Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i-cord stinks


I'm doing the i-cord bindoff on the poncho from hell. this mean's i'm almost done! of course, i had a brain aneurism, and forgot to bring 2 dpn's, so had to fake it with one dpn and the circ i had knitted the poncho on at work. didn't have to wrestle with it too long, though, cuz i ended up taking VTO (voluntary time off) at 3:20 and went home. i had a hacking attack in the middle of a call (from hawaii, where they don't get colds!) and it wiped me out so bad, that when i finished the call, i went to the bathroom, got a drink, and signed up for vto.


:P don't remind me.


liam didn't have school today either (teacher inservice) and he and steph cleaned the house! i was in shock! mark was sick this afternoon so he and ed didn't come over and hook up steph's computer, but they plan on it tomorrow. cross your fingers. i'll be lightning fast once i dump all her music. (I didn't fill up my hard drive!) we went to old chicago for supper, and sean flustered the poor waiter so much he forgot to order our appetizers and liam's dinner. they gave us liam's meal for free, and i didn't mention the appetizer to his manager, because it was his first day. poor guy. sean wanted to order every time he came over, even though the rest of us weren't ready. kinda cute, actually, in a manic, insane kind of way (that's sean in a nutshell, lol, he's ADHD, OCD, and ODD, makes for a wild combo of a child, but my baby anyway)

You might be a redneck if your most expensive bottle of liquor doesn't have a label.

Pattern of the Day: Zig Zag Pillow and Afghan. looks pretty, and i might even make the set. i think i'll pick my own colors for this.

What I'm reading
Ok, i missed a few books in there but this is what's it for now.

Battle Cry(?) by Piers Anthony

Carry on, wayward son (who knows the band that did this?)

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