Sunday, February 27, 2005

lord of the peeps

no, i don't eat peeps. the blue and purple ones look like they're suffocating under the cellophane. on that note, enjoy this. don't blame me i got it from KR.

no knitting or crocheting, spent most of my day chasing kids out of the house, or grocery shopping at walmart (on the dreaded saturday afternoon!), eating dinner at mark's, and talking to my stinky brother.

You might be a redneck if your favorite "adult beverage" doubles as gas for your car.

Pattern of the Day/Weekend: Saturday Sweater. this is interesting since it's knit with Lorna's Lace in some bulky weight stuff they do. i thought Lorna's only did laceweights and sock yarn, lol! i might make this, lol.

enjoy the day! (and yes, this counts as a saturday post, even if i had to retype the bloody thing on sunday morning!)

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