Saturday, April 30, 2005

i've been memed!

ok, ok, i volunteered, but nobody ever tags me, lol.

The idea is to pick 5 and complete the sentences, then pass this little meme on to 3 more of your blog pals! But no tag backs!
If I could be a scientist…
If I could be a farmer…
If I could be a musician…
If I could be a doctor…
If I could be a painter…
If I could be a gardener…
If I could be a missionary…
If I could be a chef…
If I could be an architect…
If I could be a linguist…
If I could be a psychologist…
If I could be a librarian…
If I could be an athlete…
If I could be a lawyer…
If I could be an inn-keeper…
If I could be a professor…
If I could be a writer…
If I could be a llama-rider…
If I could be a bonnie pirate…
If I could be an astronaut…
If I could be a world famous blogger…
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world…
If I could be married to any current famous political figure…
If I could be a writer… i'd write fantasy. i love dragons, and unicorns, and fairies.

If I could be a librarian… i'd time travel back and work in the libraries of alexandria (is that right?) all those ancient scrolls.

If I could be an astronaut… i'd time travel forward, and do it when it was an every day occurence, and help build space stations, or travel to far planets, like neptune and saturn. i would love to see the earth from space.

If I could be a gardener… i'd plant enough to feed the hungry. i'd donate to the local food pantries every week.

If I could be a painter… i'd paint the love in my family's eyes.

god i'm a sap, arent i?

i finished slipper pair #5 and then proceeded to forget pair #1 in the box to Father's House. damn. well, i'm gonna hunt up a small box, and mail them tomorrow, just to make sure my count is accurate and fair. damn.

hobby lobby had lion brand fun fur and yarn bee wild child and elf eyelash on sale for $2.66 a ball! i bought 16 balls for the purses. too cool.

i've almost finished the 4th row for Mom's afghan. i've got 2 more squares to sew on. i think i'm going to try to finish it this week so that i can give it to her this coming weekend. Dad's birthday is friday. hell of a thing, giving mom her present on dad's birthday. i'm not going to make anything for him, because he's picky about color, according to mom. i think i'll make him fingerless mitts for christmas, though. those, however, will be knit (wrong section, i know).

SOME ASSHOLE STOLE MY LAWNMOWER! mark had it at his house, and while his friend's dad's rv was parked in the driveway blocking view from the street, some jerk ran off with the mower. i'm so pissed. we just got the fucking thing running, and now it's gone. >:(

today was a running day again, sigh. i hate saturdays like this, and it's gonna be this way for a while. i have a dentist appointment next saturday, and liam has one the week after, and my mom is going to see her financial advisor that saturday as well. sigh.

i mailed 2 packages today, and the mail man was impressed. i shoved 3 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of slippers (not 5 like i thought), 6 pairs of socks, 12 toothbrushes, 10 razors, and 78 pony tail holders into a flat rate priority box. this was for AC4C for the april project of Father's House International. i got my money's worth for sure. he told me it would have cost $9.90 for priority, and $8.50 for parcel post, and i paid $7.70. not bad, eh? the other package was for natalie and i think she'll like what i send. i'm not telling, cuz i know she reads my blog. :P natalie. lol.

You might be a redneck if you've ever used a barstool as a weapon.
You might be a redneck if you use your bathroom plunger every day (does this make mark a redneck, since he's having bathtub drainage issues?)

Pattern of the Day: Lacy Recycled Silk Scarf. maybe i'll be lazy, and just make this for you know who instead. it's pretty.

Openwork Rib. i think i like these patterns most of all. just a texture pattern, and you can use it for whatever you want. i like.

What i'm reading.
Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. i need to hurry up and finish this. yarnivorous saw the movie on friday (her time, of course) and said it was good. i wanna see it, but i wanna read the book first. this is a flip, because i refuse to read Revenge of the Sith (starwars III) until after i see the movie. interesting paradox i am.
A God in Ruins. slightly pendantic, a little slow right now, but still a good read.

Have a good day!

