Thursday, February 03, 2005

where have all the flowers gone

nothing like an irrelevent title to get people curious, eh?

You might be a redneck if you've never satyed at a hotel without stealing something.

Pattern of the Day: Neck Warmer. i have a hard time with this pattern, if i'm going to shape something to go around my neck, to be pulled over my head, it's going to be a sweater. C'est la vie, i suppose (somebody correct me if my french is wrong, i usually only speak culinary french, lol)

I got 4 squares done today. i'm never gonna make it at this pace. had planned on making more before i went to bed tonight, but instead i fought with mark. sigh.

i'm desperately longing to cast on SOMETHING but i'm steadfast in my refusal because i need to finish the afghan for Mom.

Honest Opinion

i don't know quite what to do. Slipknot is going to play the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs (right across the river) on April 29, and both Steph and Mark want to go. I had asked Steph because she happened to be there when the announcement was made. I asked mark tonight, and he blew his cork because i told him i was buying steph's ticket. we had both agreed not to pay her bills any more, but this is not a bill. this is a luxury that I want to provide for all of us. he got so irate that he ruined it for me, so i'm not going. which means i'm not buying tickets for anybody! i give up. and of course, the fight turned in a direction i didn't feel was prudent, but he wouldn't stop arguing. i told him i was done having this discussion, and we could talk in the morning, and he refused, so i hung up and unplugged the phones. i know my limits. i know if i get too angry, i'm going to say something stupid, and regret it later. somehow he doesn't see it that way. i'll call him in the morning, when he's a little calmer, and not so tired. (most of our fights occur after 8 pm, which is his bedtime (he goes to work at 6, and gets up at 4)) Ain't love grand? (gets a mop for the puddle of sarcasm at her feet)

On a pretty note, it was foggy this morning, but by the time i got to work, the sun was starting to break through. there was enough moisture in the air, and it was cold enough, that the moisture turned to ice crystals, and i walked down the parking lot hill in a cloud of glitter and sparkle. it was so beautiful! and nothing a camera could capture! sigh, will just have to keep the snapshot in my mind forever.

How was your day?

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