Sunday, April 10, 2005

i am a slug

i haven't been blogging because i just didn't want to! so there! just wasn't into it, i guess

i'm about half way through the second sleeve. this isn't a true raglan. the sleeves are bound off, then attached to the body. i always thought a raglan had the sleeve stitches involved in the collar as well. que sera sera.

I dug up an old UFO that i'd started last spring, and died on on the last sleeve. it's a shell of my own design, and i decided to finish it. finished the last sleeve, and put it on, and discovered 2 things. one the sleeves didn't match. two, i liked the second sleeve better. so i undid the bind off, and started redoing the sleeve. the unfortunate part is i'm not sure i'll have enough to finish it! i will cross my fingers and hope. i'll show you pics when it's done. it looked good on me, i will say that!

i've gotten one strip sewn together on mom's afghan (sorry gang, no pics, not until i declare the contest). however, i've dug out some squares that i'm going to donate to AC4C and expanded on them. they're different shades of pink. so they're 8", and they need to be 12". a simple add, lol, just lots of work.

What State are you? since i can't seem to get blogger to take any html codes from anotehr site, i'll just tell ya i'm wyoming. my grandmother lived in wyoming for 85 years. i'm honored.

i have a court date of april 21. sigh. i'm going to be running my fool head off. court on the 21, my mom's dr appt on the 22, and dental appointments for me & my mom on the 23rd. oy. i just want my baby home. the IFP people showed up friday night, and we have to do NINE hours a week. fit that in? good luck. they do work saturdays, but it will have to be saturday mornings, as mark has rehearsal in the afternoon, and that's his stress buster. speaking of rehearsal, he did it again. passed out on the sofa. sigh. i told him this morning, that i wasn't mad so much as hurt and disappointed. he said he's gonna try harder. we'll see. i don't want him to give up the music, because i know how much it means to him, but good gravy. since they started up again, we've only had 3 saturday evening dinners. he's been out for the count the rest of the time (they started up again in late january, i believe).
speaking of the dentist, i have 3 cavities, and they want to "debride" my mouth, because i apparently have some bone loss. ick. they start on the 23rd. joy of joys. remind me to get drunk before hand. (kidding folks, i know better, i just really hate going to the dentist. i had braces from 10 - 13 and it was an excruciating experience. i still have scars in my mouth)

BTW, vi, RTO is Required Time Off. it means they send me home because business is slow. (no pay)

ok, gang, gonna catch up on the calendars, lol.

4-7 You might be a redneck if your grandmother ever tried to hit a highway worker with a beer can.
4-8 You might be a redneck if there's graffiti on the bathroom wall in your house.
4-9/10 You might be a redneck if the last time you cleaned the ashes out of your fireplace, Richard Petty didn't know how to drive (for all us nascar rednecks, lol)

Pattern of the Day:
4-7 Kyle's Hoodie continued. i like this pattern. but not in DK. (shudder)
4-8 Edie's Scarf. this is very pretty, and could be adapted for a ton of things. very doable
4-9/10 Open Work Tunic. this is pretty, but i didn't like the color they used. it's a possibility, but i'd wear a tank under it.

What I'm Reading:
Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
The Good, The Bad, and The Undead by Kim Harrison (gotta read the first one, Dead Witch Walking, this was very good)
The Siren Queen by Fiona Buckley (elizabethan mystery, i don't usually do mysteries, but love elizabethan work)
At Knit's End by Stephanie Pearl-McFee

Have a good day!

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