Wednesday, April 06, 2005

chugging along

here's the part i hate about granny squares. ya gotta sew them together. so i'm sewing. as for the contest, i only have two entrants. any body else out there? here's the layout. and these are the color choices: #1, #2, #3 & #4. please?

I had to tink a row and a half of ribbing because i got carried away last night while reading the hitchikers guide to the galaxy. however, i charged ahead full steam again (until they sent me home from work at 10:30!), and have gainfully knitted about 6 inches. i'll show pics when i'm done with both sleeves. and no, i haven't compared them to the body yet. i will.

I got RTO'ed at work, which is funny, because i had intended on signing up for VTO after lunch. i had just wanted to stay for 2 more hours. wonder how long i'll stay tomorrow. they RTO'ed me monday, too, but i only lost 45 minutes on that one. oh well. rto doesn't affect my benefits like vto does.

so, with my copious free time, i had lunch with mark, went to walmart and bought the necessities steph and i missed last thursday, came home and took a nap. i left in tons of time to pick up sean, and go to village inn for supper, instead of our usual fast food fare. however, we were late for therapy anyway, because sean decided that he not only needed to wash his hands and face (he had strawberry pancakes, and he's a messy eater, lol), but that he had to go to the bathroom, AND change into the shorts he was wearing under his pants. i can live with the bathroom, particularly since he has problems with waiting (he doesn't tell anyone he has to go until the very last second) but the pants could have waited until we got to therapy.

and i didn't knit. oh well. as you can see, my sock yarn came in, and now i'm inundated with sock yarn. help! i've got to start doing something with these cockamamie things. sigh. my list is too long. i need to write it down, so i can check it off, and add to it as i wish. i think i'll make dad a lap afghan too, but this will be for christmas, lol. his birthday is in may, and considering i'm still working on mom's and her birthday was 2 months ago, i'd better start now, lol. and dont' forget to enter the contest!

You might be a redneck if you've ever had to bail your mother out of jail for beating up a Little League umpire (and who could blame her, the blind so and so's!)

Pattern of the Day: Collared Shrug. i've said it before, that the only person a shrug looks good on is under the age of 12, but then, i'm contemplating knitting shrugs in classy colors for my bridesmaids for the wedding. we'll see. it will have to be cotton or silk (ooo, luxury) because sherril is allergic to wool (and it will be early to mid september anyway, lol). of course, this is going with the fact that i haven't asked her to be my maid(matron) of honor yet. i don't know what to call her, because she is my littlest brother's fiancee, but they're not married yet, and i don't know if they'll be married by the time mark and i get married. they've never set a date, but oo, she's got a gorgeous rock (bob has excellent taste (and he'd better, her dad's a jeweller, lol)).

Have a nice day!

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