(raises hand) Hi, my name is Minnie and i'm a yarnaholic. these are predominantly for the purses (the pink is for steph's scarf i've never finished because i lost the other pink in my room (dont ask)). i see some interesting color combinations ahead. Posted by Hello

this is pair # 4 of the charity slippers. they are pocket book slippers. however i'm not sure if they're called that because they'll fit in a pocketbook, or because they look like it. interesting, to say the least Posted by Hello

this is pair # 5 of the charity slippers Posted by Hello

Friday, April 29, 2005

put down the needles and no one will get hurt

i'm in obsession mode. i've been making lots of charity slippers this week, and i finished off pair #4 (which i will picture tomorrow when my batteries are charged) and have cast on for pair #5. i have also started a new Le Bag. this one is gonna be for those Red Hat Society ladies, fire engine red, with purple eyelash. rock on, ladies! (i would like to join, but i'm too young, and the younger ones wear pink(shudder) and lavendar. i spose i'll just have to wait another 11 years.)

sean was good at school, and good at home. liam was the little terror. he refused to do as his sister told him, on mark's and my date night, so i had to go home early. mark and i both have consequences for him, he's not gonna like. it's not the coming home that bothers me, it's the not doing as he was told part that drives me batty.

You might be a redneck if mosquito control comes to talk to you about your pool.

Pattern of the Day: Egyptian Dress. this is darling! they've done it in egyptian cotton (hence the name) but i can see it in a variety of fibers. again, no little girl to knit for, but i could do it for AC4C!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

a side shot of sean's hair for wacky hair day. isn't he cool looking (he thinks so!) Posted by Hello

sean desperately trying to look cool for wacky hair day at school. his sister did it for him, as soon as she realized what he was trying to do (what a sweet sister, if only she didn't beat him mercifully(ask about that)) Posted by Hello

the obligatory cat shot. as soon as this pic was done, he jumped out and walked away, like "ok mom, enough with the cutsie pictures already!" typical teenager (actually, jimi's 5) Posted by Hello

Le Bag II stretched out, and awaiting seaming Posted by Hello

Le Bag II stitched, and ready for felting. the handle is not attached, but will be attached with hardware after the bag is lined, so it can be removable, and made into a clutch Posted by Hello

charity slipper #1 in the offing on sunday. i've been busy, since you'll see pairs 2 & 3 as well. i'm hoping for 2 or 3 more pair by saturday, which is mailing day, come hell or high water Posted by Hello

charity slippers #1. these are actually darker, and have more contrast than in this pic, but i'm never home with my camera in daylight hours, so y'all are stuck. this is the same pattern as the christmas slippers, but with seed stitch for the toes, as opposed to stocking st. Posted by Hello

charity slippers #2. these are posing on my slightly damp copy of InKnitters, which i think i'm going to subscribe to. (damp because my new water bottle leaked, sigh) these have 3 different shades of red, but i have no one with small enough feet to model them, sigh. Posted by Hello

charity slipper pair #3. they both have dabs of pink, but also brown through out. it's just hiding in this photo. Posted by Hello

i've been a bad, bad girl

i need to post more often, i swear. it's just i've discovered this addiction called blog reading, and message reading. i only belong to 2 boards, and i can't keep up with it and the blogs and still blog myself. sigh. doesn't help that i've got a list of like 50 blogs i read. alas and alack.

i've almost finished mark's second sleeve. of course, i discovered that i made a mistake, and will have to frog til i find it. sigh.

finished charity slipper #2, and have knitted #3. will be seaming it at work today.

Le Bag II is felted, and drying. yes, it's still wet after 3 days. oy. then i need to line it, and attach hardware (still haven't found a button i like yet, sigh), and it's done.

pics will be following tonight, as i'm too rushed to post them today.

I read my Summer IK, and i was not terribly impressed. what's the deal with the redheaded model? a lot of those fashions she just could not carry off.

my caseworker is a dork! you would think they'd take the recommendations of the therapists, because they are paid for their knowledge, right? she insists that even though liam's therapist believes he's ready to be released, she thinks he needs to stay in individual therapy while he adjusts to sean coming home, even though we're going to continue family therapy. good god.

sean had wacky hair day at school yesterday, and steph gelled it into a mohawk. i saw the pics, and they are cute! i'll post those as well.

steph's car is slowly coming together. they fixed the major exhaust leak, so it doesn't roar anymore, now it just rumbles a bit. mark thinks the brakes are good enough to keep her safe, so i'm letting her drive her own vehicle, and i get my van back! yippee!

You might be a redneck if . . .
4-25-2005 You're on a taxidermist's mailing list.
4-26, 2006 Coworkers (think classmates in liam's case) anonymously leave Bean-O on your desk.
4-27-2005 Someone calls security every time you visit the mall.

