your school colors are camouflage.
You might be a redneck if your hair salon is also an auto parts store.

Pattern of the Day: Child's Size Cuddle Coat. this is cute, too bad i don't have any babies to knit for. maybe i'll do a double strand and do this for charity. it is too cute not to make.

Pattern of the Day: Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket. must be baby month. it is a cute pattern, and very classy looking. and not too many holes for little fingers to get stuck in.

And off like a dash!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

today's post is brought to you by the letter P

as in PITA daughter. her camera (with my slipper picture) is in Yankton, SD which is about 150 miles from here. apparently that child went there to visit a friend attending school there while she was in West Point (her father lives there, but she never visits him, lol). while she was there, she forgot her camera in her friend's car. that's it, i'm going to get mine from mark, and download the software, and start taking pics on my own, dammit.

NADA! i haven't done any in the last two days. got no gumption for it. no deadline = no work. sigh.

I think i knit one row on patrick's hat today. i was more interested in the book i got at borders last night.

You might be a redneck if your front yard doubles as a go-cart track.

Pattern of the Day: Cisne Scarf. i think the kicker with this is the yarn, because it's a garter stitch scarf. um, excuse me, where's my pattern? i could have my son make this, and he's been knitting a week (once again, no offense to the designer, but WTF!)

A new feature: What I'm reading.
Glass Dragons by Sean McCallum (sp?)
A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks
yes, i'm reading two books at the same time. nick is bedtime, while sean is at work
both very good novels, both very very different genres

How was your day?

Monday, February 07, 2005

. . . and snow . . .

yes, it's still snowing. not too bad though. mostly just flurries through the morning, school's not cancelled, starting late, or anything like that. we got about 4 inches (it didn't snow much after i blogged yesterday, just a tiny bit, but it all blew my sidewalks shut, >:( ), although Epply Airfield only registered 1.

I got 3 squares done yesterday, but i've definitely lost my enthusiasm. i'm gonna try to get at least 2 done today at work, but we'll see, since i have to leave early to take my mom to get her blood work done (she's on blood thinners and has to have it done monthly, at least) and take sean for his med check. Just call me ham on rye, grilled (sandwich generation).

Since the pressure was off with the afghan, i've cast on for Patrick's hat. we'll see how it turns out. It's red heart, but since i wanted a tight knit, and i'm doing it in 1x1 ribbing, i'm using 4 needles. we'll see. my PITA daughter never did download the pic she took for me, and since i got an attitude from her about downloading stuff on my puter (i've got 33% left of free space, ack!), i changed her password to access the computer, and if she can figure that out, i moved her music files. i'm not saying where here, just on the odd chance she might actually read my blog, but she'll never figure it out, unless she goes through file by file. now, before y'all think i'm a totally heartless bitch of a mother, she's got a computer, if she'll ever completely clean her room so mark can string the cable for her. and since i can pick up my monitor tonight, she doesn't even have the monitor excuse any more (she's the one who broke the power button in the first place, accident or not).

You might be a redneck if your Uncle Bob died peeing on an electric fence (i hope y'all get a charge out of that one(every pun intended, darlings, every pun).

Pattern of the Day: Midado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves. these are very pretty, but to me semi-impractical, unless you wear them while wearing a short sleeve, or sleeveless top, in which case, why not just put on a jacket? they are so long, they almost look like opera gloves. might adapt the pattern to a shorter length (gotta love fingerless gloves).

must dash, have to go start the van, and scrape off the snow from last night. Have a good day!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

let it snow

it's snowing outside. right now there's about 4 inches on the ground, and they were calling for 4-5. i think they're going to be off a bit, lol.


Well, the afghan is not on hold, but the mad rush is over. i don't know when we're going to make it over to Mark's parents again (they don't live far, but it's the matter of making time), so i've been given a reprieve. i've got 52 squares done. i had planned on just giving her a gift bag full of squares last night, with a small bag of sugar free chocolate (she is hypoglycemic (or is that hyper)) as an instant gratification gift. she didn't get any of it last night, thanks to Liam and his sleep shennanigans. he got up this morning, and claimed he didn't feel well last night, which is why he slept for 15 hours. i asked him why he didn't tell us before hand? he had no answer to that. his consequence is no video games for a week (considering i take it in half day increments, this is big stuff) and he has to write apology letters to mark's parents and brother. and mark has his own consequences for him. i don't know what they are, but we'll find out soon.

