Thursday, April 07, 2005

well, well

i felt so crappy at work today that i didn't do a lot of knitting. i think i only got 2 inches or so done.

mark's been nagging me about mom's afghan, so i've actually been sitting here sewing squares together, as opposed to knitting anything. i am planning on making mondo squares for the AC4C yahoo group, and steph's poncho is calling me. that's going to be free form, so it will be interesting.

well, i finally have a court date for sean. it's april 21. now the hard part: hiding it from him. his therapist and CTA both agree that he shouldn't know because he has such a rough time of it when court gets close. dennis (the cta) doesn't even want to know, just in case sean gets wind of it, he can't be blamed for telling him. so far the only ones who know are the legal eagles and me and steph. i'm going to leave messages for his therapist and my therapist tomorrow. and of course, i'll tell mark in the morning. big question is, is mark going to be able to get time off. for that matter, am i? sigh, i hate this last minute shit.

speaking of therapists and ctas, i've gotten a call from the Intensive Family Preservation woman, except she can't seem to call when i'm available. sigh. add this to the therapy we're already going through, and the fact that mark and i are going to add couple therapy as well, makes my schedule too full, by far. elaine (boys' therapist) did say she was planning on releasing liam soon, because he is doing well. if sean comes home next court date, liam may be released by the end of school. he'll still have to go to family therapy (as do we all, except steph, who refuses) but then we could do family therapy and sean's therapy on one night, and free up one night. now that would be nice.

work was slow as molasses but i didn't get RTO'd til 4:45. i hear that they've decided they can't rto more than 8 hours a week, and i'm up to 7 now. wonder if i'll make it tomorrow. i almost hope not, it's date night tomorrow. we'll see.

You might be a redneck if you talk to your dog more than your wife (i was in a relationship like that, sigh.)

Pattern of the Day: Kyle's Hoodie. this is a simple baby sweater, except they give bond sweater machine instructions, as well as hand-knitting instructions. cute, but i hate knitting with that fine a yarn on anything but socks.

Have a nice day!


vi said...

what is rto?
what does all that mean?
do you have a dictonary that goes with reading this?
flavia huh?
well as soon as I get the poll thingy figured out we will have a poll

Marlene said...

Did you know that there is a way to crochet the granny squares together? It is easier, quicker, and I think looks better too. I haven't sewn an afghan together since learning how.

It's probably to late for this afghan, but give it a try for next time:

Hold two squares, wrong sides together. On the right side, using single crochet, crochet the back loop from each square together. No need to cut the yarn at the end of these squares, simply pick up the next two squares and keep going.

dragon knitter said...

thank you for that bit of advice marlene! however, i've been doing granny square afghans since i was 12, lol, and that is my usual favorite way of joining. just wanted a different look this time. :)