Pattern of the day:
4-25 Bell Cloche. i like this hat. i think it'd be a good chemo cap for next month's AC4C for some hospital. i can't remember what right now.
4-26 Mikado Ribbon Camisole Top this is very pretty, although i don't particularly care for the yarn colorway they used. i could see it in my (distant) future.
4-27 Ritzy Glitzy Wrap. This is as bad as the garterstitch scarves. what pattern? all the focus is on the yarn.

Have a nice Day!

Monday, April 25, 2005

2 days in a row, woohoo!

ok, where's the mop for the sarcasm dripping around here?

cast on for the second pair of charity slippers right after i finished Le Bag II. it sits dripping on my exercise bike (i knew i'd find a use for that thing) as we speak. i gotta figure something out. the opening stretched again! and this one is much taller than the first. wonder if i screwed up, and 34" was the original total length, and not just the body length. ah well, it's still cute. i need to defuzz it though. apparently spruce lamb's pride really sheds. i need to flip it around, so the flap doesn't dry permanently cocked like it is. i'll post pics tomorrow, i promise.

i found a garter hooded sweater in InKnitters that looks easy as cake, that i may just make for Father's house, if i can knit that fast. we'll see.

it's so nice to have my baby sleeping in his bed on a school night. i know it will be crazy in the morning, but i'm ok with that. i'm just getting them up extra early (630, god), so we can leave by 7. since sean goes to school at hillside,which is on 75th & western for those familiar with omaha, and i live on 29th just south of state street (think almost I680), i'll have a 15 minute drive just to get him to school. i know i'm probably leaving way early, but i wanna get the timing down on this. we may be able to leave as late as 715 with any luck.

dinner was fabulous tonight. mark wanted pork chops for the grill, and no frills had thick cut pork chops (at least 1", maybe 1 1/4") on sale for $2.17! that's per pound! titanium rose, if you eat pork, hie thee to a no frills! so we bbqed them on the grill, with corn on the cob, and apples with cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. we also had mashed cheddar potatoes with bacon. mmmmmmmmm i can hear my arteries hardening as we speak, and they're in bliss about it!

liam finally finished mowing the lawn today. we figured out the cable was stretched, so the safety lever wouldn't always activate. so if it dies, we have to pry the lever with a screwdriver. mark thinks the cable either needs to be shortened, lubricated, or replaced. we'll see. i'm just glad my lawn no longer looks like a candidate for sheep grazing (not that i wouldn't mind a sheep or two, lol)

i have to drive steph's migraine inducing car again. mark wants to work on it tomorrow, and we can't wait for steph to get home, since she works until 6 on mondays. oy.

What i'm reading now.

Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe
A God in Ruins by Leon Uris (of Battlecry and Trinity fame)
Whatever knitting mags i haven't finished yet from the pile i bought saturday.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


i've been a bum. i've been too tired to blog, that's for sure. running on empty, indeed.

i've gotten Le Bag II almost done. i'm making the i-cord right now, and then will stitch the bag up and toss them in the wash. this bag i'm lining, as i want to sell this, and i don't want customers' keys getting caught in the fuzz.

mark's sweater has ground to a halt, for now. i've got too many fish to fry.

i made a pair of charity slippers for Father's House International. they do stuff for ukranian orphanages. i'm going to start another pair after i finish Le Bag II.

i bought 5 (and yes, that's not a typo) knitting magazines today. i found inknitters, which i'd missed the winter one. i may actually subscribe to this one. i also bought Interweave Knits, Knit'n'Style, Knitting (a brit mag, that i like, but can't afford the sub for), and vogue knitting. very prosperous mag day. i'll be reading for days !

i'm on row 4 of stitching blocks together. hope that makes mark happy

well, we finally did it. sean is home for good. the funny thing is, is he already misses brenda, his foster mom. he was crying for her last night, so i let him call her. she talked to him for 5 minutes, and then he went to bed. he was ok after that.

i went to the dentist today, and i'll tell you, my mouth still hurts. it started hurting before the dentist was done with the filling, because he rinsed my mouth with cold water, and that side hurt! ouchie! my jaw aches too, prolly from the injections. the really bad news is my mom has major problems, and i will ahve to take time off from work to take her to some appointments. they're talking dentures, and a periodontist visit. blech. more running during the week. why can't these people be open on saturday?