Still no news. i went on elann last night with the thought of some shopping therapy, but the boots i had wanted are out of stock. sigh. no point in placing an order for 4 balls of sock yarn only, so i'm letting it slide til they get them back in stock.

so now i'm off to fold way too much laundry, since my darling daughter steph is such a lazy bum, and hasn't done a thing around the house for days, even though she's not working or going to school. she's living off her credit card. how long is that going to ask, i say.

enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

moot point

i didn't finish the afghan, but it's a moot point, because we didn't get to have dinner with Mark's parents and brother's family after all. we drove all the way over there, and liam, who had been bouncing off the walls until 2 seconds before we left, fell asleep on the way to pick up mark. when we got to the restaurant (a 30 minute drive from when we left my house), he refused to wake up. the only reason i see for him being that tired was to have stayed up too late last night, after i'd told him to go to bed, and fell asleep myself. so we came back home. sean cried while mark went in and told everyone we were leaving, and i cried on the way home. it was that important to us. liam just happened to wake up as we were crossing the river to come back home. he's in bed now, i sent him to bed as soon as we got home. for your knowledge, liam is 12 1/2. and has never done anything like this before. he does not conk out like this. i don't know what was going through his head, but he's gonna hear it tomorrow. #1 on his list of to do things tomorrow is to write apology letters to both mark's parents, and mark's brother. meanwhile, i sit here and eat crappy Taco Bell because i didn't have anything to do a quick fix with. sigh.

i'm not going to make it

this is going to be quick, but i don't think i'm gonna finish this by tonight. i need 34 squares, and we're having dinner at 630. sigh. i tried. i only got 3 done yesterday, don't ask why, i don't know, myself. part of the problem today is i'm not into it, although i'm on square 5. i did waste some time doing this: yes, it's addictive! doing this too:

You might be a redneck if your TV is a big screen if you use your binoculars.

Pattern of the Day (weekend): Seeded Stitches Windjammer Hat. i'm going to ask steph if she likes it, and i'll probably make it for the boys too. nice looking hat, and since it's worsted yarn, should go fast.

Friday, February 04, 2005

i got my day off!

granted, i had to take 4 points for it, but since i only have one until today, and i get 24 total, i figured it was well worth it. spent a good part of the day with mark (he took it too, he wasn't feeling well this morning), then got sean and liam, and tossed them outside to play. it was gorgeous today! only one more day left, and then it's back to our regularly scheduled program, winter. i found this link on a blog, and thought it was as funny as the blogger did. can't remember who it was, lol, but this is funny.


i got bad news this morning. i have to have it done by saturday night. ACK!!!!! i got 4 done this morning at mark's, and will diligently get back to it after we have dinner with him. i will be up late tonight for sure. (total count as of right now is 43, i found another square in the bag i'd forgotten about)

still no knitting, but i did measure mark's arms today. he's never had a long sleeved shirt/sweater fit him because his arms are so long (he is proportionate, but he's 6'8", so proportionate is still BIG). he knows i'm making him a sweater, but he doesn't know what color or style. he will be pleased, i think. it's charcoal grey wool-ease chunky, and it's a broken rib pattern from the fall In-knitters. very low key, and in a color he likes. i wanted black, but nobody around here carried it in that color, and i will not mail order wool-ease. just a principle there.from the top of his shoulder (i measured from the shoulder seam on a shirt that fit him, to the base of his thumb is, get this, (drumroll please) 28 inches. holy cannolis! i'm glad his birthday is almost 2 months away!

You might be a redneck if you've exceeded 100 mph while towing another vehicle.

Pattern of the Day: Felted bag. looks nice, and i might even make it, but not with the recommended yarn. not a big fan of green mountain spinnery. i got their book by mistake from Crafter's Choice, and was not thrilled to pieces. i sent it back, but CC never got it, so they want me to pay for it. no doing. still not why i won't use their yarn, though, lol.

Better scoot, i got work to do

i need a day off . . . .

to recover from my day off! court was today and i took the whole day, and it was so exhausting and frustrating that i've decided i need to take tomorrow off as well. i'm calling it a mental health day, as well as a crochet day. i got the third square done a few minutes ago, but i'm only up to 39, and i need 41, and the big day is sunday. maybe. depends on the weather. if it's nasty, we'll put off going over there til later. if it is nice, well then, i'm in for it. i'm planning on good weather. i finally got steph to take pictures of the slippers (she said she thinks they look dorky, but that she'll give them to her friends anyway. apparently she liked the last slipper pattern i used which was crochet, and i can't find right now, and hates this one. ah well), but was unable to upload it to the computer. she blames computer error, but i think it's operator error. i rebooted the puter, and i haven't had a lick of trouble since. i think she tries to run too many programs in the background. so Michelle , your pics will be here tomorrow if all goes well! goodnight all, i'm whipped.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

we interrupt this program . . .

yeah, i know, this isn't tv, but hey!

Mark and I talked this morning, and worked things out, like i thought. we both apologized to each other, and basically agreed to disagree. he overslept, so he took the day off, and i decided to do the same. i'm going over there after i take liam to school, so this is a good thing. i think we both needed some time together. date nights are great, but it's usually on a work night, so we usually wrap things up relatively early so we both can get some sleep. will be nice today. court is today, so i have my fingers crossed that sean will get to come home. of course, my rat of an attorney decided that he's had enough of my case, and decided that maybe he needs to withdraw. this with all kinds of important hearings coming up. i'm not happy, to say the least. i think after today, i'm going to make the decision for him, and fire his happy ass. i paid him to see this through, and he's wanting to put conditions on representing me, after we'd already decided the parameters. i don't play those kinds of games. so i've got my attorney friend looking for another attorney for me. cross your fingers.

