Thursday, February 24, 2005

unga chucka

just a nonsensical thingie to say, lol


Mark is going to take a half day vacation because he feels like crap. he said he has a sore throat, but doesn't know if it's from the stuff he's got, or if he slept with his mouth open all night, and sawed logs, lol. i vote for the latter, lol.

i got a good 3 inches done on the bag last night. looking forward to seeing how this turns out. of course, the thought of enough i-cord to do a decent felted handle does not thrill me (especially after PFH). i'm still thinking about a detachable handle. we'll see.

You might be a redneck if the pizza deliveryman won't come to your house without bringing the police with him.

Pattern of the Day: Sure-to-fit Pullover. Now this one is a keeper! it's knit top down, so you can adjust the fit as needed. i like!

Have a beautiful day!

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