sean broke his glasses AGAIN. this is the 3rd pair in less than a year. medicaid has got to be sick of doing that. and he left his book there. thank goodness, when i called, they'd found it, and said they'd hang onto it til mark takes sean to pick up his glasses on monday.

mark was mad at me because i begged off tonight. i'm just worn out. i ran all frigging day, between finding an ASL book for the kids, taking sean to the eye doctor, dropping steph off at a friends (we're working on her car), going to string of purls for package enhancement for natalie (you're just gonna have to wait til i mail it, lol). i also bought some needles for me. like i need more needles, lol. ah well. i love that store. they all complimented my poncho, even though it's just homespun. they were also very helpful in helping me decide what to buy. now i gotta find a pattern to go with it. i also went to walmart, and then shopko for my mom's prescriptions (she has abcessed teeth, blech) and brenda's for sean's stuff. oy, i'm surprised i'm not asleep yet!

now for the calendar i'm so behind on.

4-20-2005 You might be a redneck if your snoring interferes with television reception.
4-21-2005 You might be a redneck if you bum cigarettes from your preacher.
4-22-2005 You might be a redneck if getting your car inspected means paying a bribe.
4-23-24-2005 you might be a redneck if your hair stylist also cuts your grass. (goodness!)

pattern of the day:
4-21-2005 Little Leaf Lace Scarf. very pretty. tempting for the laceweight merino.
4-22-24-2005 Colorfully Cool Cardigan. looks like simple intarsia. kinda neat.

have a good day!

Friday, April 22, 2005

i'm not dead yet

but i'm totally whipped. mark fixed steph's car, so i don't have to take him to work, but liam is going with him in the morning, so i'll have to be up and motivated at 5 anyway. this is 5 days in a row.

sean is coming home!!!!!!!!!!

more later, i'm beat. but my baby's coming home for good tomorrow night. (weeps)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

short and sweet

i will comment on the whole papal thing, since so many people are. i am not catholic. i'm not even truly christian. but, this is something that impacts the entire world, catholic, christian, muslim, buddhist, what have you. i have my doubts about this man. after all he is a man. i fear he may reverse many things JPII put into place, in the name of conservatism. i hear his nickname is the hammer. good grief! many people on the news said they were disappointed that the new pope was not elected from africa, latin america, or asia. let's get real, folks. this is a staunchly conservative group. it was amazing for JPII to be elected, as he was the first non-italian pope in 500 years! i'm surprised they went for a non-italian. granted, he's still european, but he's not father guido either. i will watch.

i got tons done on Le Bag II. i'm up to 17 inches, and i need 28 before i hit the eyelash stage. i modified it a tiny bit, because the original Le Bag had a wide mouth look to it. so the first 4 rows and the last 4 rows will be 4 stitches smaller than the body of the bag. i still ahve to felt my swatch, sigh. no time tonight.

ok, mark, the nag, will be happy. i got row #2 sewn, and am over half way through row #3. god i hate sewing squares.

i'm tired. mark overslept this morning (too much coca cola last night while he had liam, he should have stuck with water) and i was worried so i ran over there, and woke him up at 5:10. he called off work. i tried to get pre-VTO but no doing. dang. and i was unable to go back to sleep afterward, and since i had to get up earlier because i had therapy, i had no shot at nappage. then steph texted me at 9:45 in panic. her car was smoking. we figured that out, but now there's something else wrong. mark think's the coil is bad. so, steph gets my van tomorrow (oh god) and i'm getting up early to take mark to work. at 530. lord help me.

4-18-2005 You might be a redneck if you've ever taken reading material into an airplane restroom.

4-19-2005 You might be a redneck if you clean your garage and realize that you didnt' sell your motorcycle.

Pattern of the Day: Bead Stitch Anklets Cont'. need i say more? from now on, if a pattern is continued, i'm not going to post one that day. this is eating up too much of my sleeping time as it is, but i've got you, my devoted fans, to attend to. (fetches a mop for the sarcasm before someone slips in it)

Pattern of the Day: Scotty Maloney Fine Merino Doll Sweater. this is sized for dolls a bit bigger than barbie, with barbie sizes in parentheses. good god! micro knitting, indeed! not even gonna.

Have a good day!

