Thursday, February 24, 2005

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!


The poncho from hell is done! at least the i-cord edging is done. i even did a passable graft (not hard with light and lofty, it hides a large number of errors, lol) now i need to weave in ends, and attach the zipper. not bad, eh? they even liked it at work! i started swatching for my felted bag tonight, and discovered something interesting about lamb's pride. it sheds. i'm wearing light khaki slacks, and they're covered in black fuzz, lol. the swatch went well, so i ripped it back out and started knitting the bag. this will be fun. i've revised my plan a bit. i'm going to do a fold over flap, and that's the only place i'm going to double strand the eyelash. it's lion brand fun fur print, so there's some black in there too, but i think it will still be pretty. trying to decide if i want to double strand or not. i don't want to hide my button. we'll see.

not even mentioning crochet.

Mark got a bit testy when i mentioned the usb cord for my camera again, but i want the damned thing. i'll bug him about it again later. that's what i do best, lol, nag. i'm going to flood you lovely people with pictures at this pace!

You might be a redneck if you've ever barbecued Spam on the grill (guilty as charged!).

Pattern of the Day: Bias Lace Scarf. very very pretty. wonder how that would look in the laceweight my gift fairy gave me for christmas? no, i haven't touched that yet either, lol.


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