Sunday, February 06, 2005

let it snow

it's snowing outside. right now there's about 4 inches on the ground, and they were calling for 4-5. i think they're going to be off a bit, lol.


Well, the afghan is not on hold, but the mad rush is over. i don't know when we're going to make it over to Mark's parents again (they don't live far, but it's the matter of making time), so i've been given a reprieve. i've got 52 squares done. i had planned on just giving her a gift bag full of squares last night, with a small bag of sugar free chocolate (she is hypoglycemic (or is that hyper)) as an instant gratification gift. she didn't get any of it last night, thanks to Liam and his sleep shennanigans. he got up this morning, and claimed he didn't feel well last night, which is why he slept for 15 hours. i asked him why he didn't tell us before hand? he had no answer to that. his consequence is no video games for a week (considering i take it in half day increments, this is big stuff) and he has to write apology letters to mark's parents and brother. and mark has his own consequences for him. i don't know what they are, but we'll find out soon.

Still no news. i went on elann last night with the thought of some shopping therapy, but the boots i had wanted are out of stock. sigh. no point in placing an order for 4 balls of sock yarn only, so i'm letting it slide til they get them back in stock.

so now i'm off to fold way too much laundry, since my darling daughter steph is such a lazy bum, and hasn't done a thing around the house for days, even though she's not working or going to school. she's living off her credit card. how long is that going to ask, i say.

enjoy your day.

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Kate said...

Oh Minnie, your redneck jokes are too funny! Keep them coming!