Monday, April 18, 2005

this is not, I REPEAT, NOT stash enhancement, lol. the dark green (of which i need one more skein :( ) is for the trim on the tom-girl hoodie, and the other is the additional yarn i need for the poncho, since i'm using size 15 needles, and the pattern calls for 17's (which i dont have). i will blog more tomorrow, i'm whipped Posted by Hello

le bag II. i'm going to sell these! and i have a partner! she works at OTC and makes higher end jewelry. and she said she'd be willing to sell my bags, if i help with table prices. cool beans! Posted by Hello

this is the eyelash i'm experimenting with. it's actually "eyelash" length, and not fur, lol. it's by yarn bee, and is cheaper than bernat or lion brand. if this works, i may use more. Posted by Hello

the icord swatch i'm using to make sure this eyelash will survive the felting process ok for le bag II Posted by Hello

je suis finis

i know, if it's french, it's the most atrocious example you've ever seen. i know culinary french, not normal french. i speak spanish and ASL (aka sign language).

Jenny's hat is done. i've sent washing instructions, and stuffed it in an impossibly small padded envelope for mailage tomorrow. and i have 1/3 of a ball of calmer left. what am i gonna do with it?
speaking of mailage, at AC4C they said you can get the post office to deliver 25 flat rate priority boxes to your house for free. all you have to do is place an "order" online. this is cool! and if you print up your postage online, you can arrange for it to be picked up when your mail is delivered! this makes AC4C so much simpler! my mailman already hates me, he's really gonna hate me now!

for those of you who wondered what happened with liam's note, apparently the teacher had forgotten to put it in his planner. the paper he was missing was one he had been sick for, and had apparently forgotten to ask about. sigh. this teacher forgets a lot, if you don't prompt her, i've noticed. liam likes her, but sheesh. anyway, long and short, liam gets to go to the baseball game (and i have to send cash (shudder) with him, because i forgot to buy lunch makings) and will be going with mark to work on friday. he's not going to like getting up so early, i'm sure. i'll bet he's napping at kids club when i pick him up, lol (mark has to be at work by 6 am)

The kids and i got a good start on the yard this morning. my neighbor has a tree that sheds bean pods all over my yard (it hangs over my yard, sigh, and he's a single retired gentleman, so i let it slide. if he dies before i leave here, the next neighbor will deal with them, i guarantee). so i promised the boys i'd pay them a penny for every pod they picked up. sean worked $2 off his debt (he owed liam money, but since liam owes me, it goes to me instead) and liam worked off $10! he also tried to mow, but hte mower is acting up again, big humungous sigh. i got all the tall brush scrounged out of the south flower bed, and round-upped it this evening. i'm going clear all that crap out, put down ground cloth and mulch, and plant roses. watch me.

we went to mom and dad's this afternoon, to help dad finish hanging his storm door he put on the garage. inside the garage mind you. apparently the old screen door was warped, and letting bugs in, so dad decided it was time to buy a new one, and it turned into an amazing adventure. took two trips and some cussing on mark's part to get it hung. remind me not to buy larson storm doors. (so sue me). we had platter burgers and chili cheese dip for dupper (we ate at 340). ask me what platter burgers are, i'm too tired to explain right now. i'm up too late again.

You might be a redneck if every time the wind blows you find shingles in your yard.

Pattern of the Weekend: Bead Stitch Anklets. beautiful pattern. in koigu. ouch. must. resist. temptation. to . buy. expensive. yarn. (it's startitis i'm refusing to be guilty of, lol.)

Have a nice day!
(and please don't growl at me, i really do want you to have a nice day)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

here's jenny's hat. jenny is stephanie's best friend who lives in hastings, ne about 200 miles from here. she has hodgkins disease, and had to shave her head about 2 weeks ago. she's a sweet kid, and i wanted to do this for her. it's in rowan calmer, and i have 1/3 ball left! that is steph, reluctantly modeling, btw, lol. Posted by Hello

taking a page from fillyjonk

i've taken a page from fillyjonk. i have taken a vow to not feel guilty about starting a new project, regardless of how many WIP i have to begin with. i started two new ones today, as you will see in the following pics. and they're all things i've been wanting to do, but have guilted myself into not starting. well, poo to that. i am going to list all my current WIP, though, so i have an idea what's going on

i cast on for the raw chicken hat knitalong. i'm making two hats, so the first is going to be a normal, grocery store chicken. the second is going to be a free range chicken (i'm using yellow, cuz i don't have any more of the raw flesh looking yarn, lol)

