Sunday, April 03, 2005

i was a bad girl

i didn't post on my birthday, alas. too busy being worn out.

i've made it to the shaping of the first sleeve. i'm worn out. i'm plugging away, though. sincerely hope this thing fits.

i went to String of Purls today, and bought Stephanie's book. i also bought a bunch of lamb's pride to start my venture, and make bags for sale on the web. yes, the prototype got me started. this ought to be fun. mark's gonna help me with getting a web page set up. i did email brown sheep , but right now they're not opening any more wholesale accounts, because they're swamped, lol. well, i'll hold on for now.

and i'm taking on another project as well. the raw chicken hat knitalong is starting up. go look at the pattern, and join in! i'm doing two, at the request of the boys.

had a frantic crocheting marathon this afternoon, and made a hat and booties to go with the charity sweater. i took pics, but i'm too tired to download it, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

i still only have one contestant. come on, folks, don't you want the beautiful booklet? i'm no where near ready to put the blasted thing together (not with mark's sweater in the offing, lol) still plenty of chances (begging on knees "pretty please?").

(a moment of silence for karol). i'm not catholic, and may not even be nominally christian, but you have to admit, he was a man who stood by his convictions.

stephanie got a job. yes, my itinerant, college slob of a child is actually going to try to work and go to school. good luck to her. now i have to find alternative day care for liam next week (my mom said yes, lol, so now i have to provide food so he doesnt' eat her out of house and home). i also have to figure out what to do with him on mondays and thursdays. sigh.

my furnace is out. sigh. thank god it's not TOO cold out right now. mark's going to take a look at it tomorrow. hope it is just the pilot light like he thinks.

since i missed yesterday, i'll do these today, and the weekend ones tomorrow (in my copious free time)

You might be a redneck if people drive past your house to see Christmas lights in April.

Pattern of the Day: Side to Side Vest. i like this pattern, but the color choice was hideous. at least for this model. maybe i'll make it, maybe i won't, lol.

Have a good day!

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