Friday, February 04, 2005

i need a day off . . . .

to recover from my day off! court was today and i took the whole day, and it was so exhausting and frustrating that i've decided i need to take tomorrow off as well. i'm calling it a mental health day, as well as a crochet day. i got the third square done a few minutes ago, but i'm only up to 39, and i need 41, and the big day is sunday. maybe. depends on the weather. if it's nasty, we'll put off going over there til later. if it is nice, well then, i'm in for it. i'm planning on good weather. i finally got steph to take pictures of the slippers (she said she thinks they look dorky, but that she'll give them to her friends anyway. apparently she liked the last slipper pattern i used which was crochet, and i can't find right now, and hates this one. ah well), but was unable to upload it to the computer. she blames computer error, but i think it's operator error. i rebooted the puter, and i haven't had a lick of trouble since. i think she tries to run too many programs in the background. so Michelle , your pics will be here tomorrow if all goes well! goodnight all, i'm whipped.

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