Monday, April 04, 2005

happy day light savings

i'm not showing pics cuz i'm pissed. i got about 3 inches into the sleeve shaping and realized that i was missing a decrease. when i counted back, it was all the way back to the binding off stitches. son of a gun. so i frogged, and i'm frantically trying to get it all knit back up before i got to bed so i dont' have to wind it up.

i did get another section done on jenny's hat, while we were at mark's folks house for dinner. it's turning out very pretty, and i think jenny will like it. i sincerely hope so.

sean did not have a good weekend. he screeched most of friday night, and ended up losing games for the whole weekend. little did he or i know that it was the precursor to permanent game revocation. today, mark and i moved some furniture from his house to mine, and that's when sean really blew it. he was up front, while mark, liam and i were in the back, trying to get the grill unchained. apparently we lost the keys to the lock, lol. i know they're around somewhere, but be damned if i can think where. mark's stoop is concrete block, with a concrete slab on top. while it's not in the best of shape, it would definitely have held out for a while longer until mark could put it on his list of honey-do's. however, sean found a chunk of concrete, and proceeded to dig at the holes and make them large enough to make this a major concern. hope it doesn't collapse when the mail man steps on it until mark can patch it. mark was furious. he has a vein that sticks out in his forehead when he's mad, and it was popping. he looked at sean and said "sean. house. NOW." sean immediately went in, sat on the sofa, and looked very sheepish. mark did very well containing his anger, but sean knew he was mad. he told sean that he was going to have to help mark fix it, when mark could get to it, and that when it was fixed, he would get video games back from him (we have a plug and play at his house for the boys) and from me (i have the big guns (playstation2)). and that brenda would be allowed to determine what kind of game punishment he would have at her house. when i talked to her, tonight, she told him that he was grounded from her games as long as he was grounded from mine. amazingly, he took that very well. we'll see how well it works.

and then, when we went to mom & dad's, he played with his gum and got it all over his hands, after he'd been told not to do so. so i scooted him in the bathroom, and made him wash his hands until it was all gone, and didn't allow him to bring anything in that he'd brought for entertainment (most of their toys are geared toward mark's nephew, luke, who is 3 1/2).

then (and yes, there's another one, sigh), he went into the bathroom to wash his hands for dinner, and mark caught him playing with dad's brill cream. it was a long day. i'm sure there are a ton of factors involved in this, i.e. drug-induced tiredness (we're working on that one), daylight savings tiredness, and frustration from court, besides the usual adhd culprits. however, i still hold him accountable for his actions, and getting into other people's stuff is a major bone of contention.

and if i didn't know better, i'd say steph is PMSing. she's being a little bitch tonight. i told her i'd front her gas money until she got her first paycheck, and she's being demanding. sigh.

You might be a redneck if your bucke seats are real buckets.

Pattern of the Weekend: Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock. Woohoo, another sock pattern. since i ordered $42 worth of sock yarn on sale from Herrschnerrs (i'm not putting a link here, i'm still peeved over the "take my order, then snail mail me and tell me it's been cancelled because we don't have it in stock and can't get it, even thoughwe offered it in a flash auction"), i need to use it up.

What i'm reading:
Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl-McFee aka Yarn Harlot. go read her blog, it rocks.

Have a nice Day!

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