Friday, April 29, 2005

put down the needles and no one will get hurt

i'm in obsession mode. i've been making lots of charity slippers this week, and i finished off pair #4 (which i will picture tomorrow when my batteries are charged) and have cast on for pair #5. i have also started a new Le Bag. this one is gonna be for those Red Hat Society ladies, fire engine red, with purple eyelash. rock on, ladies! (i would like to join, but i'm too young, and the younger ones wear pink(shudder) and lavendar. i spose i'll just have to wait another 11 years.)

sean was good at school, and good at home. liam was the little terror. he refused to do as his sister told him, on mark's and my date night, so i had to go home early. mark and i both have consequences for him, he's not gonna like. it's not the coming home that bothers me, it's the not doing as he was told part that drives me batty.

You might be a redneck if mosquito control comes to talk to you about your pool.

Pattern of the Day: Egyptian Dress. this is darling! they've done it in egyptian cotton (hence the name) but i can see it in a variety of fibers. again, no little girl to knit for, but i could do it for AC4C!

Have a nice day!

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