i also cast on for a poncho from the Knit It magazine. i've been in love with the cover poncho since it came out, but just couldn't bring myself to buy the yarn. well, today i did. but i didn't buy enough, sigh. i spose i'm going back to hobby lobby monday night during sean's and my visit (he'll love that, he's addicted to looking at yarn, even if he can't knit it very well yet)

and i bought yarn today for the tom-girl hoodie from Cast On (the TKGA publication). steph said she liked it a long time ago, if i left the bobbles off (i hate bobbles too, i don't blame her), so i bought the light thyme for the body. i' m going to ask her if she wants the hood and hem and cuffs the dark thyme, or light. i need to buy more anyway, lol, i only bought 5 skeins, and the pattern calls for 8 total.

i finished square # 11 for the AC4C, and mailed them tonight. i love the post office at the airport being open 24/7. hope it stays that way.

ok, gang, my WIP list

afghan for mark's mom
mark's sweater
shell from incredible style ribbon
raw chicken hat

i guess it's not so bad after all, lol. the problem is all the PWTBS (Projects Waiting To Be Started)

i ain't even going there, i don't have all night to type.

liam had a dentist appointment that took forever. it was supposed to be at 12:15 this afternoon, but he didn't even get in until one. and then, when he was done, i found out we couldn't have lunch yet, because the fluoride had to sit for 30 minutes before he could eat or drink. hence the trip to hobby lobby just up the street (gotta love having it that convenient!) by the time we got my mom picked up to go to walmart, it was 230. i hate walmart on saturday afternoons, it's such a rat race. and as usual, i spent way too much money (and almost every bit necessary). got my mom home by 4, and headed for home. stopped at marks when i saw that the band was gone, and dropped off a few things for dinner, before i headed home. mark told sean he'd done enough penance for tearing his stoop apart, so we went home and packed up the PS2, and went to marks and had burgers and corn on the cob on the grill. NOTE TO ALL COOKS: Corn King bacon is cheap, and acts like it too. thin, and wouldn't stick together. we ended up having bacon bit cheese burgers, lol.

i'm going to do friday's today, since i was too tired to post last night. weekend stuff will be tomorrow.

You might be a redneck if you've ever hunted quail in the interstate median.

Pattern of the Day: Hills Water Bottle Bag continued. same notes as before.

Have a good day!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

this is my beginning fit of startitis for the day. it's the chicken hat i've been meaning to cast on for a week. i'm mad, i truly am Posted by Hello

this is project # 2 i started today Posted by Hello

i couldn't even wait to cast on to take pictures. so here it is, # 2 in my fit today Posted by Hello

here's a better shot of what i've done so far in my fit Posted by Hello

this is the pattern steph likes. hope the glare isn't hiding too much of the pattern. this is from Cast On (the tkga magazine) Posted by Hello

this is the yarn i'm using, which is what the pattern actually calls for! steph liked the color, so we're going with it Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

tick, tick, tick

i don't know if that's the clock ticking because i'm up too late again, or liam ticking like a bomb. he got busted and won't admit it. mark called his teacher today and she told him that liam had a 0 because he didn't turn a paper in. we have no idea which one it was, and liam won't admit to it. she also said she'd attach a note to liam's planner, and all i found was torn pages. he swears there was no note, but i don't buy it. mark will call her tomorrow, and we'll see. he's teetering on losing mutual, and i may make him stay home from the baseball game field trip if i don't get some true confessions really soon.

mark and i had date night tonight, and we made the yummiest kebobs. shrimp and sirloin, with apples dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and redpeppers. the shrimp was a tad bit overdone, so we'll probably precook the steak next time, but it was fantastic. i had two 12 inch skewers full, and some pesto cream sauce pasta, and i'm still stuffed. wow, we can really cook together.

I got to the final increase on mark's sleeve, and then got sent to mail. i was in there for the rest of the day, sigh. i'm still working on the rogue swatch, now i'm doing the back and forth, to see how it works. i'm using a size 5 needle, which is a step down from the 10's i'm using for mark's sweater. i think it will be gorgeous, though. (small edit, i just measured my swatch, and my guage is dead on in 5 needles. i'm gonna cast on this weekend i think)

i'm going to try to find my slipper pattern from the girls' slippers, cuz that would make a good pattern for the AC4C father house project. it's double stranded, and quick as the wind. i'll do it right though, and make the toe seed stitch, instead of stocking. i only did the stocking so i could embroider the toes. hey, there's a thought. i could do the stocking, and embroider toes on them. that would be cute! (only on the girlie ones, i'm sure boys would hate it (teenwise, lol)

steph hates I DO, and swears she will never wear it, even for my wedding. sigh. fine, she's young, she can go without. the rest will have them, iknow sue and sherril would love it.

i did work ont he last square a tiny bit, but not much last night. too tired, and too into swatching, lol.

