Monday, February 07, 2005

. . . and snow . . .

yes, it's still snowing. not too bad though. mostly just flurries through the morning, school's not cancelled, starting late, or anything like that. we got about 4 inches (it didn't snow much after i blogged yesterday, just a tiny bit, but it all blew my sidewalks shut, >:( ), although Epply Airfield only registered 1.

I got 3 squares done yesterday, but i've definitely lost my enthusiasm. i'm gonna try to get at least 2 done today at work, but we'll see, since i have to leave early to take my mom to get her blood work done (she's on blood thinners and has to have it done monthly, at least) and take sean for his med check. Just call me ham on rye, grilled (sandwich generation).

Since the pressure was off with the afghan, i've cast on for Patrick's hat. we'll see how it turns out. It's red heart, but since i wanted a tight knit, and i'm doing it in 1x1 ribbing, i'm using 4 needles. we'll see. my PITA daughter never did download the pic she took for me, and since i got an attitude from her about downloading stuff on my puter (i've got 33% left of free space, ack!), i changed her password to access the computer, and if she can figure that out, i moved her music files. i'm not saying where here, just on the odd chance she might actually read my blog, but she'll never figure it out, unless she goes through file by file. now, before y'all think i'm a totally heartless bitch of a mother, she's got a computer, if she'll ever completely clean her room so mark can string the cable for her. and since i can pick up my monitor tonight, she doesn't even have the monitor excuse any more (she's the one who broke the power button in the first place, accident or not).

You might be a redneck if your Uncle Bob died peeing on an electric fence (i hope y'all get a charge out of that one(every pun intended, darlings, every pun).

Pattern of the Day: Midado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves. these are very pretty, but to me semi-impractical, unless you wear them while wearing a short sleeve, or sleeveless top, in which case, why not just put on a jacket? they are so long, they almost look like opera gloves. might adapt the pattern to a shorter length (gotta love fingerless gloves).

must dash, have to go start the van, and scrape off the snow from last night. Have a good day!

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Katt said...

Hey there! Came across your blog after you posted in Yarnivorous. I love it! Gotta love a mother who likes to punish her kids in a creative way like moving their music files! Mind you..I get to look forward to this fun with mine!
What sort of hat are you making for Patrick?