Thursday, February 03, 2005

we interrupt this program . . .

yeah, i know, this isn't tv, but hey!

Mark and I talked this morning, and worked things out, like i thought. we both apologized to each other, and basically agreed to disagree. he overslept, so he took the day off, and i decided to do the same. i'm going over there after i take liam to school, so this is a good thing. i think we both needed some time together. date nights are great, but it's usually on a work night, so we usually wrap things up relatively early so we both can get some sleep. will be nice today. court is today, so i have my fingers crossed that sean will get to come home. of course, my rat of an attorney decided that he's had enough of my case, and decided that maybe he needs to withdraw. this with all kinds of important hearings coming up. i'm not happy, to say the least. i think after today, i'm going to make the decision for him, and fire his happy ass. i paid him to see this through, and he's wanting to put conditions on representing me, after we'd already decided the parameters. i don't play those kinds of games. so i've got my attorney friend looking for another attorney for me. cross your fingers.

You might be a redneck if your will is written on a Post-it note. (that sounds about right, right now)

Pattern of the Day: The Neck Warmer continued. ERG! i still don't care for the pattern, and still probably won't make it. now they've wasted 2 days on this! (no offense to the designer, just seems kind of useless to me)

i have high hopes for today. i'm not working, so i'm taking the bag to mark's, and will probably crochet my brains out before we go to court. will let you know how it goes.

I have casting on on the brain! even with fighting with mark last night, all i wanted to do was cast on his sweater! GAH! and i'm tempting myself even farther. i emailed elann about those Regia boots, and they said i could return them if i need to for a store credit. i'm so tempted! i really shouldn't right now, though, with impending attorney's fees and the damned transmission. Still working on convincing DD (ie, the PITA Steph) that it won't kill her camera to take pictures of my work so i can post it. we'll see later, she's asleep right now (imagine that, 19, no job, no school, no where to go. what would you be doing? i know, i know, knitting)

Hope you have a good day (or had, if the case be so).

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