Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i've been a bad, bad girl

i need to post more often, i swear. it's just i've discovered this addiction called blog reading, and message reading. i only belong to 2 boards, and i can't keep up with it and the blogs and still blog myself. sigh. doesn't help that i've got a list of like 50 blogs i read. alas and alack.

i've almost finished mark's second sleeve. of course, i discovered that i made a mistake, and will have to frog til i find it. sigh.

finished charity slipper #2, and have knitted #3. will be seaming it at work today.

Le Bag II is felted, and drying. yes, it's still wet after 3 days. oy. then i need to line it, and attach hardware (still haven't found a button i like yet, sigh), and it's done.

pics will be following tonight, as i'm too rushed to post them today.

I read my Summer IK, and i was not terribly impressed. what's the deal with the redheaded model? a lot of those fashions she just could not carry off.

my caseworker is a dork! you would think they'd take the recommendations of the therapists, because they are paid for their knowledge, right? she insists that even though liam's therapist believes he's ready to be released, she thinks he needs to stay in individual therapy while he adjusts to sean coming home, even though we're going to continue family therapy. good god.

sean had wacky hair day at school yesterday, and steph gelled it into a mohawk. i saw the pics, and they are cute! i'll post those as well.

steph's car is slowly coming together. they fixed the major exhaust leak, so it doesn't roar anymore, now it just rumbles a bit. mark thinks the brakes are good enough to keep her safe, so i'm letting her drive her own vehicle, and i get my van back! yippee!

You might be a redneck if . . .
4-25-2005 You're on a taxidermist's mailing list.
4-26, 2006 Coworkers (think classmates in liam's case) anonymously leave Bean-O on your desk.
4-27-2005 Someone calls security every time you visit the mall.

Pattern of the day:
4-25 Bell Cloche. i like this hat. i think it'd be a good chemo cap for next month's AC4C for some hospital. i can't remember what right now.
4-26 Mikado Ribbon Camisole Top this is very pretty, although i don't particularly care for the yarn colorway they used. i could see it in my (distant) future.
4-27 Ritzy Glitzy Wrap. This is as bad as the garterstitch scarves. what pattern? all the focus is on the yarn.

Have a nice Day!

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