Monday, April 18, 2005

je suis finis

i know, if it's french, it's the most atrocious example you've ever seen. i know culinary french, not normal french. i speak spanish and ASL (aka sign language).

Jenny's hat is done. i've sent washing instructions, and stuffed it in an impossibly small padded envelope for mailage tomorrow. and i have 1/3 of a ball of calmer left. what am i gonna do with it?
speaking of mailage, at AC4C they said you can get the post office to deliver 25 flat rate priority boxes to your house for free. all you have to do is place an "order" online. this is cool! and if you print up your postage online, you can arrange for it to be picked up when your mail is delivered! this makes AC4C so much simpler! my mailman already hates me, he's really gonna hate me now!

for those of you who wondered what happened with liam's note, apparently the teacher had forgotten to put it in his planner. the paper he was missing was one he had been sick for, and had apparently forgotten to ask about. sigh. this teacher forgets a lot, if you don't prompt her, i've noticed. liam likes her, but sheesh. anyway, long and short, liam gets to go to the baseball game (and i have to send cash (shudder) with him, because i forgot to buy lunch makings) and will be going with mark to work on friday. he's not going to like getting up so early, i'm sure. i'll bet he's napping at kids club when i pick him up, lol (mark has to be at work by 6 am)

The kids and i got a good start on the yard this morning. my neighbor has a tree that sheds bean pods all over my yard (it hangs over my yard, sigh, and he's a single retired gentleman, so i let it slide. if he dies before i leave here, the next neighbor will deal with them, i guarantee). so i promised the boys i'd pay them a penny for every pod they picked up. sean worked $2 off his debt (he owed liam money, but since liam owes me, it goes to me instead) and liam worked off $10! he also tried to mow, but hte mower is acting up again, big humungous sigh. i got all the tall brush scrounged out of the south flower bed, and round-upped it this evening. i'm going clear all that crap out, put down ground cloth and mulch, and plant roses. watch me.

we went to mom and dad's this afternoon, to help dad finish hanging his storm door he put on the garage. inside the garage mind you. apparently the old screen door was warped, and letting bugs in, so dad decided it was time to buy a new one, and it turned into an amazing adventure. took two trips and some cussing on mark's part to get it hung. remind me not to buy larson storm doors. (so sue me). we had platter burgers and chili cheese dip for dupper (we ate at 340). ask me what platter burgers are, i'm too tired to explain right now. i'm up too late again.

You might be a redneck if every time the wind blows you find shingles in your yard.

Pattern of the Weekend: Bead Stitch Anklets. beautiful pattern. in koigu. ouch. must. resist. temptation. to . buy. expensive. yarn. (it's startitis i'm refusing to be guilty of, lol.)

Have a nice day!
(and please don't growl at me, i really do want you to have a nice day)


Michelle said...

Hey impatient one! I think silk for the flower basket shawl would be perfect.

For your left over Calmer, how about making a mini hat or sock to use for decoration...maybe a keychain? I use leftover sock yarn and make mini sweaters, hats and socks for the Christmas tree.

vi said...

hey where you been?