Saturday, February 19, 2005

day 2 of cough, hack and choke

yes, i am a bit better, but still not well. i've been laying down most of the day, with bouts of sitting up. this is one of those bouts and it's about to end, sigh. i'm reaching my max again.


It may still happen, if only because i can't finish the afghan. i have so little energy, i have a hard time picking up my hook.


I got 3 squares done wednesday night, and one at work thursday after i got done in the mail room (yucko) and i haven't looked at my hook since. blech.


Are you kidding me?

You might be a redneck if the receipt for your car's tune-up is more than two pages long.

Pattern of the Day: Dear Friends Finger Puppets. when i first looked at this i thought it said Dead Head Finger Puppets. mark is such a deadhead, lol. i thought they were made with DK yarn, but on closer examination, i see they're made with worsted. i just may try these. mark's nephew is young enough for finger puppets, i may make him a set, lol.

Sean Update

He did end up finding his valentine box. happiness all around.
Here's happy healing.

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