Wednesday, February 16, 2005



Crochet (and a CONTEST announcement)
I found out this morning i was going to need to finish the afghan by sunday afternoon, so the pressure was on again. now, this afternoon i found out i have to have it done by SATURDAY afternoon. good thing i got 7 squares done today (don't ask me how) . i'm up to 60 squares. i'm working on one as we speak. cross your fingers. if i can get a camera, i'm going to post the layout, and ask your opinions on what i should use to edge and seam this thing. i'm going to make this a contest (if i can get a camera!). i have a booklet with 99 granny squares, and whoever picks the color i'm going to use (i'll draw from the ones who do pick it) will be the lucky girl/guy (try not to discriminate, i have a male crocheter!). now, this all depends on if i get a camera. good luck to all you dragon freaks (i hope you're dragon freaks, lol)

I had lost my last skein of gothic, but found it tonight, so when i finish this afghan, i'm going to go back to the poncho from hell. i like it, but it's such a drag right now, because i don't have very long circs. i think they're 32, and i've got hundreds of stitches crammed on it. and i just realized how late it is, and i'd better cast on for mark's sweater NOW!. sigh. i'm not doing so hot.

You might be a redneck if drying your clothes depends on the weather.

Pattern of the Day: Clearwater Rapids Shawl continued. again, same stuff, like the shawl, but don't know if i can find anything to work it with. will look later, when i have more time, lol (who has time?!?!?!?)

Sean about broke my heart last night. he had thought that because he wasn't coming home, that they were going to put him up for adoption. poor little guy was so anxious over it. we straightened him out last night, and now he's much more confident that he will come home. so am i.

Steph has been sick like a dog. she's got bronchitis, and a throat infection which could have turned into strepp throat if she hadn't come in when she had (mom had to nag her!) (I'm good at nagging, ask mark, lol)

Hope you had a nice day!

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