Sunday, February 13, 2005

the beat goes on

Mark's nagging, but i havne't done anything lately. just not into it. will get back to it soon, though.

I didn't take Patrick's hat to mark's gig last night, but did take the poncho that i abandoned last year when i started in on the christmas knitting. it's in lyon homespun in gothic (purple) and redheart light and lofty (black and white, i don't remember the color name. i went through one skein of the purple, and half a skein of the black and white. i think i'm gonna finish the black and white, do the last skein of purple, and then do an i-cord bindoff with the black and white, since it's stocking stitch. it will be cool

Mark's band had a gig last night, in malvern, iowa, at a place called shaker's lounge. this is a place they've played alot, because one of mark's bandmates (kevin) has ties with the bar owner. this was the debut of the new board and power amp, and everyone was pleased. it sounded great! they even let one guy they knew step in and play a couple tunes (watchtower and some chris isaacs tune (i can't remember the name, i'm too tired, lol)). i had 1, count 'em, 1 wine cooler about 10, and nothing else. i'm the DD, lol. i had to ask my mom if she'd babysit overnight, because steph's friend went back into the hospital yesterday morning, and steph wanted to stay in hastings. her friend (who is 17) had a lump removed from her neck on thursday. they think it might be lymphoma, but they'll find out monday for sure. i'm pretty sure she's scared, but wants to be there for her friend. she's a good kid.

Valentine's day
Sean is vigorously working on his valentien box, but liam is whining "i want colored paper!" so he's not working on his. it's just covered with foil. his loss, i suppose. we'll take the valentines along, and they can work on them at mark's while i cook dinner. i think we're having oven-fried chicken.

You might be a redneck if you spend more time under your car than in it.

Pattern of the Day: Valentine PUrse for American Girl or 18" Doll. it's cute, but once again, since there's no little girls in my life, don't think it's going to happen.

Have a good day.

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