You might be a redneck if your will is written on a Post-it note. (that sounds about right, right now)

Pattern of the Day: The Neck Warmer continued. ERG! i still don't care for the pattern, and still probably won't make it. now they've wasted 2 days on this! (no offense to the designer, just seems kind of useless to me)

i have high hopes for today. i'm not working, so i'm taking the bag to mark's, and will probably crochet my brains out before we go to court. will let you know how it goes.

I have casting on on the brain! even with fighting with mark last night, all i wanted to do was cast on his sweater! GAH! and i'm tempting myself even farther. i emailed elann about those Regia boots, and they said i could return them if i need to for a store credit. i'm so tempted! i really shouldn't right now, though, with impending attorney's fees and the damned transmission. Still working on convincing DD (ie, the PITA Steph) that it won't kill her camera to take pictures of my work so i can post it. we'll see later, she's asleep right now (imagine that, 19, no job, no school, no where to go. what would you be doing? i know, i know, knitting)

Hope you have a good day (or had, if the case be so).

where have all the flowers gone

nothing like an irrelevent title to get people curious, eh?

You might be a redneck if you've never satyed at a hotel without stealing something.

Pattern of the Day: Neck Warmer. i have a hard time with this pattern, if i'm going to shape something to go around my neck, to be pulled over my head, it's going to be a sweater. C'est la vie, i suppose (somebody correct me if my french is wrong, i usually only speak culinary french, lol)

I got 4 squares done today. i'm never gonna make it at this pace. had planned on making more before i went to bed tonight, but instead i fought with mark. sigh.

i'm desperately longing to cast on SOMETHING but i'm steadfast in my refusal because i need to finish the afghan for Mom.

Honest Opinion

i don't know quite what to do. Slipknot is going to play the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs (right across the river) on April 29, and both Steph and Mark want to go. I had asked Steph because she happened to be there when the announcement was made. I asked mark tonight, and he blew his cork because i told him i was buying steph's ticket. we had both agreed not to pay her bills any more, but this is not a bill. this is a luxury that I want to provide for all of us. he got so irate that he ruined it for me, so i'm not going. which means i'm not buying tickets for anybody! i give up. and of course, the fight turned in a direction i didn't feel was prudent, but he wouldn't stop arguing. i told him i was done having this discussion, and we could talk in the morning, and he refused, so i hung up and unplugged the phones. i know my limits. i know if i get too angry, i'm going to say something stupid, and regret it later. somehow he doesn't see it that way. i'll call him in the morning, when he's a little calmer, and not so tired. (most of our fights occur after 8 pm, which is his bedtime (he goes to work at 6, and gets up at 4)) Ain't love grand? (gets a mop for the puddle of sarcasm at her feet)

On a pretty note, it was foggy this morning, but by the time i got to work, the sun was starting to break through. there was enough moisture in the air, and it was cold enough, that the moisture turned to ice crystals, and i walked down the parking lot hill in a cloud of glitter and sparkle. it was so beautiful! and nothing a camera could capture! sigh, will just have to keep the snapshot in my mind forever.

How was your day?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Sunday, i caught sean eating chocolate chips, so i took them from him, and when i put them in the cupboard, i shut it a bit forcefully (i wouldn't exactly say slam, lol). the cupboard above the stove popped open, a large platter came sliding out, and whacked me in the calf on the left side. the crazy part is i don't know if the platter broke before or after it hit me. i'm not upset over the platter, it was one i got in a box full of stuff at an auction, but my leg hurts! i've got a bruise the size of my palm, and it's tender as hell. and it's still dark purple. good thing it's not summer! i'm keeping an eye on it, for all you nurses out there. it's warm, but not hot, so i think i'm ok.

I got 4 squares done yesterday! however, i've had to recreate my goal again, sigh. i've got 30 squares, and need 80, and i need to have it done by sunday, so i think i'm gonna have to try harder to get more than 4 done a day. i had the 4th one half done by the time i left work yesterday, but i was so tired by the time i got home last night that i finished that one, and just laid on the sofa. i told steph i was so tired i couldn't even get up to go to bed and she laughed, and told me to get off her bed. wish that child would sleep in her room.

You might be a redneck if your living room curtains are beach towels.

Pattern of the Day: Child's slip stitch pullover. this looks cute, particularly in the variegated yarn they used. i may adapt it for liam, the sweater i made him is getting too small, and i've got plenty of that yarn, so i may frog it, and make this for him. sounds cool, but that's another thing to add to the list, lol.

I guess you guys are going to get to see the slippers after all, my dingy daughter forgot to give them to her friends while she was in maryville, so now she's going to wait until casey comes up here in march. what's the point of slippers in march? still working on getting pics, if i can ever pry her away from her phone and the computer long enough to show me how to use her camera. sigh. i need to get mine from mark.

Have a good day!