You might be a redneck if your dog has been blacklisted by the groomer.

Pattern of the Day: Hills Water Bottle Bag. this is cute, but it's in hemp, and that's kinda pricey for a bottle bag. i might see if i can do an adaptation in cotton. we'll see

Thursday, April 14, 2005

yes, gang, i am indeed mad

i didn't get a lot done on mark's sweater, mostly because i kept trying to fall asleep at work. that, and i think i'm unintentionally slowing down, because this is the final sleeve, and i've actually enjoyed working with this woolease. i may buy some more in the same color, and make matching sweaters for the boys. now wouldn't that be cool!

i've begun swatching Rogue for stephanie. she was bitching monday about all the stuff i "promise" to make, and never get to. she's thinking of the afghan i started 5 years ago. i tried to renew my interest in that last summer, but i kept finding holes in it (it sat behind the recliner in the house in blair for a long time, and i think something got into it), so i may just pitch it, and start over. i dunno.

Jimi has taken to lying on any WIP i leave on the floor. i really need to sit down and make that cat his own blankie. i think i'll keep it under the computer desk. he likes to lie there where the heating vent blows.

another note to the madness, brenda (sean's foster mom)asked me if i would make her a crocheted tank top, if she paid me. i quoted her the usual 3X material cost, but i dont know. this is going to be a self-design, and she's got certain things in mind. could be interesting, but definitely a challenge. i'll see what i can find for nice cotton on elann, since knitpicks doens't do cotton yet. the sonata i bought for steph's poncho is nice, and i may use that to swatch, to decide how much i need. if worse comes to worse, i can always use the leftovers for something else.

i've got to get some sleep. that's why i didn't blog last night, just too bloody tired. i tried to fall asleep most of today at work, and the knitting isn't keeping me awake enough. argh.

Dennis is no longer our CTA. with the IFP in place, the one girl would be duplicating services, so Dennis is by the wayside for now. if elaine feels sean still needs cta services after ifp is done ( in 14 weeks, oy!), then they'll start up again. mark doesn't want dennis back, he thinks he's pompous. brenda thinks he's a drama queen. sean says he misses him, but i've heard he doesn't like him. i dunno. i was ambivalent, myself.

we still haven't told the boys about john relinquishing his parental rights. elaine wants to wait until after sean's home, so that sean doesn't see it as one more rejection. liam is going to be released from individual therapy at the end of the month, which will help scads with timing. family therapy will move to tuesday after sean's therapy. mark has said he'd be willing to pick up both kids so they can be fed by the time we go. that would be so nice.

sean's teacher called me today with the IEP (individual education plan, vi) for sean for the rest of the school year. i mentioned to her that i would like her to meet with the new resource teacher at OPS (omaha public schools) so that when sean starts here in the fall, they'll know what they're getting.

ok, 2for1 special on redneck and pattern

yesterday- you might be a redneck if your mudflaps were declared obscene in 23 states.

today- you might be a redneck if you've ever watched the Daytona 500 naked (ew!)

Pattern of Yesterday: Kete Bag. i like the style on this, but who knows.

Pattern of the Day: Oh So Vogue! Iceland Scarf. this one apparently rises up a tad bit above garter stitch. it's 2x2 ribbing with some funky fringe with beads. kinda cute, but not my cuppa.

what i'm reading:
Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cooking (this is an actual cookbook, but it's funny as hell, as well)
Fiery Cross
The Siren Queen
(yes, stephanie, i finished your book this morning, magnificent, woman, magnificent!)

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ok, this is it. i finally went through my stash of chunkies, and picked these. of course, the "white" is more off white, and will look like raw chicken. the orange is tentatively for the legs, but i may hunt further in my stash. i'm going for a half-cooked look. (this is just the first one, lol) Posted by Hello

yes, jimi is sitting there very calmly with yarn draped over him. right after the flash, he decided he needed to play "ball" so i took it away. i need to make this cat his own "afghan" he keeps trying to steal my WIP Posted by Hello