Monday, February 14, 2005

2 for the price of 1

hey, two posts on a weekday, what's up with that!

I finished off the skein of red heart light and lofty (name of salt and pepper, imagine that!) at work today, so will grab the other skein of gothic, and continue on my merry way. still planning on taking the last skein of S&P and doing i-cord around the bottom to prevent curlage. i got a ton of admiring comments today at work.

Quick question for all y'all out there, though. i have a set of metal #3 DPN that i got at an auction, and some idiot taped them together. i pulled the tape off, but they're still horribly sticky. any ideas on how to get rid of the adhesive without taking the finish off? (they're royal blue, lol)

Since i ran out of yarn for my poncho, i had a few odd balls of yarn i'd forgotten to take out of my bag, and made 1 1/2 more squares! woohoo, progress on project i've grown to hate (i always get this way about afghans).

I was slightly disappointed that i didn't get flowers at work, especially since mark had asked about a month ago if i could get flowers there, and i told him yes. he made up for it in spades, though, cuz when i got home from work, i found a beautiful card quoting the one terribly romantic Psalm (can't remember the number, lol), a tiny teddy bear dressed as a bee in a bag that says "Bee my Honey" and a dozen gorgeous red roses. i can smell them in here in the living room, and they're on the kitchen table. i may have to move them though, shithead (i.e. jimi the cat) was sniffing around them. he has a penchant for chewing greenery. he might leave these alone, though, these roses have thorns, as is evidenced by the puncture on one of my fingers when i tried to remove the rubberband from the bottom of the bouquet so i could trim them.

One girl got a big bunch of balloons, and one was as big as me! i like roses better!

Poor Sean. he wouldn't listen to his teacher, and left his valentine box in the hallway, and it vanished. they're looking into it, but i'm sure he's got bupkus for valentines this year. poor little guy. of course, it would help if he'd listen (he has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and we're working on it, but he has his days).

What I'm Reading
Glass Dragons by Sean McCallum (this is getting interesting!)
InterWeave Knits Spring Issue (talk about a love hate relationship, some of stuff i absolutely adore, and some i can't see the point. the ballet wrap is one case in point. WHY? and in pink, none the less! (again, no offense to the designer, i'm always apologizing, lol)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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