Friday, February 04, 2005

i got my day off!

granted, i had to take 4 points for it, but since i only have one until today, and i get 24 total, i figured it was well worth it. spent a good part of the day with mark (he took it too, he wasn't feeling well this morning), then got sean and liam, and tossed them outside to play. it was gorgeous today! only one more day left, and then it's back to our regularly scheduled program, winter. i found this link on a blog, and thought it was as funny as the blogger did. can't remember who it was, lol, but this is funny.


i got bad news this morning. i have to have it done by saturday night. ACK!!!!! i got 4 done this morning at mark's, and will diligently get back to it after we have dinner with him. i will be up late tonight for sure. (total count as of right now is 43, i found another square in the bag i'd forgotten about)

still no knitting, but i did measure mark's arms today. he's never had a long sleeved shirt/sweater fit him because his arms are so long (he is proportionate, but he's 6'8", so proportionate is still BIG). he knows i'm making him a sweater, but he doesn't know what color or style. he will be pleased, i think. it's charcoal grey wool-ease chunky, and it's a broken rib pattern from the fall In-knitters. very low key, and in a color he likes. i wanted black, but nobody around here carried it in that color, and i will not mail order wool-ease. just a principle there.from the top of his shoulder (i measured from the shoulder seam on a shirt that fit him, to the base of his thumb is, get this, (drumroll please) 28 inches. holy cannolis! i'm glad his birthday is almost 2 months away!

You might be a redneck if you've exceeded 100 mph while towing another vehicle.

Pattern of the Day: Felted bag. looks nice, and i might even make it, but not with the recommended yarn. not a big fan of green mountain spinnery. i got their book by mistake from Crafter's Choice, and was not thrilled to pieces. i sent it back, but CC never got it, so they want me to pay for it. no doing. still not why i won't use their yarn, though, lol.

Better scoot, i got work to do

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