Tuesday, April 12, 2005

blog burn out

i havent' even been doing this for 3 months (i looked last night) and i really don't feel like doing it right now, but i have my adoring public (yeah right) to think of. lol

i'm up to the 4th increase every 6th row (i need 6) so the sleeve is progressing. i'm trying to decide what to do about my shell. i think i may have to rip both sleeves out again, and maybe make it 2 rounds before i start the short rows. i dunno.

steph is nagging me about rogue. so, i suppose i should cast that on as well. sigh. i'm so put upon (NOT!)

i've been working ont he charity squares, which i promise i'll post pics of. only one pic though, these are all pink, and look the same, lol.

caseworker came, and pissed me off, again. she was half an hour late (she called at 545 and said she was on her way, and was supposed to be here at 6) she ended up talking for an hour, so we didn't get much of a visit. she did observe sean behaving like a perfect gentleman (well, at least like a well-behaved 10 year old, lol), so that's one to the good. i think sean knows what's at stake. i sincerely hope so. we did go to Chili's for dinner (all 3 kids and me) and made pigs of ourselves. good gravy, when they call it a country fried steak, they didnt' say it was the size of the side of a large barn! i ate half, and i'll have the other half for lunch. unga bunga! liam was hte only one to eat his whole meal. he had a cajun chicken sandwich and fries, plus 2 boneless buffalo wings, 1/2 a southwestern egg roll, and half a crispy chicken strip. he's getting so tall so fast. my baby is growing up.

work was actually busy enough to keep me there today. i had signed up for vto when i got back from lunch (that's voluntary time off, for you, vi) so i could go home and maybe tidy up a bit before my caseworker came, but it didn't happen. it was ok, though, the kids came through, and steph and liam had the place well marshalled. all i had to do was finish putting away the clean laundry, put what little there was on the table away, and vacuum the living room.

i will say this, millicent seemed to bow a bit on letting mark drive the kids at all. if he has been drinking he can't drive the kids (duh). if he hasn't, and he never does if he knows he's going to have the kids by himself, then he can drive them. it's to be a part of my safety plan that millicent wants in place. i also have to put a plan in place for what to do if my ex shit head shows up on my doorstep. simple. call 911, and tell them that my ex has violated the protection order, and send the kids next door. either way. the next door neighbor to the south has kids, and will take care of mine if needed, and the neighbor to the north has a dog that adores the boys, but will fuck anybody she doesn't know up. good dog.

my printer is working after all! i decided to give it a shot, when i needed to print out a form to mail to the Dept of Vital Statistics for my divorce decree, and it worked! hallelujah!

and i won tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof! i've been listening to 96.1 KEFM for a while now, cuz it's lighter, and i need happy music right now, and i made it in! i was in shock. now to find out whether or not i win the upgrade, cuz i'm an at work bonus perks member, and i get entered into a drawing to have my seats upgraded to the orchestra pit. now THAT would be cool! i can pick up my tickets next week, so i' m eager to find out when it is.

You might be a redneck if you don't recognize several relatives when they're sober.

Pattern of the Day: Three in Three Baby Blanket. i like this pattern! it's worked in fingering weight, but it's double stranded, so there's lots of air built in to keep it warm. kind of an eyelet look, i like it alot. looks really good for charity purposes.

What i'm reading
The Siren Queen by Fiona Buckley
At Knits End by Stephanie Pearl-McFee
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

Have a good day!

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TitaniumRose said...

How weird is this - I am also doing the Raw Chicken Viking Hat knit along AND I live in Omaha! Talk about freaky...