Sunday, April 17, 2005

taking a page from fillyjonk

i've taken a page from fillyjonk. i have taken a vow to not feel guilty about starting a new project, regardless of how many WIP i have to begin with. i started two new ones today, as you will see in the following pics. and they're all things i've been wanting to do, but have guilted myself into not starting. well, poo to that. i am going to list all my current WIP, though, so i have an idea what's going on

i cast on for the raw chicken hat knitalong. i'm making two hats, so the first is going to be a normal, grocery store chicken. the second is going to be a free range chicken (i'm using yellow, cuz i don't have any more of the raw flesh looking yarn, lol)

i also cast on for a poncho from the Knit It magazine. i've been in love with the cover poncho since it came out, but just couldn't bring myself to buy the yarn. well, today i did. but i didn't buy enough, sigh. i spose i'm going back to hobby lobby monday night during sean's and my visit (he'll love that, he's addicted to looking at yarn, even if he can't knit it very well yet)

and i bought yarn today for the tom-girl hoodie from Cast On (the TKGA publication). steph said she liked it a long time ago, if i left the bobbles off (i hate bobbles too, i don't blame her), so i bought the light thyme for the body. i' m going to ask her if she wants the hood and hem and cuffs the dark thyme, or light. i need to buy more anyway, lol, i only bought 5 skeins, and the pattern calls for 8 total.

i finished square # 11 for the AC4C, and mailed them tonight. i love the post office at the airport being open 24/7. hope it stays that way.

ok, gang, my WIP list

afghan for mark's mom
mark's sweater
shell from incredible style ribbon
raw chicken hat

i guess it's not so bad after all, lol. the problem is all the PWTBS (Projects Waiting To Be Started)

i ain't even going there, i don't have all night to type.

liam had a dentist appointment that took forever. it was supposed to be at 12:15 this afternoon, but he didn't even get in until one. and then, when he was done, i found out we couldn't have lunch yet, because the fluoride had to sit for 30 minutes before he could eat or drink. hence the trip to hobby lobby just up the street (gotta love having it that convenient!) by the time we got my mom picked up to go to walmart, it was 230. i hate walmart on saturday afternoons, it's such a rat race. and as usual, i spent way too much money (and almost every bit necessary). got my mom home by 4, and headed for home. stopped at marks when i saw that the band was gone, and dropped off a few things for dinner, before i headed home. mark told sean he'd done enough penance for tearing his stoop apart, so we went home and packed up the PS2, and went to marks and had burgers and corn on the cob on the grill. NOTE TO ALL COOKS: Corn King bacon is cheap, and acts like it too. thin, and wouldn't stick together. we ended up having bacon bit cheese burgers, lol.

i'm going to do friday's today, since i was too tired to post last night. weekend stuff will be tomorrow.

You might be a redneck if you've ever hunted quail in the interstate median.

Pattern of the Day: Hills Water Bottle Bag continued. same notes as before.

Have a good day!

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